Chapter 56: Spirit Qi Strengthening, About to Explode!

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Everything seemed to have stopped.

The black seawater phenomenon dissipated in an extremely deep manner.

Only seven spiritual qi vortexes were left in the sky.
However, they were only one tenth the size of ten minutes ago…

In the Elder Pavilion, everyone looked back and discovered that the more than 500,000 spirit stones they had prepared just now had all turned to dust!

“What… what’s that?” Elder Li asked with a trembling voice.

“I don’t know!”

“However! Our Profound Heaven Sect is going to have someone to suppress the new era!”

“Pass the order, we’ll pay our respects to our sect ancestors tomorrow!”

Xuan Guangzi stared at the spirit stone powder on the jade bed and spoke in a low voice.

In Gong Ziliang’s residence in the outer sect’s courtyard.

The spiritual qi was so abundant and dense!

There was too many of it!

So full!

He felt like… he was about to explode!


Gong Ziliang suddenly opened his eyes.
At that moment, he felt that the spiritual vortex in his body was blocked by the abundant spiritual qi.

A large amount of spiritual qi covered his body.

He was really too full!

It was best if a beautiful young lady came to save him!

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However, the problem was…

There was too much spiritual qi in his body, so how could he resolve it?

Could it be that he had to release it like puncturing a tire? If there was too many, would he let some go?

How could he release it?

Should he stab himself?

After pondering for a moment, Gong Ziliang thought of a tool, which was the Level 1 Leveling Scroll or Experience Pill.


In a fit of anger, he ate all of them.
He even ate the medium-level Experience Pills that he had made at a loss.

At this moment, there was no item in the game bag that could increase his level.

Although ingots could be exchanged for spirit stones and absorbed spiritual qi, they could be directly converted to experience and increase their level.

He had originally seen that his level had already increased to Level 14.

However, for some reason, the spiritual qi was too strong just now.
Now, there seemed to be a bug…

There was a lot of spiritual qi in his body, but his level was stuck.

Gong Ziliang thought of something.
Perhaps he was about to reach the bottleneck of a breakthrough.

The difference between realms and spiritual qi had to be balanced.

If the realm was too high and the spiritual qi in the body was insufficient, then there would be a situation of kidney deficiency… Ah no, insufficient spiritual qi.

If his limbs were weak, his face was pale, and his kidney was weak… Ah no, he would fall with a push.
How could he fight?

Now, although his level was stuck, there was still plenty of spiritual qi in his body.
What he had to do now was to think of a way to increase his level.

At this moment, the voice of the Legendary System sounded.

[Ding! New Special Gift Event is here!]

[$1 Nine Palace Bag: You only need to spend $1 to participate in the grand lottery draw of the Nine Palace Bag.
$1 per try.
During the event, there is no limit to the number of times participated.
Duration of the activity: 1 hour…]

“$1 Nine Palace Bag?”

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Gong Ziliang was slightly stunned.
He opened it curiously and gasped…

Good lord!

As expected of you!

What a ‘thoughtful’ system!

Too smart!

Looking at the nine items in the $1 Nine Palace Bag, Gong Ziliang was slightly happy and felt that it was too timely.

In the $1 Nine Palace Bag, there were nine prizes.
Among them, the most dazzling reward was a Divine Beast Egg.

There were two prizes that emitted purple light: $2 Voucher, Profound-rank Skill Book.

The three blue lights were Experience Pills, but they were of different sizes.
One was big and two were small.
It was a medium-level Experience Pill and two low-level Experience Pills.

There was one green light: 1 Million Copper Coins.

The remaining two white boxes did not glow.
They wrote ‘Better Luck Next Time’.

He looked at the biggest reward, the Divine Beast Egg.

To be honest, Gong Ziliang was moved.

He could take a gamble on whether he could get the Divine Beast Egg.

However, when he discovered the last two white items, he felt cold.

He thought: With my handsome appearance, it’s impossible for me to be so unlucky as to get nothing, right?

Looking at his current situation, his level was stuck.
It could not go up, and the spiritual qi in his body was too abundant, he felt like it was about to explode.

There was no other choice.
The only choice now was to use the vouchers in his pocket to gamble.

Then, it was time to prove whether his luck was good or bad!

Immediately after, Gong Ziliang spent $1 to participate in the $1 Nine Palace Bag Special Event.

Vouchers: -$1!

[Ding! You have already spent $1 to participate in the $1 Nine Palace Bag Special Event.
Remaining $1.50.]

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Looking at a lit square that quickly spun along the nine squares, Gong Ziliang’s heart beat faster.

[Ding! Drawing is successful.
Congratulations on drawing: Better Luck Next Time!]

Gong Ziliang: “???”

Better Luck Next Time? Congratulations?

Congratulations my a*s!

‘You congratulated me after I won nothing?’

If not for the fact that he could not beat the system up, he would have punched long ago!

Gong Ziliang did not expect that in his first draw, he would get Better Luck Next Time.

Forget about 1 million copper coins, he would feel good if it let him redraw at least.

Looking at the vouchers in his bag, Gong Ziliang hesitated for a few seconds before finally spending another round.

Vouchers: -$1!

[Ding! You have already spent $1 to participate in the $1 Nine Palace Bag Special Event.
Remaining $0.50.]


Gong Ziliang pressed his palms together and prayed, “Buddha, Jade Emperor, Grand Supreme Elder, Guan Yin Bodhisattva, Ultraman, Naruto, Luffy, Pleasant Goat… Please bless me not to get the white one.
I’m willing to exchange it for the price of my readers being single for ten years!”

[Ding! Drawing is successful.
Congratulations on drawing: $2 Voucher!]

Gong Ziliang: “!!!”

Good lord!

It turned out that the readers’ relationship status was so worthless?

The $2 vouchers had returned his funds to the original starting point.

After pondering for a moment, Gong Ziliang continued to participate in the activity.

Vouchers: -$1!

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[Ding! You have already spent $1 to participate in the $1 Nine Palace Bag Special Event.
Remaining $1.50.]


[Ding! Drawing is successful.
Congratulations on drawing: One medium-level Experience Pill!]

Vouchers: -$1!

[Ding! You have already spent $1 to participate in the $1 Nine Palace Bag Special Event.
Remaining $0.50.]


[Ding! Drawing is successful.
Congratulations on drawing: One medium-level Experience Pill!]

Gong Ziliang: “!!!”

‘Who said that I am unlucky? Come out, I’ll slap your face!’

As expected, he was really the male protagonist.

He was currently at Level 14, 99%.

It was really stuck.
In that case, the spiritual qi in his body was too abundant now and caused this!

As a result, Gong Ziliang did not hesitate for a second and directly used two medium-level Experience Pills.

His level directly increased to Level 16, 20%!

Level: Sixth-Stage Qi Refinement Realm!


A loud sound came from his body.

In an instant, the spiritual qi in his body clearly felt a movement, and it did not feel as expanding as before.

The spiritual vortex had also expanded more than three times and could completely contain this spiritual qi.

At this moment, the feeling of satiety completely disappeared.


Gong Ziliang took a deep breath.
His Divine Body had finally returned to normal.
He thought that he would be the first male lead in history to die from overeating…

That would not be good.


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