Chapter 82: Magic Artifact Gift Bag, Immortal Transformation Pot

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He did not expect this Magic Artifact Gift Bag to be available so easily.
There was not even a hint!

Gong Ziliang began to directly use the thick set of vouchers he had originally with his new two $10 vouchers to buy the $58 Magic Artifact Gift Bag.

“Buy, buy, buy!”

[Ding! Congratulations on purchasing the $58 Magic Artifact Gift Bag.
Do you want to open it immediately?]

[Ding! 580 VIP privilege experience points obtained!]

He spent $58 but did not increase his VIP level.
Regarding this, Gong Ziliang smacked his lips and was not surprised!

After all, the higher the VIP level, the higher the amount one needed to spend for each level!

These were all old tricks!

He should open the Magic Artifact Gift Bag first!


“Open it, open it! I hope it can open something good! Good luck, wish me luck!”

“I’m willing to exchange for it with the price of my readers being single for ten years!”

Gong Ziliang rubbed his hands, his eyes staring at this gift bag, and he started to feel nervous.

As the gift bag was opened, Gong Ziliang saw a square frame appear in front of him.
In the middle of the square frame was a long blue line.

Behind the long line were spirit artifacts!

As time passed, these spirit artifacts began to quickly roll!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.
This trick again!”

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Looking at this familiar roulette screen, Gong Ziliang had the illusion that he had returned to his previous life!

In the end, the speed of the randomized spirit artifact selection became slower and slower.
Gong Ziliang’s eyes also saw that the Immortal Transformation Pot that he had been thinking about was gradually approaching the blue line.

In the end, the spirit artifact selection stopped rolling, and the blue line stopped on the red Immortal Transformation Pot!

“I actually got it?”

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Seeing this, Gong Ziliang subconsciously asked.

[Ding! Congratulations on obtaining a growth-grade Spirit Artifact: Immortal Transformation Pot, 10 Artifact Advanced Pills, and 10,000 Ingots!]

[Immortal Transformation Pot: Growth-type Supreme-grade Spirit Artifact.
Initially, it can devour everything and refine its essence into medicinal pills for cultivators to use! Eventually, it can devour everything and refine the world!]

“Damn, you son of a watermelon!”

“I really won!”

“These readers have made a worthy sacrifice!”


After hearing the system’s accurate notification, Gong Ziliang finally reacted and laughed out loud!

At the same time, a red calabash appeared out of thin air and landed in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

Holding the calabash in his hand, even if he had not opened the seal on it, Gong Ziliang could still feel a terrifying suction force coming from it!

Without a doubt, this calabash was indeed a supreme-grade spirit artifact as mentioned by the Legendary System!


‘Today, my luck is too good!’

He had first increased his level today and fought a real gold farming monster, causing it to drop $20.

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Now, he had actually gotten the Immortal Transformation Pot!

This luck was simply too good!

“Alright, alright! Let’s quickly rest!”

Looking at the moon outside, Gong Ziliang lay on the bed in satisfaction and prepared to rest.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

In these three days, Gong Ziliang signed in every day and struck gold.
His total value would soon break through the $100 mark.

However, on the morning of the third day, Gong Ziliang immediately went out after signing in.

This was because he had made an appointment with Lin Xiao previously.

Today was the day to explore the Myriad Spirit Ruins with Lin Xiao!

The Myriad Spirit Ruins was located in the Northern Region of the White Cloud Kingdom.

After these few days of preparation, the entire northern realm began to stir!

White Rock City, which was a city closest to the Myriad Spirit Ruins, could be said to have become an existence where cultivators gathered these few days!

A few days ago, although there were also many cultivators on the streets, there were no Meridian Opening cultivators.

However, now, Meridian Opening cultivators seem to have begun to appear and move around!

Coupled with the confrontation of the two medium-grade sects, the cultivators at the Martial Body Realm and Qi Refinement Realm hid at the side and trembled.
They did not have any dignity to speak of!

“Tsk! Little Liang, you… became stronger again!”

After Gong Ziliang walked out of the inn, he saw a black-clothed Lin Xiao waiting for him.

When Lin Xiao saw Gong Ziliang, his eyebrows raised slightly and a trace of surprise flashed past.

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With his eyes, he could naturally tell that Gong Ziliang’s entire body seemed to have been adjusted to its peak state!

Moreover, he had grasped his strength perfectly without revealing anything.

This realm made Lin Xiao click his tongue in surprise.
He was deeply impressed!

After all, not everyone could control their strength so perfectly!

“You’re really something!” Lin Xiao looked at Gong Ziliang and sighed.

“Let’s go!”

He pretended not to see Lin Xiao’s surprised gaze and waved his hand.

“Alright!” Lin Xiao nodded.

The two of them swam and quickly disappeared from the crowd.

The Myriad Spirit Ruins was located in the depths of the Northern Region.

This place was surrounded by mountains on all sides.
The location was pleasant.
It was obvious that it was a treasure land for cultivation!

Clearly, a thousand years ago, the Myriad Spirit Sect had also taken a fancy to this, so it had set up its sect here.

From afar, one could see that the Myriad Spirits Ruins were only five ordinary mountain peaks.

What was different from ordinary mountain peaks was that each of these mountain peaks had collapsed buildings with covered in ashes and dust.

“There should be less than half a day left before the opening of the Myriad Spirit Ruins.”

In the distance, two young men walked over.
One of them raised his head to look at the sun in the sky.

“That’s good! We can use this time to see where the spirit crystal mine will be.” Another young man sat on a Green Fire Divine Husky and replied.

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The aura of the Green Fire Divine Husky was extraordinary as it walked on the streets.
It was like a king, causing no matter if it was cultivators or spirit beasts to dare to approach them.

These two were none other than Gong Ziliang and Lin Xiao.

After leaving the inn, the two of them came to the surroundings of the Myriad Spirit Ruins and began to search.

Along the way, when the cultivators who encountered the two of them sensed that Screw Heaven’s aura was comparable to the Illusory Core Realm, they immediately backed off and did not even dare to look!

This also allowed Gong Ziliang and the others to see the surroundings of the Myriad Spirit Ruins.

“Oh right, Little Liang, where did you get this dog from?”

Although they were brothers, even if Lin Xiao and Screw Heaven walked side by side, he would feel the pressure!

He could not imagine how!

With Gong Ziliang’s strength, how did he tame such a terrifying mount?

“I’m lucky.”

Towards this, Gong Ziliang only laughed and did not say anything.

“Lucky… to what extent…”

The corners of Lin Xiao’s mouth twitched.

Regarding the matter of Screw Heaven, it was still too unbelievable!

“Alright, we’re here!”

However, Lin Xiao did not ask further..
Instead, he pointed ahead.

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