Chapter 81: A New Gold Farming Event!


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At the same time, the spiritual qi in Gong Ziliang’s body started to surge.

Streams of spiritual qi were injected, and a strange water-like fluctuation began to appear around Gong Ziliang!

The Water Intent finally began to reveal its power!

Intent could be said to be something that only geniuses among geniuses could cultivate successfully.

This meant that while the Intent was precious, it also had a relatively powerful strength!

Coupled with the Water Intent, the rhythm of Gong Ziliang’s entire body’s attack also changed slightly.

His fist was as smooth as water, drawing an extremely beautiful mark in the air!

Suddenly, the water quickly turned into a torrent.

Gong Ziliang’s palm also pushed forward, and a huge force was immediately released from his hand, striking the ostrich.

Immediately, he felt that the punch he threw was simply exquisite to the extreme.
The force was used appropriately without any waste!

When it hit the ostrich, Gong Ziliang could even feel the waves of his strength stirring in its body!


The punch hit, and the ostrich screamed.
The number that rose on its body shockingly became three digits!


“It’s broken through 100!”

“It actually broke 100!”

Looking at this damage value, Gong Ziliang’s tone became excited.

This was the first time he had dealt such high damage!

This not only meant that his strength would increase greatly in the gold farming event, but it also meant that if he fought in actual combat, his strength would more than double!

With his current strength, he was probably invincible in the Meridian Opening Realm.
Even the Illusory Core Realm would not dare to rashly compete with him!

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Although he was excited, Gong Ziliang still used the Water Intent to punch!

The third-stage Water Intent emphasized on continuously accumulating strength.
Every attack was stronger than the previous!

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In the end, it was even more terrifying and boundless like a mountain!

If he stopped midway, all his previous efforts would be wasted.
Everything would return to normal.
Therefore, he had to fight them all in one go!

Then, Gong Ziliang punched the ostrich again!


Looking at the number rising on it, even if Gong Ziliang was already prepared, he could not help but be shocked!

This Water Intent was too abnormal!

His attack damage was simply doubled!

“If I continue to stack attacks, it will eventually become…”

When he thought of this, Gong Ziliang’s heart could not help but burn.
At the same time, his fist began to crazily punch towards the ostrich!

The attributes of the equipment on him also began to activate!




Terrifying waves rippled around Gong Ziliang.
Perhaps even Gong Ziliang himself did not notice that the originally blue water around his body had already transformed into an eternal wave!

It continuously stacked and strengthened!

This was the terrifying power of the Water Intent!

When Gong Ziliang accidentally raised his head, he discovered that the health points above the ostrich were almost completely depleted.

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His current stacked damage had already reached an extremely terrifying 12,450 points!

12,450 damage points!

What did this mean?

Although this damage had the enhancement of equipment, it was a terrifying record for Gong Ziliang!

“Is this really the damage I unleashed?”

When he finished his last punch, the ostrich fell to the ground.
Gong Ziliang also looked at his hands in disbelief.

It was unbelievable!

He really could not believe it!

Looking at the time, Gong Ziliang’s heart was in turmoil!

He had actually killed a monster with a hundred thousand health in just five minutes!

This was simply crazy!

This was after wasting a minute or two stacking damage.
If he attacked at full force, what would happen?

In the past, killing a Mutated Chicken King took a long time, but now, the highest damage record was more than 10,000 damage…


When the ostrich fell, dozens of golden lights appeared beside it.

When Gong Ziliang saw this, he hurriedly walked over.
He knew that something had dropped!


When Gong Ziliang picked up the surrounding light, he realized that the vouchers that dropped from this ostrich was worth a total of $5!

This was a lot!

“Again, again!”

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After sensing the terrifying power of the Water Intent and the motivation of money, Gong Ziliang even screamed and went to find the next target!


For a moment, endless screams sounded in the entire abandoned city!

When the time was almost 30 minutes, Gong Ziliang finally finished off the ostrich in his hand!


“I killed eight!”

Gong Ziliang looked at his hands and was extremely happy!

That’s right!

With the power of the Water Intent, Gong Ziliang directly killed eight ostriches in this short 30 minutes.

This was simply unbelievable!

“Final attack!”

Looking at the ostrich in front of him that still required the final blow, Gong Ziliang threw a punch to end it!


However, just as this ostrich fell, other than some weak light, there was an incomparably dazzling golden huge pillar that shot into the sky and illuminated the entire city!

This pillar of light even flickered with golden lightning that looked extremely extraordinary.
On this pillar of light, a few words shockingly appeared!

Heavenly Dao Fire Wind, Eternal Brightness!

Looking at this pillar of light, Gong Ziliang revealed an excited expression.
“Holy shit?!”



A huge golden pillar of light stood in the middle of the city, causing everything around to dim!

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Even the light that erupted seemed extremely small at this moment and could not be seen.

“What an incredible ‘Heavenly Dao Fire Wind, Eternal Brightness!’”

Looking at the words on the pillar of light, Gong Ziliang took a deep breath.

Under the pillar of light, Gong Ziliang could clearly see two vouchers lying there silently!

The amount on it was not $0.10 nor $1.

Instead, it was $10!

Yes, that’s right.
It was $10!

It had dropped a $10 voucher!

Moreover, there were two of them!

“Damn! Could it be that the ostrich I just defeated is real?”

Gong Ziliang arrived under the pillar of light happily and put these two vouchers into his waist bag.

Good lord!

This gold farming activity was really worth it!

“In this case, my daily guaranteed sum will be $40!”

“Today, I earned $55 from a gold farming event!”

Gong Ziliang started to calculate his daily minimum income.

With this calculation, Gong Ziliang immediately felt like he had become a tycoon!

“Coupled with my previous $11, my capital has already reached $66!”

As he calculated, Gong Ziliang’s eyes lit up!


“If I buy the $58 Magic Artifact Gift Bag, I’ll still have $8 left!”

Regarding this, Gong Ziliang rubbed his hands and felt extremely excited!

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