Chapter 79: I Know Who It Is!

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A genius who could cultivate the Heaven and Earth Intent could be said to be hard to come by in a hundred years!

Forget about their Profound Heaven Sect, even sects one grade higher than them had never heard of anyone comprehending Heaven and Earth Intent!

How could such a genius not stand at the peak of the mountain and look down on countless monstrous geniuses?

How good would it be if such a genius appeared in his sect!

First Elder Liu sighed and withdrew his sour gaze before looking at Elder Guan!

“You said that it’s very likely that a spirit crystal mine appeared in the ruins?” First Elder Liu Xu looked at Elder Guan and asked in a very serious tone.

Any cultivator knew what this spirit crystal mine meant!

A spirit crystal mine coupled with the Divine Body of his sect…

First Elder Liu could almost see how terrifying the rising Profound Heaven Sect was!

Therefore, their Profound Heaven Sect had to fight for this spirit crystal mine!

“Quick! Call that girl Zhao Zhirou over and ask her what’s going on over there.”

First Elder Liu thought for a moment and immediately ordered.

“Zhirou greets the elders!”

Soon, it was still the sickly Zhao Zhirou who arrived.

“Zhirou, tell me, what have you encountered along the way?” First Elder Liu nodded at Zhao Zhirou and asked.

“On the way, I indeed discovered a supposed spirit crystal mine in the ruins…”

Zhao Zhirou lowered her head and told them everything that had happened.
“However, I was able to escape unscathed and come to the elders all thanks to the help of a junior brother!”

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As she spoke, Zhao Zhirou told him about Gong Ziliang.

At first, these elders listened fine, but the more they listened, the more they felt that something was amiss!

When Zhao Zhirou said that Gong Ziliang had sent the eighth-stage Meridian Opening Realm Zhong Hu flying with a punch…

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All the elders could not sit still!

“What? That eighth-stage Meridian Opening Zhong Hu was actually blasted flying by a punch of his?”

When they heard this, the elders could not help but cry out in surprise.

He sent an eighth-stage Meridian Opening Realm cultivator flying with a single punch?

Did their Profound Heaven Sect have such a disciple?

“Elders, listen to me…”

Zhao Zhirou looked at the shocked elders.

Then, she recounted everything that had happened.

When they heard that Gong Ziliang was alone and rode on the Green Fire Divine Husky and attacked among the group of disciples as if he was in an uninhabited place, these elders were all stunned!

“Good lord! When did our sect have this genius?”

Another elder looked at the others in a daze and asked in confusion.

He could cross a major realm and kill a Meridian Opening cultivator alone?

He had killed Zhong Hu, who was at the eighth-stage Meridian Opening Realm at the fifth-stage Qi Refinement Realm…

This was simply a major realm!

Those who could cross realms were definitely blessed by the heavens!

Such a genius was actually their outer sect disciple?

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What had these old fellows missed?

“We also want to ask this question!”

The other elders nodded repeatedly, not knowing what to say for a moment.

Such a disciple would undoubtedly be directly taken into the inner sect!

However, why did they not hear anything previously?

“Zhirou, let me ask you a question.
Is this kid quite good-looking? He also has a lazy aura that’s different from the norm?”

First Elder Liu frowned slightly as a figure suddenly appeared in his mind.

“That’s right!” Zhao Zhirou nodded.

“Then I know who! It’s that brat!”

First Elder Liu nodded when he heard this, and Gong Ziliang’s figure appeared in his mind.

When he met Gong Ziliang in a hurry back then and saw the Sword Intent on his body, he was immediately shocked to the point of being a genius.
He even exposed his identity to let Gong Ziliang believe him!

However, the Divine Body happened to appear at that time.

Therefore, he did not ask for Gong Ziliang’s name and left in a hurry!

What a pity!

He recalled how Gong Ziliang had asked for a peerless cultivation technique for him as soon as he arrived and how he had thought that he was a sweeping monk or a peerless expert.

First Elder Liu felt a toothache!

This kid was good at cultivation.

But his personality seemed a little difficult to grasp!

He did not expect that the boy back then had actually grown to this point!

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“I know who it is!”

When he thought of this, First Elder Liu waved his hand, “Leave this matter to me, I’ll deal with it!”

“Looks like I can try to enter the Mutated Beast Instance Dungeon!”

After sending Lin Xiao away, Gong Ziliang immediately looked at the newly opened Mutated Beast Instance Dungeon.

There was no time limit for this Mutated Beast Instance Dungeon.

In other words, he could enter whenever he wanted in a day.

After Gong Ziliang was prepared, the system notification sounded.

[Ding! Are you sure you want to enter the Mutated Beast Instance Dungeon?]

“Of course!” Gong Ziliang nodded.


Before he could finish speaking, Gong Ziliang saw the space around him begin to fluctuate like water!

After the surroundings were clear, Gong Ziliang realized that he was already in a huge underground cave.

There was no entrance or exit to this cave.
Looking up, one could see a dense layer of soil.

The surrounding air seemed to be slightly suppressed by the airtight environment, and even Gong Ziliang felt that he could not breathe properly.

Gong Ziliang looked forward and his expression immediately became serious!

In front of him, the drawn monsters he had seen previously had all become living mutated beasts!

These mutated beasts stood densely together.
Their appearance was as ferocious as black panthers, but the difference was that their bodies were tall and the two fangs in their mouths were extremely sharp.
If one was bitten, there would definitely be two large holes!

The black fur on their bodies seemed to be emitting a layer of golden light.
They looked very tough!

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As expected, these were the mutated beasts in the Mutated Beast Instance Dungeon.

As long as he killed them, he could obtain the reward!

“Then let’s do it!”

The corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up slightly.
He clenched his fists, and his gaze flickered.
At the same time, he ran forward!


Immediately, a rapid sonic boom sounded from Gong Ziliang’s leg.

His powerful and powerful body caused the ground to sink a little, and cracks appeared!

“So powerful!”

Gong Ziliang looked at his own body and was extremely surprised!

This was the first time Gong Ziliang had used his strength since he had advanced to the Meridian Opening Realm!

With just this, he could sense how much his strength had increased!

“It’s just nice.
I can train in this dungeon and grasp my strength as soon as possible!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the mutated beast in front of him and felt a little excited.

This was because the rapid increase in cultivation level could easily make cultivators lose their control.

Just like when he had just entered the Qi Refinement Realm, he had almost wrecked his house.

Now, he could use these beasts to train his strength.

He had to be able to control himself and not let the previous ugly scene appear!

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