“He didn’t do anything.
How did he become a Profound Level genius like Li Dan and Chi Huo?”

“Cheater! This is definitely a cheater!”

Immediately, the disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect roared!

However, no matter how they shouted, the notification sound did not bother them.

Instead, it still opened the passageway to the Profound Peak for Lin Xiao.

“Cheating! I want to report it! This puppet has definitely broken down after a thousand years!”

When the disciple of the Crimson Flame Sect saw the door of the Profound Peak open, his eyes turned red with jealousy!

He shouted loudly, causing many people to shout in agreement!

“It seems that my talent has not been completely awakened.
I’ll leave the mission of the Heaven Peak to you!”

Lin Xiao looked at his hands and shook his head.

Although he was now reborn and had Elder Yao, his current realm was really too low!

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This led to many methods being unable to be used!

Therefore, in terms of talent, he was actually still inferior to Li Dan and the others.

Being able to reach the Profound level was already after using some special methods!

Lin Xiao did not care about the shouting outside.
Instead, after nodding at Gong Ziliang, he walked towards Xuan Feng.

“No problem!”

Gong Ziliang smiled at Lin Xiao and looked at the doll in front of him without any panic!

“The test begins!”

Finally, with the notification sound, Gong Ziliang also started the test.


When this voice sounded, the puppet’s figure quickly swayed!

“Dragon Roar Fist Technique!”

Looking at the rushing puppet, Gong Ziliang also used his usual move!

In an instant, a golden dragon phantom appeared behind him!

This was the first time Gong Ziliang had used his full strength after advancing to the Meridian Opening Realm!

Immediately, the terrifying spiritual qi that he had been accumulating surged out from the top of his head!

It turned into a long rainbow that rushed into the sky!

This scene was simply magnificent!

Even the elders outside could see it clearly!


After obtaining such a robust spiritual qi, this golden dragon was even more powerful!

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It only looked up at the sky and roared, and it shook the surrounding disciples until their heads spun and they were shocked in their hearts!

However, before they could react, the puppet had already collided with the golden dragon’s phantom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately, endless dust flew everywhere!

At this moment, be it the disciples who had passed the test or those who had not, they all felt an extremely surging spiritual qi explode in the middle of the square!

The density of this spiritual qi simply broke through the sky!

Even the Eldest Senior Brother of the Profound Heaven Sect, Li Dan, looked at the spiritual qi pillar above Gong Ziliang’s head and revealed a shocked expression!

This was because he realized it!

At this moment, the spiritual qi fluctuation emitted by Gong Ziliang was actually several times stronger than his, who was at the ninth-stage Meridian Opening Realm!

Perhaps even an ordinary Illusory Core Realm expert did not have such abundant spiritual qi!

What kind of monster was his junior brother?

How could there be so much spiritual qi in his body?

“This is impossible!”

Similarly shocked was Chi Huo, who was on the same level as Li Dan!

After he sensed Gong Ziliang’s strength in the square, he thought that some Illusory Core Realm expert had descended!

How could such a spiritual qi fluctuation appear on a sixth-stage Meridian Opening Realm cultivator!

“He, he, he…”

The assassin’s entire body was trembling.

His spiritual qi was a level lower than Chi Huo, so he could sense Gong Ziliang’s monstrous spiritual qi even more deeply!

Perhaps Gong Ziliang did not even need to attack now.
Just this terrifying spiritual qi could suppress him to death!

It was as if an invisible hand had grabbed the necks of the disciples present..

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