As he spoke, gongzi Liang’s gaze landed on Gu chengfeng’s inner clothes.

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Gu chengfeng shuddered for no reason when young master Liang looked over.

Then, he saw something unfamiliar in Gong Ziliang’s eyes.

“This brat, could he be …”

Suddenly, Gu chengfeng thought of something and his entire body felt terrible.

A wave of nausea rose in his stomach, and Gu chengfeng immediately wanted to take back the clothes he had just sent over.

“Brother Gu, for the sake of the Supreme class precious artifact, please make a small sacrifice.”

At this moment.

Gu Dong’s voice was transmitted to Gu chengfeng.

Gu chengfeng’s outstretched hand froze.

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She turned around to look at Gu Dong in disbelief.
She really wanted to ask,’why don’t you F * cking sacrifice yourself?’

However, Gu Dong obviously misunderstood him.
He clenched his fist and made a gesture of encouragement.

“F * ck …”

Gu chengfeng vomited a mouthful of old blood, which was pushed to his throat by the churning liquid in his stomach.


On second thought, it was spirit stones!

A supreme class precious artifact!

Whether he and Gu Dong could make a comeback in the future would all depend on this.

Closing his eyes while trembling, Gu chengfeng suppressed the blood in his throat.
With a face full of grief and indignation, he summoned a ball of spirit energy to shield his body.

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Then, under the wide-eyed gazes of the cultivators, he took off his clothes one by one.

Those cultivators felt that their trip today was really worth it!

Not only did he see Resources worth 12.7 billion spirit stones, but he also saw precious artifacts of the sea of consciousness that were rarely seen.

Other than these, there was also the drama of the master and servant of the Gu family falling out in public.

However, all of these things added together were not as explosive as the scene in front of him.

A grand member of the Gu clan had removed his clothes and changed into a Ji realm precious artifact in front of everyone’s eyes!

Even though Gu chengfeng’s entire body was covered in spirit Qi.

Moreover, when they thought of his old face, no one was interested.

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However, this was a member of the Gu family!

Oh, no, I have to add a prefix now.

He used to be a member of the Gu family!

Just as everyone was injecting their spirit Qi into their eyes, trying to see more through the Spirit Qi that Gu chengfeng was blocking.

Gu chengfeng had already recovered.

“That should be enough!”

With shame and anger, Gu chengfeng threw the clothes he had taken off on the ground.

Gongzi Liang wanted to laugh at first, but he held it in and executed his fire mystic art at lightning speed, shooting out a flame and burning the clothes on the ground to ashes.

“Fellow Daoist Gu, you’re so disgusting!” He exclaimed in surprise.

“I saw that you’re wearing too thin, so I wanted to remind you not to catch a cold.”

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“Why did you do such an insulting thing to hurt my eyes?”

Gu chengfeng looked at gongzi Liang’s face and saw that he was not pretending to be surprised.

Looking at the ground, there was only a handful of dust left, and his head buzzed.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What did I do?

After a few thoughts, Gu chengfeng’s mind cleared up a little.

When his gaze stopped on the pile of ashes, he realized that he had been played by Gong Ziliang!

The fact that gongzi Liang had burned his clothes earlier was proof!

“Young master, you are shameless!”

The anger and grief in Gu chengfeng’s stomach could no longer be suppressed, turning into a tearful accusation.

Gongzi Liang finally couldn’t hold it in any longer.
He laughed so hard that his body swayed back and forth, pointing at Gu chengfeng,”Haha, you shameless old man, taking off your clothes in front of so many people and girls, and you still say I’m shameless?”

Gu chengfeng could only feel the blood in his throat begin to rush upwards when he heard Gong Ziliang talking about his clothes.

His mind, which had just woken up, was about to fall into chaos again.

He quickly circulated his cultivation technique to suppress his raging qi and blood.

Immediately after, Gu chengfeng looked at the clothes that had been previously sold for ten million spirit stones and saw that they were still not burned by gongzi Liang’s feet.
He immediately said,””Young master, this old man won’t say so much to you!”

“I don’t want your three supreme class precious artifacts!”

“Return this old man’s heavenly silkworm outer coat!”

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But just as he finished speaking, Gu Dong quickly transmitted his voice,””Brother chengfeng, losing your integrity is a small matter, but a supreme class precious artifact is a big matter!”

Big, big your mother’s balls!

Gu chengfeng couldn’t be bothered to say so much to Gu Dong.
He could tell.

Gu Dong and the other three had achieved nothing other than following him around and taking advantage of the situation!

Gongzi Liang glanced at the clothes by his feet and revealed a smile that Gu chengfeng thought was no different from a devil ‘s.

Immediately, Gu chengfeng saw a small flame between young master Liang’s fingers.
He was so anxious that he quickly shouted,”what … What are you doing?”


Looking at the clothes that were rapidly turning into dust, Gong Ziliang could not help but sigh.”

The natural silk was so easy to burn!

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to test if the clothes I bought for ten million spirit stones can withstand the heat.”

Gongzi Liang shook his head after he finished speaking, as if he was not satisfied with the results of the experiment.

The other cultivators were so shocked by Gong Ziliang’s words that they almost vomited blood.

He spent ten million spirit stones on a piece of clothing just to test its heat resistance?

With these spirit stones, he could even buy a few heaven grade fire resistant spirit tools!

However, they could also tell that gongzi Liang was just trying to play a trick on Gu chengfeng.

“Alright, I’m done playing with you.”

“Since you can’t afford these three supreme class precious artifacts, I’ll sell them to Pavilion master Dong.”

Gongzi Liang said as his smile faded.

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Gong Ziliang had shifted the topic to him.

For some reason.

Dong Tianbao suddenly felt that things were not over yet.

As expected, Gong Ziliang looked at him with a smile and said,””Pavilion master Dong, I have something to ask you.”

Gong Ziliang was clearly very polite and wanted to ask her something.

However, Dong Tianbao felt extremely uncomfortable when he met gongzi Liang’s gaze.

It felt as though Gong Ziliang had already dug a hole for him and was waiting for him to jump in.

Glancing at the black gold Pavilion and making sure that he could still communicate with the Haotian treasure mirror, Dong Tianbao calmed down and said,””Good brother, please speak.
As long as I know and can tell you, I will definitely tell you everything I know.”

Gong Ziliang nodded.
He was more and more satisfied with Dong Tianbao’s service.

In order not to let Dong Tianbao think too much, gongzi Liang gave him a heads up and said,””Don’t worry, Pavilion master Dong.
I only want to ask about business matters.
I won’t make things difficult for you.

But when he heard that it was a business matter, Dong Tianbao panicked even more.

Was he finally going to reveal his trump card, and was preparing to announce that he was going to compete with the sky treasure Pavilion in the Supreme class precious artifact market?

Then what about him?

They brought a sea of consciousness tier extreme grade precious artifact over to cause trouble.

However, apart from the batch of tribulation passing supreme class precious artifacts that the Gu clan had ordered, there was nothing else that could be touched in the branch Pavilion.

How about … He escaped by peeing?

In the end, Dong Tianbao could not do something like running away.

The main reason was that he knew that if young master Liang was really here to represent the power behind him to compete with the sky treasure Pavilion …

Then, even if he could hide for now, he could not hide forever.

Instead of running away without fighting, it was better to accept the defeat of this round.

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