l definitely be very exciting!”

“And the sky treasure Pavilion, Hmph, you’re not even paying attention to me today! Tomorrow, I’ll make sure you can’t match up to me!”

Gu chengfeng thought to himself smugly, but in order to avoid being seen through by gongzi Liang, he still put on an angry expression.

Immediately after, from the corner of Gu chengfeng’s eyes, he saw Gu Dong and the other three walking towards him with fierce expressions.

Gu chengfeng immediately realized what the four of them were here for.

“Brother dongdao, listen to me …”


He sent a mental message to Gu Dong and Gu chengfeng hurriedly tried to explain.

“I! Listen! You! Mom!”

Gu Dong spat out these words through gritted teeth.
The three men who had come with him had already thrown out their fists towards Gu chengfeng before he could even open his mouth.

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When they were at the Gu family, if it wasn’t for Gu chengfeng’s emotional and logical reasoning, saying that the Gu family was on the verge of death and that they were at their end, he would have persuaded them to leave the Gu family together and find another place to live.

How could they have done such a foolish thing!

Now that they had lost their backing, all the spirit stones they had saved up over the years had become worthless because of the Supreme class precious artifact that Gu chengfeng had bought.

At this moment, how could the four of them, who were extremely angry, listen to Gu chengfeng’s sophistry?

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!”

Accompanied by the concentrated sounds of attacks, the spiritual Qi surrounding Gu chengfeng’s body barely held on for a few seconds before it crumbled.

A wizened body that looked like a sausage was revealed to everyone.

Just a second ago, everyone in the pavilion was still excited to finally see the long-awaited battle.

Even though what was happening right in front of their eyes was Gu chengfeng being beaten up on his own.

However, such a scene was much more exciting than the previous few people’s verbal sparring.

In the next moment, an indescribable scene directly burst their eyes.

“F * ck, what did I just see?”

“Water, who has water, quickly give it to this Lord to wash my eyes!”

“I can’t take it anymore, I’ll vomit first!”

The crowd was originally just watching for fun.
Who would have thought that the scene would suddenly become like this?

Without any mental preparation, everyone was so disgusted that they almost vomited the food they had last night.

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A few female cultivators were even more embarrassed and angry.
They gritted their teeth and wished they could send a stream of spiritual Qi over to kill Gu chengfeng, who had dirtied their eyes.

On the other hand, Dong Tianbao seemed to have forgotten the rule that no violence was allowed in the mystic gold Pavilion.

With his hands behind his back, he stood to the side with cold eyes.
It was only when Gu chengfeng was beaten to death by Gu Dong and the other three that he remembered something.

Slowly summoning the clear sky treasure mirror, Dong Tianbao was just about to activate the formation in the pavilion to throw Gu chengfeng and the other four out.

Soon after, his gaze swept towards the Ji realm precious artifact in front of young master Liang.
His hand that was forming a seal instantly stopped.

Even though gongzi Liang had already sold these supreme class precious artifacts to Gu chengfeng.

But now, Gu chengfeng had fallen to the point where he was deserted by his friends and family, and was all alone.

If gongzi Liang was a little more overbearing, he could totally swallow all the spirit crystals and resources that Gu chengfeng took out, and then take all these Supreme realm precious artifacts.

With young master Liang’s background and methods, he did not need to worry that Gu chengfeng would find trouble with him.

However, Dong Tianbao knew very well that if gongzi Liang really did that …

Then, he and the sky treasure Pavilion would probably be labeled as robbers, just like gongzi Liang.

After all …

The deal between Gong Ziliang and Gu chengfeng was not done through him.

However, the bet between the two of them was carried out in a branch of the sky treasure Pavilion under his witness.

He couldn’t get away with it.

Dong Tianbao, who had been tactful for many years, was also in a difficult position.

In the end, he could only cast a questioning look at Gong Ziliang.

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