the pleasant female voice of the Legendary System suddenly sounded in Gong Ziliang’s ears.

[Ding! The Parkour Event on Thursday will begin in 1 minute.
Please be prepared!]


“Par… Parkour?”

As Gong Ziliang chased after the black-clothed person, he was still thinking, what the heck was this Parkour Event? Could it be the “Parkour Everyday” game that he knew in his previous life?


Out of curiosity, Gong Ziliang summoned the game interface.
He immediately discovered that under the golden “event” icon, there was a minute countdown in red words.

After clicking on one, it was divided into five choices.

They were the Gold Farming Event every night at 8pm, the Parkour Event every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, as well as the Bubble Point Event every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


There was also another powerful sounding one, World Boss Event!

The fifth column was: Soon!

He clicked on it.
The system did not forget to remind him to level up.
There was another important thing.
Yes, he had to charge more money!

What Gong Ziliang was thinking was, could this activity be like a gold farming event that would send him into the game world?

“Am I chasing pointlessly now?” Gong Ziliang asked himself.

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At this moment, the voice of the Legendary System sounded in his ears again.

[Today’s parkour location is: White Cloud Kingdom’s Cloud Glow City.]

[If you run around casually (parkour) in Cloud Glow City, you can directly obtain experience, copper coins, ingots, equipment, and items!]

[The Parkour Event will last for ten minutes…]

Upon seeing this, Gong Ziliang was overjoyed.
As long as he ran around casually, he could directly obtain experience, currency, and so on.
Furthermore, it would last for an entire ten minutes.

If he wasted a large amount of experience in these ten minutes, would he still be far from breaking through to the seventh-stage Martial Body Realm?


Moreover, this Parkour Event was really timely.
Now, Gong Ziliang was chasing after the black-clothed person and running on the roof.
Wasn’t this basically considered parkour?


Heaven was really helping him!

One minute passed very quickly.
At this moment, a notification sounded in Gong Ziliang’s mind.

[Ding! The Parkour Event has begun.
It will last for ten minutes.

Not long after, the notification sound gradually sounded.

[Ding! You obtained 10 ingots from participating in the Parkour Event.]


[Ding! You obtained 10,000 copper coins from participating in the Parkour Event.]

[Ding! You have obtained 1% current level EXP from participating in the Parkour Event.]

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[Ding! You obtained 10 Small Revitalizing Pills from participating in the Parkour Event.]

[Ding! You have obtained a low-level Experience Pill from participating in the Parkour Event.]

Listening to the words of the girl voice of the Legendary System, Gong Ziliang felt very happy!


Originally, he wanted to quickly knock down the black-clothed man in front of him and save the boy, but now…

Gong Ziliang wanted to wait for ten minutes before going to deal with the black-clothed person after this Parkour Event ended.

After all, free stuff was really good!

As the two of them ran on the roof, they attracted the attention of ordinary people.
Of course, there were also the guards of Cloud Glow City.

“Look, look, those two are so awesome!”

“There’s nothing they can’t do.
This is what a cultivator should be!”

“Why do I feel that they’re even more powerful than the guards of our Cloud Glow City? Every action of theirs is so light, especially that young man behind them.
He’s quite handsome.”

(Gong Ziliang’s inner thought: Hmm? I feel like someone is praising me behind my back!)


“This outfit looks like it’s from some righteous sect.
His movements are light like a dragonfly touching the water.
Although it’s strange, I feel like he’s chasing after the black-clothed person in front.”

He’s wearing a black night suit in broad daylight and covering his face.
He’s either a fool or doing something bad.”

“Eh! That’s quite reasonable.
That young man is definitely upholding justice.”

“Wait! That black-clothed man is still carrying a sack, and that handsome guy is chasing after him.
Could it be… someone from the Heavenly Path?”

“What! Those bastards from the Heavenly Path are here again?!”

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