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Chapter 59: Ruin Appears, Su Ling’s Severe Injuries
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Yesterday, the three Divine Bodies appeared together.
The Profound Heaven Sect had paid a huge price for this.

However, it seemed that everything was worth it.

At the very least, when Shangguan Yan woke up and grew up, he would definitely lead the Profound Heaven Sect to a new stage!

“200,000… That’s quite a lot.” Sect Master Xuan Guangzi said softly.

A medium-grade sect could already be considered to have a good foundation to possess 10 million spirit stones with the contributions they had made to the kingdom.

However, facing the awakening of this Divine Body, it clearly did not seem enough.

“Sect Master, the phenomenon of the Sun Moon Sea Burning Body yesterday was too terrifying.
I wonder which disciple awakened such a powerful physique.” First Elder Guan smiled bitterly as he said.

After the terrifying Sun Moon Divine Body swept over, 200,000 spirit stones were directly exhausted.
This was not an ordinary body!

The problem was that they still could not find which disciple it was.
Wasn’t this infuriating?

This was all thanks to the lack of foundation of the Profound Heaven Sect!

If it was a high-grade sect, they would have long used some special methods to lock onto the location of the Divine Body awakening.

“It’s fine.
That person will definitely appear.
We’ll just wait patiently.”

“Cultivation still requires resources.
When the time comes, check the whereabouts of the sect’s resources.
We’ll definitely find them.”

“However, I’m afraid that the sect doesn’t have enough resources now.”

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“If another Divine Body disciple appears now, will our Profound Heaven Sect be able to last long?” First Elder Liu said solemnly.

At this moment, the expressions of the crowd changed.

What the heck?

Divine Body?

Did he think that the Divine Body was that common?


After thinking about it, it seemed that it was really difficult to say.

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Either they did not come at all, or three appeared at once…

“Old Liu is right.
No matter what, our Profound Heaven Sect has to increase our speed of obtaining resources!” Xuan Guangzi said.

In the end, cultivation still required resources.
Without them, one could not do it.

This Divine Body made the various higher-ups realize the shortage of the Profound Heaven Sect.

Everyone was silently thinking about the spirit stones.
At this moment, a disciple suddenly ran over from outside the hall.

He said anxiously, “Report!”

“Sect Master! Elders, inner sect disciple Su Ling is heavily injured and has returned to the sect to seek an audience with the Sect Master and elders!”

Among the elders, a silver-haired old woman leaned on a dragon-headed walking stick and stood up nervously.
She was Elder Li.

She took a few steps forward and shouted, “Su Ling? What’s going on? Bring her in quickly!”

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An inner sect disciple, Su Ling, could be considered one of the most important and qualified successors of the Profound Heaven Sect!

She had been in the sect for ten years and had already reached the eighth-stage Illusory Core Realm!

She was still so young and had already caught up to the realm of the older generation.

But now, she was heavily injured.
Logically speaking, who could injure her below the Profound Realm?

If they reached the Profound Realm, it meant that he had already become an elder-level person.
How could it be so simple?

Not long after, a few disciples brought the heavily injured Su Ling to the hall.

Su Ling’s white clothes were stained with dark red dried blood.
Her face was pale and revealed a sickly hint of beauty.

Seeing this, the silver-haired old woman went forward to check.
She stretched out her hand and sent a stream of pure spiritual qi.

Su Ling woke up.
When she saw Elder Li, she immediately coughed and said excitedly,

“Master! An expert’s ruin has appeared on the border of the White Cloud Kingdom.
Spiritual qi overflowed for thousands of miles.
The Crimson Flame Sect’s Crimson Kingdom has already been mobilized.
They’ve stepped into our sect’s border!”

“Our side is retreating continuously.
We’re urgently asking for sect support!”

The elders of the Profound Heaven Sect trembled and looked at each other.

The ruin appeared and the treasure light shone for half a day.
Then, the Crimson Flame Sect’s Crimson Kingdom directly sent out troops to fight?


At this moment, Sect Master Xuan Guangzi frowned slightly and said calmly, “Su Ling, the Crimson Flame Sect actually chose to invade for a ruin? This seems to be a little abnormal.”

“It’s fine if they’re cultivators, but why is a small mortal kingdom acting so brazenly?”

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Hearing this, Su Ling, whose expression changed slightly, replied seriously, “Sect Master, because other than the ruin itself, there’s also a huge spirit stone mine around it!”

“Based on a rough estimate, the outer reserves alone are more than 30 million!”

“The moment this spirit stone mine appeared, it was discovered by the Crimson Kingdom and the White Cloud Kingdom.”

“Then, that night, the Crimson Kingdom attacked.
Moreover, the elders of the Crimson Flame Sect appeared!”

“When I escaped, the spirit stone mine was already occupied by the army and disciples of the Crimson Kingdom.
There were a large number of disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect inside!”

When she said this, the expressions of the elders changed again.

There were already 30 million spirit stone deposits in the surroundings alone.
This was definitely a large spirit stone mine!

After all, it was already very impressive for a normal small-sized mine to have more than 100,000 spirit stones.
It would not cause other countries to invade and fight over it.

However, large spirit stone mines were resources that even high-grade sects attached great importance to!

No wonder even a small mortal kingdom like the Crimson Kingdom was so desperate to fight the Profound Heaven Sect.

“Elders, what do you think?” Xuan Guangzi asked in a low voice.

In the hall, the elders lowered their heads in deep thought.

Then, Elder Guan said, “Sect Master, the Crimson Flame Sect has invaded and stepped on our territory.
We have to counterattack!”

“We can’t retreat in this battle!”

“The spirit stone mine is even more important to our Profound Heaven Sect!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Guan’s gaze descended onto Shangguan Yan who was unconscious on the jade bed in the hall.

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At this moment, everyone came to a realization.

This battle was unavoidable for the future of the Divine Body disciples and the sect.

They had to take back the spirit stone mine!

In an instant, the hall fell into a silent atmosphere.

This was because after the appearance of this goal of the Profound Heaven Sect, many people present might end up dead…

A sect battle was even more terrifying than the mortal world’s war!

At this moment, waves of spiritual qi rippled around Xuan Guangzi, who was sitting in the center.
He looked extremely calm and walked to the center of the hall.

He said, “Everyone, we can’t let this battle go!”

“As the Sect Master of the Profound Heaven Sect, I hereby declare that in the mortal kingdoms under the banner of the Profound Heaven Sect, those at the Meridian Opening Realm and above will immediately lead the troops to the White Cloud Kingdom’s border!”

“In addition, the elders of the sect will summon disciples above the Qi Refinement Realm to join me in the battle.”

“I, Xuan Guangzi, will personally lead this battle!”

At this moment, all the elders were stunned.

Sect Master Xuan Guangzi had not fought for many years.
Now, even he had to fight personally.
Clearly, this large spirit stone mine was very important to the Profound Heaven Sect!

At this moment, First Elder Liu’s figure flashed, and he stopped Xuan Guangzi and said, “Sect Master, let me go this time!”

“You have an even more important mission.
Leave this dangerous task to an old man like me!”

At this moment, all the elders frowned again.

“Old Liu, you should guard the sect! This time, the Crimson Flame Sect will definitely not give up the spirit stone mine.
I have to go!” Xuan Guangzi placed his hands behind his back and said directly..

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