in the area.

At the thought of this, Gu Xijin suddenly felt that leaving the Gu family and following Gu chengfeng was not that bad.

“Alright, I’ll listen to brother chengfeng!”

“Isn’t it just a land of ten thousand demons and devils? This Gu doesn’t believe that with these supreme class precious artifacts, we can’t deal with those demons.

“That’s right, these are all extreme level precious artifacts of the sea of consciousness.
If you ask me, after we go in, we should first kill a few demonic apes.
Otherwise, wouldn’t we lose the prestige of these precious artifacts?”

The other three were also full of energy, as if they were already in the land of ten thousand demons and demons, killing all the demons.

Seeing this, Gu chengfeng revealed a satisfied expression.
In order to further encourage the crowd, he said,””Good.
After we enter the land of ten thousand demons, we’ll kill the demonic ape first!”

The heavenly God that the Gu clan sent into the land of ten thousand demons indicated that the demonic apes in the land of ten thousand demons seemed to have intelligence and were extremely difficult to deal with.

However, in Gu chengfeng’s opinion, demons were demons.

No matter how smart those demonic apes were, could their intelligence be higher than his?

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This was not Gu chengfeng being arrogant.

It was because the demon guards had discovered that the demons in the demon land were extremely violent and their intelligence was also affected because they had been in an environment filled with demon Qi all year round.

With a little trick, they could easily fall into the trap.

With this in mind, Gu chengfeng led the four of them out of the White Cloud City in a hurry and headed straight in the direction of the ten thousand Fey demon land.

“Demonic land?”

On the second floor of the sky treasure Pavilion.

In a Hall that was decorated in a high-end and luxurious way.

Gongzi Liang blew on the tea leaves in his cup that had been washed with Spirit Water.
When he heard Dong Tianbao “inadvertently” mention that Gu chengfeng might bring his supreme class precious artifact to the demonic land, he could not help but reveal a confused expression.

Dong Tianbao had only wanted to give a casual reminder, but after seeing the expression on gongzi Liang’s face, he was shocked.””Good brother, don’t you know what the demonic land is?”

Gongzi Liang put down his teacup and shook his head.”I don’t know,”

Dong Tianbao looked at gongzi Liang, trying to see if he was joking.

Unfortunately, the result Dong Tianbao received was that gongzi Liang was not joking with him.

The monster sitting in front of him actually didn’t know about the demonic land?

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“Could it be that the two brothers had been protected by the transcendent power the entire time …”

Dong Tianbao thought of a possibility.

This was not a wild guess, but many of the geniuses in the middle state were like this.

Before they had left the mountain, all news about them had been sealed off by the overlords.

At the same time, it would also cut off all sources of information from the outside world and put an end to the slightest bit of interference.
This would allow those monstrous talents to cultivate an extremely pure Dao heart.

At this moment, Dong Tianbao thought that gongzi Liang should be in the same situation.

Otherwise, there was no other explanation as to why the demon land, which even dynasty-level forces knew about, was unknown to Gong Ziliang, who was from an Overlord force.

After thinking it through, Dong Tianbao immediately began to explain to gongzi Liang.

From Dong Tianbao’s explanation, gongzi Liang learned what kind of existence the demonic land was.

The demonic lands were, in fact, independent worlds.

Those worlds were not much different from the world they were in.
However, those worlds were not occupied by humans, but mostly demonic creatures.

The demonic creatures in different demonic lands were different, and their strength varied.

The powerful demonic creatures had power that far exceeded the Nirvana stage in this world, and they could easily destroy the world.

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