cious artifact that the Gu clan needed!

If he doesn’t speak, then I’ll use my supreme class precious artifact to smash him until he’s willing to speak!

If it’s a supreme class precious artifact, is it still not enough?

Then, Gong Ziliang wouldn’t mind taking out a few high-tier pills when the time came!

He didn’t believe that he couldn’t pry open the mouth of that ancient ancestor!

In fact, other than the Gu clan ancestor, gongzi Liang had thought of another person.

It was patriarch liuyun!

As a being at the peak of the Nirvana realm, the flowing cloud Grandmaster had lived for even longer than the Gu family’s ancestor.

It’s not even an exaggeration to say that he’s a living fossil!

Gong Ziliang thought about how the divine Kingdom’s ruins had caused such a huge ruckus.

The aristocratic families, Holy Lands, and ancient orthodoxies had all been alarmed, so patriarch liuyun would not say that he knew nothing.

However, ever since they parted ways at Mount Qiyun, gongzi Liang had no idea where patriarch liuyun had gone.

And with the other party’s cultivation, unless he took the initiative to find him …

Gong Ziliang didn’t think it was possible for him to find him.

After making up his mind, gongzi Liang went straight to the point,””Miss Gu, I’d like to pay a visit to the ancestor of your mansion, is it convenient?”

Pay respects to the ancient ancestor?

Gu lianren instantly understood Gong Ziliang’s plan.

Thinking about how her persuasion failed to make gongzi Liang give up on the idea of going to the divine Kingdom ruins and that he had to look for his own ancient ancestor instead, Gu Lian Ren could not help but feel angry.

A dying ghost that couldn’t be persuaded with good words!

I don’t care anymore!

Lian Ren was unable to make a decision for the ancient ancestor.

“Fellow Daoist Liang, you can wait in the White Cloud City for two days.
When Lian Ren returns and reports the situation to the clan, there will naturally be news to inform fellow Daoist Liang.”

Gu lianren agreed verbally, but she knew that the ancient ancestor had not come out of seclusion for many years in order to resist the divine curse in his body.

Even if he went back and told his family, his father and uncles would definitely not agree.

Hearing Gu Lian Ren’s words, Gong Ziliang threw up his hands and his plan fell through.

He had originally wanted to get closer to Gu lianren and see if he could go back to the Gu family with her.

Even if he couldn’t meet the ancestor of the Gu family, he could still find the representative of the Gu family and ask the Gu family to negotiate with the nine Dragon sanctuary and the Tian Gang orthodoxy about the other two keys.

Now, it seemed that Gu Lian Ren was against him going to the Gu family.

At this point, Gong Ziliang could only give up.

After that, the two of them did not speak.

After sending Gu lianren out of the city, the latter took a Cloud Boat and drifted away.

They watched as the cloud Boat carrying Gu lianren disappeared into the horizon without stopping.

Gong Ziliang then knew that Gu lianren really had no intention of letting him go back to the Gu residence with her, so he could only return to the city in a daze.

“It’s time to find Lin anruo.

After sensing the location of the sigil of the God beating whip in ping Xiu’s body with his mind …

As soon as he finished mumbling, he had already disappeared from his original spot.

Liu Manor.

One of the four great clans of the White Cloud City.

The head of the family, Liu Feng, was a Grand cultivator of the third stage sea of consciousness realm.

In the entire White Cloud City, other than the city Lord Ye Cheng, who could suppress this person, no one, including the patriarchs of the other three great clans, could compare to him.

In the mansion, in a side hall.

Two figures stood in the hall.
One of them was a middle-aged man who had been in a daze since he came in.

He stood there, sometimes frowning in thought, sometimes with a serious expression, completely lost in thought.

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