en Fire Divine Husky roared again.
It seemed to be a little excited, as if it was unwilling to let Gong Ziliang sit on it.

It jumped around, attempting to bounce Gong Ziliang off its body.

While it was jumping, to be honest, he almost fell.

In this critical moment, Gong Ziliang thought of something and took out a Mount Advancement Pill from his system bag.

He said, “Heh! Screw Heaven, look at this!”

The Mount Advancement Pill was the most important thing to increase the strength of a mount.
Clearly, this thing was definitely also the Green Fire Divine Husky’s favorite food.

As expected, when the Green Fire Divine Husky saw the yellow-patterned Advanced Mount Pill in Gong Ziliang’s hand, it instantly became obedient.

It swayed its tail and revealed its tongue, laughing and panting.

Gong Ziliang recently smiled slightly.
He thought to himself: Little guy, do you think I can’t deal with you?

At this moment, the Green Fire Divine Husky roared, and a consciousness that was like an arm spread into Gong Ziliang’s heart.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang was not in a hurry to feed the pill.
Instead, he said, “Let’s go! We’ll set off towards the border!”

If he did not leave now, how long would he have to wait?

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If he did not leave, who knew what would happen next?

Immediately, the Green Fire Divine Husky understood.
The green flames on its body suddenly burned intensely.
Its four limbs that were covered in flames took a step forward, and Gong Ziliang immediately felt that all the surrounding scenery had actually turned into a phantom!

Good lord!

This speed!

So fast!

This feeling made Gong Ziliang feel as if he had returned to his previous life.
He drove the sports car and stepped on the accelerator, accelerating to 250 mph.

Gong Ziliang suspected that cultivators at the Martial Body Realm would definitely not be able to catch up to this speed.
Even those at the first or second-stage Qi Refinement Realm might not be able to reach this speed.

He glanced at the beast riding interface.

[Green Fire Divine Husky: Level: 0]

[Movement Speed: +200%]

[Basic Speed: 200% of the Master’s own movement speed.
Every increase in level can increase the basic movement speed by 1%!]

[Skill: Green Flame Step.
After activation, it can transform into a ball of flames.
Speed attribute will be increased by 30%!]

[Skill: Divine Hound’s Fury: After activation, it can let out a roar to reduce the speed of a large number of enemy mounts by 10%!]

One look!

“Damn, you son of a watermelon!”

This speed was twice as fast as his.
No wonder it felt like driving a sports car.
It was extremely satisfying.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang sat on the back of the Green Fire Divine Husky and leisurely opened the Beast Riding interface again to feed the 100 Mount Advancement Pills.

The moment Gong Ziliang took out the Mount Advancement Pill again, the Green Fire Divine Husky stopped in its tracks.
It sniffed and turned around, revealing a longing expression as it stared pitifully at the Mount Advancement Pill in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

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Gong Ziliang smiled and threw the Mount Advancement Pills over.

[Ding! Consumed one Mount Advancement Pill, Green Fire Divine Husky has been upgraded to Level 1!]

[Ding! Consumed one Mount Advancement Pill, Green Fire Divine Husky has been upgraded to Level 2!]

[Ding! Consumed one…]

After Gong Ziliang used up all 100 Mount Advancement Pills, the Green Fire Divine Husky’s level had already advanced to Level 14.

[Green Fire Divine Husky: Level: 14]

[Movement Speed: +200%]

[Basic Speed: 200+14% of the Master’s own movement speed!]

When he saw this, Gong Ziliang could not help but smile and say, “Screw Heaven, let’s go to the border!”


The Green Fire Divine Husky roared and turned into a ball of flames that headed for the White Cloud Kingdom.

At the same time, under the city gate of Green Cloud City.

“Darling daughter!”

“Hey! I’m calling you!”

“Bai Chuxia, stop right there!”

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