Ping, don’t hurt uncle Feng …!”

Lin anruo’s anxious voice was like the sound of nature.

Ping Xiu glanced at Lin anruo and didn’t think too much about it.
He then retracted his spiritual energy.

The only reason he had made a move was because Liu Rui wanted to harm Lin anruo.

Since Lin anruo didn’t want to pursue the matter, he couldn’t be bothered to get involved in the matter between Lin anruo and the Liu family.

In any case, as long as Lin anruo was fine, he would be able to explain to gongzi Liang.

“Hu Chi Hu Chi~”

Liu Feng was panting like a bull, as if he had just been fished out of the water.

In just a short while, the spiritual energy in his body had almost been completely consumed.

If he didn’t stop during the break, he would have to kneel here today.

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He took out a pile of spiritual crystals from his storage ring and replenished his spiritual energy.
Then, he turned around and scolded Liu Rui,”little Rui, apologize to your cousin anruo!”

Liu Rui’s expression changed.
He had not yet recovered from what had just happened.

When Liu Rui realized that his father, who was second only to the city Lord in the White Cloud City, couldn’t even take a single blow from Lin anruo’s men, he suddenly recalled what happened at the South Gate.

“Could it be that the masked man is really related to cousin an RUO?”

Before Liu Rui returned to the mansion, he had already seen the notice of the masked madman posted all over the city.

Liu Rui couldn’t help but make some connections.

“No, I can’t let cousin an RUO find out that I know about her.”

“I have to leave this place as soon as possible.
I’ll find Zilong and tell the city Lord about this.
I’ll gather some people to take down these two first.”

“If we can find any clues about the masked man from these two, not only will the Liu family not be in the wrong, but we will also be able to make a contribution!”

Perhaps it was because his life was on the line, but Liu Rui’s thoughts were extremely clear.

He quickly thought of the next step.

Immediately, he asked in fear and trepidation,”cousin an RUO, are you alright?”

“Some time ago, cousin had just broken through and his control of spiritual energy was unstable.
He almost injured cousin an RUO.”

The fear on Liu Rui’s face was half-feigned, and the other half was still lingering fear.
Even Liu Feng could not see any flaws.

Lin anruo quickly waved her hands.”Cousin Rui, I’m fine.
You don’t have to blame yourself.”

Liu Rui heaved a sigh of relief and said,”thank God you’re fine.
Otherwise, I would be dead.”

“Biao younger sister has come from far away, it is better for you to rest in the residence first.
Biao older brother will have people prepare a room.”

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Liu Rui was so attentive that even Lin anruo was a little embarrassed.

Liu Feng, who was watching from the side, wanted to remind Liu Rui several times, but Liu Rui’s enthusiasm was always on Lin anruo.

Just as Liu Feng’s heart started to sink, he thought that Liu Rui was mesmerized by the beauty.

Liu Rui suddenly looked at him and said,””Father, the city hasn’t been very peaceful recently.
Why don’t we transfer the White cloud guards here to protect cousin an RUO?”

The White cloud guards were the elite of the elite, personally trained by the White Cloud City Lord.

Every white cloud Guard was at the spirit-refinement realm.

In addition to the powerful spirit weapon he was equipped with, he could easily fight against ten people of the same realm!

Most importantly, the White cloud guards could also mobilize the power of the earth vein formation under the White Cloud City.

With the human formation as one, ten white cloud guards could bring down divine fire!

A hundred white cloud guards could battle the sea of consciousness!

If a thousand white cloud guards were to attack together, with the help of the earth vein formation, they would be able to temporarily suppress even a peak sea of consciousness realm existence.

However, since the formation of the White cloud guards, they had always been firmly controlled by the city Lord.

The Liu family had no authority to mobilize even one person.

Liu Feng immediately realized that Liu Rui was hinting for him to look at Liu Rui.
Liu Feng was anxious and angry when he saw Liu Rui’s subtle look.

In his opinion, Liu Rui was clearly having improper thoughts about Lin anruo.

He also saw that pingxiu’s strength was strong, so he had evil thoughts.

If this was a woman from an ordinary family, it would be fine.

If his son wanted it, Liu Feng would help him get it no matter what.

But Lin anruo wasn’t someone the Liu family could afford to offend!

He was just about to send a voice transmission to Liu Rui to warn him not to have any ideas about Lin anruo.

Liu Rui grabbed his sleeve and said,”father, I will go with you.”

“Cousin an RUO, wait here for a while.
I’ll be back soon.”

After dragging Liu Feng out of the side hall, Liu Rui still did not dare to stop.
He ran a few hundred meters in one breath before he sat on the ground in shock.

Liu Rui didn’t have time to wipe his sweat and quickly said,””Father, quick, quickly go to the city Lord’s mansion!”

“Tell the city Lord that we’ve caught the murderer who crippled young master Ma’s dantian.”

To the city Lord’s mansion?

Rui ‘er was serious about getting Lin anruo, no matter what?

Liu Feng’s heart tightened when he heard Liu Rui’s words.
He was on the verge of tears as he tried to persuade Liu Rui to give up on Lin anruo.

But before he could squeeze out a few tears, he suddenly heard Liu Rui’s words.


The head of the Liu family, a great medium of the third stage sea of consciousness realm, fell down beside Liu Rui without any care for his image.

His dry lips trembled as he opened and closed his mouth, letting out an uncertain voice.

“You … What do you think happened to young master Ma?”

Liu Feng’s reaction was within Liu Rui’s expectations.

Previously at the South City gate, when the sea of consciousness realm guard found out that Ma Yuan’s dantian had been destroyed, he was also so scared that he almost peed his pants.

Liu Rui did not have the time to explain the whole situation to Liu Feng.
He explained the situation in a few words and pulled Liu Feng up from the ground.

He quickly understood the general situation from Liu Rui’s explanation.

Liu Feng did not dare to delay any further.
He ignored the rules of the White Cloud City and rushed towards the city Lord’s mansion with Liu Rui in his spiritual energy.

At the same time.

In the side hall.

After ping Xiu finished comprehending, he glanced at the direction where Liu Rui and Liu Feng disappeared and said,””We met Liu Rui at the city gate earlier.”

After ping Xiu’s reminder, Lin anruo recalled Liu Rui’s excessive enthusiasm and the way he had hurriedly dragged Liu Feng away.
She immediately understood what was going on and was stunned.”Mr.
Ping, let’s leave this place first.”

Ping Xiu could sense that an aura was rapidly approaching them through his soul.
He shook his head and said,””No need,”

Liang will be here in a moment.”

After hearing ping Xiu’s words, the gloominess on Lin anruo’s face instantly disappeared.
She sat down and waited patiently.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Two figures streaked across the sky and headed straight for the city Lord’s mansion.

“How audacious!”

“Who are you? how dare you attack the city Lord’s mansion!”

Because of the commotion caused by the masked man, the city Lord’s mansion was already jittery.

Who knew how many powerful cultivators had been deployed in the open and in the dark.

At this moment, the two figures were still a few miles away from the city Lord’s mansion.

Several powerful auras locked onto Liu Feng and Liu Rui.

“Wait, I’m Liu Feng, the head of the Liu family.
This is my son, Liu Rui.
We’re here to pay a visit to the city Lord!”

Liu Feng quickly sent a voice transmission and stopped his forward momentum.
He landed on the ground with Liu Rui.

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