Chapter 86: Myriad Spirit Ruins Test

At the same time, his entire figure rushed out and punched the puppet!

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At the same time, the puppet moved.

In just an instant, the iron-like iron fist collided with this disciple’s Scorching Sun Fist.


Then, a crisp sound of bones breaking sounded.

Before everyone outside the square could react, they saw a black shadow directly fly out from the square!

“Talent evaluation is not good.
You are not qualified to enter the main peak!”

The notification sounded again.

At this moment, no matter if it was the disciples outside the square or the elders who were looking at the scene, all of them stood on the spot and did not react.

“Talent Rating: Useless!”

When this sentence was heard, all the disciples present were stunned.

What did they hear?

A first-stage Meridian Opening Realm disciple…

They were already considered the pillars of their medium-grade sect!

However, in front of this doll, he actually could not withstand a single blow?

His talent was even evaluated as Useless?

He was not even qualified to enter the Myriad Spirit Ruins!

“Isn’t this too strict!”

The disciples gulped.

Wasn’t the qualification to enter the sect too difficult?

“Let me try!”

Soon, after the disciple of the Crimson Flame Sect failed, the disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect could not stand still anymore and directly stood out!

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“Senior Brother Zhao, you can do it!”

“That’s right! Senior Brother Zhao is the best!”

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“Come on, come on!”

This person was none other than Zhao Long of the Profound Heaven Sect!

Zhao Long arrived at the square and took a deep breath before preparing to fight.

“Second-stage Meridian Opening Realm cultivator matched to a third-stage Meridian Opening Realm puppet!”

Soon, the center of the square collapsed again.

A puppet made of dark iron was pushed out!

However, this third-stage Meridian Opening Puppet was even more bold than the second-stage Meridian Opening Puppet!

“Fish Armor 13 Shields!”

Looking at this doll, Zhao Long did not plan to attack forcefully like the disciple above.
Instead, he built a large shield and started a defensive battle!

“The test begins!”

A notification sounded.

The dark iron puppet moved again!


In just an instant, the puppet arrived in front of Zhao Long.
Its speed was very fast, and it even created a series of afterimages!

Then, the puppet threw another punch.

It struck Zhao Long’s huge shield!


Immediately, dust rose in the square.
However, Zhao Long’s body did not fly out directly like the last disciple.

He blocked the attack of the dark iron doll!

When the dust dissipated, Zhao Long’s appearance appeared in front of everyone.

At this moment, his clothes were tattered, and a scarlet blood trace appeared on the corners of his mouth.

Although he was in a very sorry state, he really blocked the attack of this puppet!

“Test completed! Talent Rating: Human Level! Please head to the Human Peak to cultivate!”

Finally, as the notification sounded again.

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The puppet slowly retreated.
At the same time, the passageway on the other side of the square, which was also on the Human Peak, opened for Zhao Long!


Looking at the opened passageway, Zhao Long was extremely excited.

This punch was worth it!

“He passed!”

Similarly, after Zhao Long passed the test, it also aroused the fighting spirit of the disciples behind him!

More and more disciples began to rush towards the square!

“Talent Rating: Useless!”

“Talent Rating: Useless!”

“Talent Rating: Human Level!”


As the various tests were carried out in the square, more and more disciples were eliminated!

Gong Ziliang looked at the elimination rate of these disciples and discovered that it was actually as high as one tenth!

One had to know that regardless of whether it was the disciples of the Profound Heaven Sect or the Crimson Flame Sect, they were the elites of each city!

Being able to enter a medium-grade sect was already enough to prove their strength!

However, he did not expect that even so, more than half of them were still eliminated by the Myriad Spirit Sect’s test!

The conditions to enter the Myriad Spirit Sect were too harsh!

“What a pity! With Chi Ming’s strength, he’s actually only at the Yellow Level…”

At this moment, another figure walked out of the square.

He was Chi Ming!

The result of his test was a yellow-grade evaluation!

“Yellow Level…”

Chi Ming looked at this result and felt very satisfied.

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After all, other than him, there had yet to be a disciple who had achieved the Yellow Level rating.

“Look! The Crimson Flame Sect’s Chi Huo has moved!”

At this moment, a cry of surprise sounded from the crowd!

In the Crimson Flame Sect, a black-clothed Chi Huo finally could not sit still and came to the square!

As the eldest disciple of the Crimson Flame Sect, he was also the strongest.

As soon as Chi Huo moved, he naturally attracted the gazes of everyone.

“A ninth-stage Meridian Opening Realm cultivator that’s matched to a first-stage Illusory Core Realm puppet!”

This puppet was emitting a silver light, and it was no longer the black iron that it was before.

It could be imagined that his strength was probably even more powerful!

“Come on!”

Chi Huo looked at the puppet and clicked his tongue.

His fists released red flames that directly blasted towards the doll!

In an instant, everyone saw a spark turn into a line that pierced towards the puppet!


The silver puppet also woke up!

Facing Chi Huo, it also threw a punch!


As the surrounding dust fell, be it the silver puppet or Chi Huo, they stood still on the spot!

“Look! There’s actually a dent in the puppet’s fist!”

At this moment, the sharp-eyed disciple quickly discovered that an extremely obvious dent had appeared on the puppet’s fist!

Clearly, this was left behind by Chi Huo!

“So powerful!”

When the disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect saw this scene, they were all extremely surprised!

This was the first disciple among these disciples who could leave a mark on the doll!

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“Talent Rating: Profound Level! Cultivating in the Profound Peak!”

As expected, the notification sound also changed!

Profound Level!

This was the first Profound Level disciple to appear in the two sects!

“It’s only Profound Level… but it’s enough!”

After Chi Huo heard the evaluation, he was a little dissatisfied, but he was not dissatisfied.

This was because he did not feel that there was anyone present whose talent could surpass his!

“Li Dan has also made a move!”

On the Profound Heaven Sect’s side, Li Dan, who was also the eldest disciple, attacked.

He was also invincible.
With his ninth-stage Meridian Opening Realm cultivation, he had left a mark on the first-stage Illusory Core Realm silver puppet!

“Talent Rating: Profound Level! Cultivating in the Profound Peak!”

In the end, Li Dan obtained the same evaluation as Chi Huo.

“Unfortunately, no one can reach the Earth Level or higher!”

Some disciples sighed.


The strongest people now were Li Dan and Chi Huo.
Both of them were only considered Profound Level.

Could it be that there was someone present who was more talented than the two of them?

The Earth Peak and the Heaven Peak were the highest peaks of the Myriad Spirit Sect!

They definitely contained countless good things!

Unfortunately, it was probably something that none of them could enjoy!

“It’s time for the two of us to start posturing… Ah no, testing.”

Looking at the fewer and fewer disciples around him, Gong Ziliang said to Lin Xiao beside him..

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