“Looks like something major happened to the Myriad Spirit Sect back then…”

“There was no time to transfer all the books here…”

Gong Ziliang looked around and guessed.

Although the environment of the Scripture Library was very messy, there were no signs of damage!

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The reason why there was a huge hole in the Scripture Depository now

was because of the passage of thousands of years that this place was filled with desolation, looking as if it had been robbed!

“Elder, what happened to the Myriad Spirit Sect back then…”

Gong Ziliang cleaned the book and spoke to the air in front of him as if he was talking to himself.

“Oh? Kid, you can actually sense my existence…”

Just as Gong Ziliang finished speaking, a golden figure floated out from the wall of the Scripture Depository, seeming to be looking at Gong Ziliang in surprise.

This figure was none other than the elder of the Myriad Spirit Sect who had led their disciples to the test, Xuan Daozi!

Xuan Daozi’s figure floated in front of Gong Ziliang.
Even though his face could not be seen clearly, one could still sense his surprise.

“As expected of the Saint Child of the Five Peaks! This perception is considered top-notch even when the Myriad Spirit Sect was at its peak!”

Xuan Daozi looked at Gong Ziliang and slowly nodded.
His voice was filled with admiration for the latter.

“Elder, may I ask why a high-grade sect like the Myriad Spirit Sect suddenly disappeared?”

Looking at Xuan Daozi, Gong Ziliang asked the question in his heart.

After all, according to what he had seen and heard along the way, it showed how powerful the Myriad Spirit Sect at its peak was!

He really could not think of anything that could ruin them!

What faction could kill such a powerful sect without anyone knowing overnight?!

“The Myriad Spirit Sect was destroyed because it was too powerful!”

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Xuan Daozi was not surprised to hear Gong Ziliang’s question.
It seemed that he was also prepared to tell him about this.

“A thousand years ago, my Myriad Spirit Sect was respected as a high-grade sect and was a renowned sect in the entire Primordial Dynasty!”

When he said this, Xuan Daozi seemed to be very arrogant.
His hands were naturally placed behind his back.

“Primordial Dynasty…”

Hearing Xuan Daozi’s words, Gong Ziliang immediately recalled the words Lin Xiao had told him previously.

The current location of the Profound Heaven Sect was the southern territory of the Primeval Dynasty.

It could be said to be a very small place!

For the Myriad Spirit Sect to be able to be ranked in the entire Primordial Dynasty, it was indeed a high-grade sect!

“The Myriad Spirit Sect was at its peak back then.
No sect could compare to us!”

“Until that day…”

As Xuan Daozi spoke, he suddenly sighed, as if even the memory was filled with pain.

“That day, our Myriad Spirit Sect received news that an unknown sect was guiding the ancient devils to descend! The location of their descent was here!”

“The ancient devils are a group of monsters that eat humans!”

“They are very powerful.
If they descend, not to mention the Myriad Spirit Sect, even the entire Primordial Dynasty will probably be wiped out…”

Xuan Daozi sighed again.
It was filled with bitterness.

“In order to prevent this calamity from happening, my Myriad Spirit Sect has flipped through various ancient books and finally found a kind of Blood Spirit Great Array led by ten thousand living beings in a forbidden technique!”

“To use the Blood Spirit Great Array, the sect master of the Myriad Spirit Sect explained the reason for the matter and asked me to choose to stay behind to become the catalyst for the Blood Spirit Great Array or to escape from the mountain!”

“In the end, all the disciples and elders above the Myriad Spirit Sect finally activated the Blood Spirit Grand Array and successfully sealed the ancient devil race that had just descended below these five main peaks!”

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