Chapter 61: Beast Riding Gift Bag, A Husky?

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“If we cultivators are afraid of death and let the resources in front of us be snatched away by others, how can we cultivate to a higher realm?”

“That’s right.
Moreover, the lowest price for a Qi Refinement Realm disciple is 100 spirit stones.
If I can kill a ninth or tenth-grade disciple, that will be 1,000 spirit stones!”

“That’s right.
Ordinary Qi Refinement Realm disciples need at least five years to obtain these 1,000 spirit stones!”

“Five years! Five whole years! Do you know how I’ve lived these last five years?!”

“Five years of time saved just by killing a Qi Refinement Realm enemy.”

“We have to do it!”

“We’re all disciples of the Profound Heaven Sect.
We have to contribute to the sect!”

“That’s right.
We just have to avoid those at the Meridian Opening and Illusory Core realms.”

“It should not be so dangerous to fight a Qi Refinement Realm disciple.
We have a 50% chance.”

“If I’m not capable enough and am killed by the other party, then there’s nothing to say.
I can only blame my cultivation for not being enough!”

Seeing such a disciple being so impassioned, Zhou Quan could not help but reveal a smile that said, “You’re too young.”

Just as he was about to say something, he heard Liu Yingying, the little junior sister at the front desk of the Mission Pavilion, suddenly shout, “Eighth-grade mission, reinforce the border.
Registration begins now!”

“Any disciple who has signed up can immediately set off for the Northern Region of the White Cloud Kingdom!”

As soon as this was said, everyone swarmed up, raised their clenched fists, and said passionately,

“Me, me, me! Outer sect disciple, Zhang San, volunteers to go to the border to kill enemies and guard the border.
My cultivation is at the third-stage Qi Refinement Realm!”

“Me too.
Outer sect disciple, Li Si, also wants to sign up.
My cultivation level is at the fourth-stage Qi Refinement Realm!”

“Count me in.
My cultivation is at the fifth-stage Qi Refinement Realm!”

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“We were born as members of the Profound Heaven Sect and will die as the souls of the sect.
Today, we will fight the ones who invaded our sect without hesitation!”

“I’ll go too!”

“A group of f*cking bastards dare to rob my sect’s spirit stone mine? I’ll beat them until they don’t even recognize me!”

“Just do it!”

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The next day.

Gong Ziliang: Level 16, 20%

Copper Coins: 4,500,000

Ingots: 1,010

Vouchers: $14.50

Augmenting Stones: 3

Star Ascension Stones: 3

Yesterday, as a member of the Profound Heaven Sect, his cultivation level had also reached the sixth-stage Qi Refinement Realm.
Gong Ziliang naturally participated in the registration to kill enemies at the border.

However, they did not immediately set off.

This was because the journey was far.
If he rushed alone, it would be too tiring.

Yesterday, he had already earned $14.50 from killing chickens.
He might as well wait another day and participate in the gold farming event again today to buy the Beast Riding Gift Bag.

Even if he killed three fake Mutated Chicken Kings, it would give at least $6.

If his luck erupted, that would be… wonderful!

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As a result, Gong Ziliang looked at his fellow disciples in the sect leisurely.
They all formed a group and rushed to the White Cloud Kingdom’s border, idling until eight in the evening.

With the Heavenly Frost Sword in hand, he entered the gold farming map again.
He ignored the Mutated Pig King again and slashed at the ten Level 20 Mutated Chicken Kings.

In the end, hard work paid off.
He saw the most familiar vouchers.

One real and two fakes, he obtained another $14 worth of vouchers.

Coupled with the original amount, there was already $28.50 worth of vouchers.

[$28 Beast Riding Gift Bag: 1 Green Fire Divine Husk + 100 Mount Advancement Pills + 1 Million Copper Coins]

When Gong Ziliang looked at this gift bag, he saw a… husky that roared at the sky and emitted green flames all over its body?

What the heck!

Other people’s mounts were either the majestic and ferocious Lion King or the domineering Wyvern.

Yet, you gave me a husky?

You want to tear down the Profound Heaven Sect?

What a joke!


Looking at the appearance of this Green Fire Divine Husky, although the blue eyes meant that it was a purebred Husky, its appearance was greatly different.

Gong Ziliang smacked his lips and directly spent $28 to purchase this [$28 Beast Riding Gift Bag].

[Ding! Congratulations on purchasing the $28 Beast Riding Gift Bag!]

[Congratulations on obtaining the Green Fire Divine Husky!]

[Congratulations on obtaining 100 Mount Advancement Pills!]

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[Congratulations on obtaining 1 Million Copper Coins!]

[Ding! You have received 280 VIP experience points.
Your VIP level has been increased to 2!]

Gong Ziliang: VIP 2

Attack Speed: +2

Defense: +2

Bag Capacity: +100

Personal Boss Challenge Attempts: +1

Drop Rate: +5%

Recycle: +5%

Daily VIP 2 Gift Bag: 60 Augmenting Stones + 60 Star Ascension Stones (Price: 100 ingots)

Good lord!

After careful calculations, this was simply the same as the legendary game that he had played in his previous life!

If $6 was VIP 1, and $30 was VIP 2, then VIP 3 might be $100.

After all, his recharge value had already reached $42.

Feeling the strength in his body increase again, Gong Ziliang hesitated for a second and bought this Daily VIP 2 Gift Bag.

It seemed quite thoughtful to exchange 100 ingots for 60 Augmenting Stones and Star Ascension Stones…

However, Gong Ziliang was not in a hurry to strengthen his equipment.
After all, there was a small thing waiting for him.

Gong Ziliang raised his brows and opened the Beast Riding column in the interface.

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He saw a husky covered in green scales and burning with green flames on the beast riding interface.
It was strolling leisurely and continuously walking in circles, jumping a few times from time to time.

Below it was the word: Ride.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang surprisingly discovered that this husky had only taken a few steps when a small box appeared.
The Green Fire Divine Husky pounced forward and instantly tore this small box into pieces!

Gong Ziliang became speechless.

After a while, the Green Fire Divine Husky actually raised its hind legs and barked at the corner for a while.
That dog head even revealed a comfortable expression!


As expected of Brother Husky!

Not only could it destroy everything, but it could also pee in the system!

This husky was really not obedient.
He had to teach it a lesson!

However, Gong Ziliang did not dare to let it out in the outer courtyard of the Profound Heaven Sect.

This guy’s body was emitting raging green flames.
It was obvious that he was not to be trifled with.

If it was released, it would be too shocking and others would suspect it.
That would be difficult to explain to the sect.

When he thought of this, Gong Ziliang tidied up a little and went down the mountain alone.
He left the Profound Heaven Sect and went to the White Cloud Kingdom’s border.

After that, when they were 50 kilometers away from the Profound Heaven Sect, the surrounding environment turned into a dense forest.

Gong Ziliang finally could not help but open the beast riding interface and click on the ride.

Immediately, the surrounding temperature rose sharply.
The thin spiritual qi was quickly consumed as if it was burning.


A deafening roar sounded.

Then, a beast that was 30 feet tall, 50 feet long, covered in scales and burning with raging green flames, appeared in front of Gong Ziliang.

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