Of course, to the Gu family, 10 billion spiritual stones was nothing.

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However, if they were exchanged for 100 sea of consciousness tier extreme grade precious artifacts, the meaning would be completely different!

With these 100 supreme class precious artifacts, the Gu clan could almost double the number of demon suppression guards!

This was because these sea of consciousness extreme state precious artifacts could be combined with low-grade extreme state precious artifacts.

If one was paired with a few tribulation passing or even spirit forging stage treasures, the overall defensive power would not be any weaker than the current set of treasures that the demon suppression guards were equipped with.

In this way, the profits that could be brought to the Gu family would be at least several times more than the value of ten billion spiritual stones.

Even the Gu family could not ignore such a huge amount of resources.

Especially now that the Gu family was in turmoil.

Not only did they have to maintain the daily operating expenses of the family, but they also had to take out a large number of resources to maintain External Relations and appease the hearts of the people inside.

Gu Lian Ren naturally knew the significance of Gong Ziliang’s 100 supreme class precious artifacts to the Gu family.

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It wasn’t even enough to describe it.

This was helping the Gu family to fall and prevent the Gu family from collapsing!

Even if the key was related to the ruins of the divine Kingdom, the Gu family had no reason to reject Gong Ziliang.

However, a bitter expression appeared on Gu Lian’s face.

The Gu family had lost that key!

It wasn’t accurate to say that he had lost it.

When the curse on the ancient ancestor had taken effect, there had been rumors in the Gu family that the key and everything that had been taken out of the divine Kingdom ruins had been tainted with an ominous aura.

Hence, with the tacit approval of the ancient ancestor, those things were ‘accidentally’ lost.

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“Good fellow Daoist, it’s not that you’re unwilling to part with your beloved, but …”

Immediately, Gu Lian Ren concealed the fact that the ancient ancestor had been cursed and told him about how the Gu family had “lost” the key.

“What’s this?”

“You lost it?”

“Does the Gu family always do things like this … Squandering?”

When he heard Gu Lian Ren mention that the Gu family had lost the key, Gong Ziliang instantly started to complain.

But the more he heard, the more he felt that something was wrong.

That was until Gu lianren mentioned that, along with the key, there were many other divine artifacts that had been lost.

For example, a golden divine whip.

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How could gongzi Liang not know that the key that the Gu family had lost was the one in his hand!

As for the things that the Gu family had lost, or rather, thrown away, they were all picked up by ping Xiu.

Well, after going around in circles for so long, it had come to his head.

Gongzi Liang gritted his teeth and looked at Gu lianren guiltily, considering if he should return the item to its rightful owner.

After some thought, he felt that there was nothing to hide about this.

The key and the Holy whip in his hands were from pingxiu.

Even if the Gu family found out later, they would settle the score with pingxiu and not him.

“Miss Gu, look, the key that your Gu family lost is this one.”

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He took out a bronze key from his backpack and handed it over.

He saw the key that Gong Ziliang had taken out as if he was performing a magic trick.

Gu lianren was shocked.

Her eyes were wide open, and her mouth was wide open.

“M-fellow Daoist Liang…Where did you get this key?”

After he quickly came back to his senses, he couldn’t even speak properly.

It wasn’t that she, the Holy daughter of the Gu family, had a weak mental capacity.

Moreover, the fact that gongzi Liang had taken out the key was too much of a dream.

She had almost forgotten what this key looked like.

Who would have thought that after being abandoned by the Gu family, he would one day appear in front of her again?

He took in Gu lianren’s reaction.

Young master’s conscience was clear.

“It’s a long story about the origin of this key,”gongzi Liang said with a smile as he kept the key.

“Miss Gu, if you’re free, I can slowly tell you.”

Gongzi Liang was trying to get close to him.

Although the Gu family’s key had already fallen into his hands due to fate.

However, Gong Ziliang believed that there must be a lot of pills in the Gu family’s Treasury.

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Dong Tianbao was not around these few days.
Instead of putting the equipment that he had obtained in his bag and eating dust, he might as well exchange it for a batch of pills from the Gu family to level up the crazy core shattering demon.

In addition, he had yet to obtain the other two keys to open the divine Kingdom ruins.

It would be best if the Gu family could negotiate with the nine Dragons Holy Land and the Tiangang orthodoxy and get the two keys.

All in all, gongzi Liang felt that it was necessary to build a good relationship with the Gu family’s Holy daughter.

Gu lianren had no way of knowing what gongzi Liang was thinking.

She only knew that gongzi Liang was going to the divine Kingdom ruins.

And in the ruins of the divine Kingdom, there was an evil god that even the ancient ancestor could not fight against!

Gu Lian Ren was caught in a struggle.

The evil god in the divine Kingdom ruins was related to the ancestor of the Gu family.
Even within the Gu family, it was a strictly prohibited topic.

As for the outside world, even though the nine Dragon Holy Land and the Tiangang orthodoxies had Nirvana realm cultivators, they were not afraid of the Gu family.

He had deliberately revealed the secret of the Gu clan’s ancestor being cursed.

However, forces like the bi Fang dynasty did not dare to spread the news.
They tacitly maintained an attitude of “we know, but we won’t say it.”

After all …

As long as the Gu clan’s ancestor didn’t fall from the Nirvana realm, he would still be in the Nirvana realm!

And a Nirvana stage, even if he fell to the unranked Nirvana level, he could still destroy a God with a flick of his finger!

It was also because of this that when the bifang dynasty’s celestial deity realm patriarch wanted to facilitate the marriage between Gu Lian Ren and his great-great-grandson Ma Yuan, he only allowed Gu chengfeng and the others to come to an agreement.

He didn’t go to the Gu family personally to propose marriage.

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He was afraid that the Gu family’s ancestor, who had always doted on Gu Lian, would crush him to death with a finger if he was unhappy.

Considering the ancient ancestor, Gu Lian Ren naturally would not say it.

However, Gu Lian Ren could tell that gongzi Liang wasn’t just “slightly interested” in the divine Kingdom ruins.

Otherwise, why would he use 100 supreme class relics to exchange for a key from the Gu family?

Even though gongzi Liang only had one key in his hands.

However, with Gong Ziliang’s ability to casually take out so many supreme class precious artifacts …

Gu lianren didn’t doubt that he had the ability to get the two keys to the nine Dragon Holy Land and the Tian Gang holy ground.

“Dao friend Liang has a precious Ji realm artifact that my Gu clan needs.
I can’t just watch Dao friend Liang throw away his life like this!”

Gu lianren found an excuse for herself and said,””Daoist Liang, how much do you know about the divine Kingdom ruins?”

How much do you know?

With Gu lianren’s question, gongzi Liang realized that he really didn’t know much about the divine Kingdom ruins.

What he knew so far was that there were divine weapons and cultivation methods left behind by the ancient gods when they left this world.

The other thing was that there was a big guy inside.

A reverent-God God from the ancient era!

He was also the original owner of the deity-striking whip!

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