Chapter 65: There’s An Inn

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However, recently, there was something that gave him a headache.

Precisely because of the appearance of ruins at the northern border and the appearance of large spirit stone mines, it attracted a group of cultivators to pass through this city.

Among them, not only were there martial artists, but there were also many people from other sects who were creating trouble here.

The most terrifying thing was that Ma Lie had also received news from the White Cloud Kingdom that the leader of the Profound Heaven Sect had already begun to mobilize troops to meet up at the northern border and start a war with another medium-grade sect.

The battle between two medium-grade sects!

It would definitely be a terrible war!

Ma Lie reckoned that if he, a Meridian Opening cultivator, went over, he might not know how he would die.

It was better to manage White Rock City obediently!

However, as the number of cultivators in this city increased, the chaos gradually intensified.

In order to manage them together, Ma Lie finally decided to arrange all the cultivators to the east area of the White Cloud Village to prevent destruction in the mortal world.

If this injured the commoners, it would be difficult for him, the City Lord, to explain himself!

At this moment, in White Rock City.

After Gong Ziliang saw the appearance of White Rock City from afar, he put away the Green Fire Divine Husky and leisurely walked in.

After all, this was a mortal city.
If he rode a colossus like the Green Fire Divine Husky into the city, it would probably cause a commotion.

As a newcomer, it was better to keep a low profile to avoid attracting unnecessary trouble.

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Of course, if anyone attacked, he would not be afraid.
He would just fight back!

As soon as Gong Ziliang arrived outside White Rock City, he saw the huge notice, telling all the cultivators to transfer to the eastern district ahead.
They were told not to enter the other districts!

Gong Ziliang was slightly curious.

Forget it.
It was nothing.
He would go to the eastern district then.

Then, he asked the passersby and quickly arrived at the east side of the city.

Now, the pedestrians here were basically all at the Martial Body Realm.
There were also many Qi Refinement Realm cultivators mixed in.
As for the Meridian Opening Realm, he had yet to see them…

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After all, this was the mortal world.
The Martial Body Realm was already a very impressive existence!

In the eyes of some low-level cultivators, a situation where there were many Martial Bodies and Qi Refinement cultivators everywhere was already a big deal!

After walking for a short while, Gong Ziliang found an inn called an inn and walked in.

“Hello, welcome!”

“Welcome, my Lord.
May I ask if you need a room? This store’s top-grade suite only costs one spirit stone per night! Hehe!”

When he heard the waiter’s recommendation, Gong Ziliang was stunned.
He asked curiously, “Since when did the mortal world’s accommodations start to collect spirit stones?”

Didn’t they usually collect copper coins? At most, gold.

This store was impressive, it directly charged a spirit stone!

That was worth 100 taels of gold!

In the past, in order to activate the Legendary System, how long had it taken me to obtain this!

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Now, you’re telling me that you want a spirit stone for a night?

What was the difference between this and robbery?

At this moment, the waiter hurriedly explained with respect, “My Lord, look, isn’t it because there are too many cultivators now? Therefore, the guest rooms in the city are high in demand, so naturally, the price will increase as well.”

“Nowadays, the rooms White Rock City are about this price.
This can be considered spending the cheapest money and staying in the best room.”

“However, in our shop, there’s only one room that charges spirit stones.
The other rooms are charged according to gold.”

“However, there’s only one room left.
Look, it’s already dark.
Why don’t you stay here?”

The corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth twitched when he heard this.

Good lord!

As expected, no matter where it was, as long as there were more people, the housing price would definitely increase!

If he had known earlier that he would transmigrate to the Martial Spirit Continent, he would not have cultivated.
He would have directly bought a building to rent out!

Now, from the sound of it, the waiter meant that even if one had money, they might not be able to live there.
Moreover, the lowest requirement was gold.

After some thought, Gong Ziliang stretched out his hand, and a dazzling spirit stone rippled with spiritual qi and appeared on his fingertip.

He said, “Then give me a room that will not be disturbed.”

At this moment, the entire inn fell silent.
The surrounding guests looked at the spirit stone in Gong Ziliang’s hand in shock.

The waiter even revealed an intoxicated gaze as he quickly received the spirit stone and said with a high voice, “Sir, please come in! Don’t worry, the supreme suite and the independent courtyard will definitely not be disturbed!”

After Gong Ziliang left, the entire first floor of an inn immediately rang with discussion.

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“Was that spirit stone just now?”

“That’s right, it’s a spirit stone.
That dazzling feeling is right!”

“This is an expert! He’s only staying for a night, but he actually spent a spirit stone.
He’s really generous!”

“Tycoon! This is definitely a tycoon!”

“Father! Although I can’t see your appearance clearly, it’s not difficult to tell that this is my father!”

“You’re really shameless.
Could it be that you’re the legendary bootlicker?”

“I wonder if that tycoon has a girlfriend? If he has, do you mind changing to another one or more? I think I can!”

“Looking at his young appearance, he’s definitely a disciple of some sect!”

“Damn it.
I still need to prepare 49 spirit stones to break through to the Qi Refinement Realm.
He’s good.
Spending spirit stones is like farting.
He’s irresponsible!”

“I’m so envious!”

At this moment, a large number of Martial Body Realm cultivators in the mortal world secretly showed envy and shock!

However, they did not know that if Gong Ziliang’s daily income was more than theirs by a month or even a year, he would definitely go crazy on the spot.

It was even to the extent that in Gong Ziliang’s eyes, the status of copper coins and gold was more important than spirit stones.

After all, he was invincible with copper coins!

In the top-grade Supreme Suite.

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A room that cost one spirit stone was indeed not bad.

It was directly in the backyard of an inn.
The entire courtyard belonged to this suite.

After telling the attendant not to disturb him, Gong Ziliang sat in the room and began to check the system.

At this stage, other than the daily gold farming activity, Gong Ziliang did not participate in the other activities.

For example, he did not participate in the Parkour and Bubble Point Event.

If he accidentally broke through to Level 20, he would suffer from kidney deficiency again… Ah no, insufficient spiritual qi.

Therefore, this was not allowed.

After Level 20, he could activate the Intent Function.

However, Gong Ziliang naturally understood that at this stage, gold farming was the most important.

According to the nature of the system, if he broke through to Level 20, it meant that the Mutated Chicken King would also become stronger.

As for the Mutated Chicken King, its gold farming speed would decrease.
It would not be worth it.

Now, if he killed three fake chickens every day, he would still get $6.
If his luck was superb, he would even be able to obtain the Skill Gift Bag and the Magic Artifact Gift Bag easily.
There was also the $128 Lifetime Monthly Card…

At that time, it would not be too late to think about how to break through to the Meridian Opening Realm at Level 20.


Apart from the activities mentioned, Gong Ziliang had another important thing to do..

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