Chapter 95: Help Me Stop It!

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Then, golden rays of light emitted from the sun and shot towards the Spirit Crystal Vajra.

Ding Ding Ding…

Immediately, a series of attacks sounded on the Spirit Crystal Vajra.

For a time, even the Spirit Crystal Vajra could not move.
It could only take a beating passively!

“What’s going on…”

Outside the Myriad Spirit Ruins, the elders looked at Gong Ziliang’s dense attack and felt a little puzzled.

Although Gong Ziliang’s current attack was very powerful, that was only for ordinary Meridian Opening and Illusory Core Realm cultivators!

Facing a powerful opponent like the Spirit Crystal Vajra, such a large-scale attack was probably useless!

The elders looked at each other in confusion!

“Again! Sunrise Purple Cloud!”

However, after a round of attacks, Gong Ziliang did not stop.
Instead, he accumulated strength and used this move!

Immediately, the boundless sword light swept through the entire nest again!

The Spirit Crystal Vajra’s body was completely covered in sword light!

“Sunrise Purple Cloud!”


Then, Gong Ziliang attacked continuously.

Gradually, even the elders outside were stunned.
All of them did not dare to believe it!

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“This kid… How can this kid use such a powerful move that consumes so much spiritual qi at the same time?”

“How much spiritual qi is in this kid’s body?!”

“Could it be that… he became a spirit stone himself?”

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The elders were stunned and felt their mouths dry.

This kind of fighting method was really unprecedented!


Finally, after Gong Ziliang used a few rounds of attacks, a crisp shattering sound rang out from the Spirit Crystal Vajra!

At this moment, it realized that even its spirit crystal body could not withstand the bombardment of Gong Ziliang’s extraordinary spiritual strength sword technique!

Some spirit crystals had already exploded, revealing the black figure inside!

“It’s here!”

When he heard this voice, Gong Ziliang’s eyes immediately lit up.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment!”

“Sun Moon Sword Technique, second move! Blazing Sun, Burning Flame!”

Gong Ziliang roared.

At this moment, the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand was really like a huge sun, burning extremely hot!

The first move of the Sun Moon Sword Technique was only used to draw the warm sunlight at the sunrise.

The second move of this move was the hot afternoon sun.
The temperature was so high that it could be said to be terrifying!


A huge sun appeared in Gong Ziliang’s hand.
He held the Heavenly Frost Sword and stared at the weak point on the Spirit Crystal Vajra that had just been broken!

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Immediately, this sun transformed into a golden thread that directly surged into the back of the Spirit Crystal Vajra!


The intense temperature had a natural suppressive effect on the ancient devils!

After the sun entered the Spirit Crystal Vajra’s Divine Body, the cracks on its body emitted endless golden light!

In the end, the light became stronger and stronger.

Endless light devoured the Spirit Crystal Vajra’s body!

“This works???”

Seeing the Spirit Crystal Vajra devoured by the light, the elders and the others outside the Myriad Spirit Ruins were all stunned.

They felt like their heads were spinning!

They had seen wild fighting techniques, but they had really never seen such wild fighting techniques!

This was simply using his spiritual qi to forcefully drag down the Spirit Crystal Vajra!


With a bang, the huge body of the Spirit Crystal Vajra directly collided fiercely behind!

Immediately, the entire mineral vein began to tremble as if it could collapse at any moment!


As for the Spirit Crystal Vajra, although it was not dead at this moment, its gaze as it looked at Gong Ziliang already carried meaning!

Then, without saying a word, it directly used its huge fist to smash open the wall in front of it.
Immediately, the sunlight outside shone in!

As for the Spirit Crystal Vajra, it even jumped and actually ran outside!

“You still want to run?!”

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Seeing the Spirit Crystal Vajra’s action, Gong Ziliang did not hesitate at all and directly took the lead to chase after it!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This commotion was huge, so great that even the disciples who were searching for treasures on the other peaks could not help but raise their heads and look at the Heaven Peak!

However, when they saw the terrifying aura emitted from the Spirit Crystal Vajra, their faces immediately turned pale from fear!

“This, this, this… what kind of monster is this!”

“Illusory Core Realm! It’s definitely the Illusory Core Realm!”

“What is this? Why is its aura so powerful?!”

“Run! Run!”

“This monster is about to jump to our mountain peak!”

On the Human Peak, the disciples looked at the Spirit Crystal Vajra in a daze.

When they reacted, each and every one of them wished that they could grow two more legs and run crazily down the main peak!

“What is this…”

On the Profound Peak, Lin Xiao, Li Dan, and the other disciples were also looking at the Spirit Crystal Vajra in a daze.

They were very close to the Heaven Peak, so they could easily sense the terrifying intimidation on the Spirit Crystal Vajra!

“That’s… spirit crystals! This monster’s body is actually filled with spirit crystals!”

However, when they saw the spirit crystal on the Spirit Crystal Vajra that was simply blinding them, they took a deep breath!

This monster was simply a moving treasure trove!

However, they were not blinded by the spirit crystal.

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The aura emitted by the Spirit Crystal Vajra made them extremely afraid!

“Strange! Why does this monster look like it’s injured? It seems to be running for its life!”

Lin Xiao looked at the Spirit Crystal Vajra and said in a puzzled tone, “In the Myriad Spirit Ruins, is there anything that can pose a threat to such a powerful Illusory Core Realm?”

“Little Xiao! Li Dan! Help me stop it!”

Just as Lin Xiao was thinking, a familiar voice sounded from the sky peak.

When Lin Xiao and the others raised their heads, they happened to see Gong Ziliang holding the Heavenly Frost Sword and looking over with a murderous expression!

On the Profound Peak.

“Hahaha… Finally! I’ve finally broken through to the Illusory Core Realm!”

In an inconspicuous broken house, an excited shout suddenly sounded!

Then, a young man in black suddenly rushed out of the house.

In his hand was an ancient cultivation technique!

This figure was none other than Chi Huo!

However, at this moment, the aura on Chi Huo’s body was sometimes high and sometimes low.
Above his head, one could see spirit energy vortexes continuously spinning!

Clearly, this was the sign of a breakthrough!

“This Myriad Spirit Ruins is really filled with treasures! I can actually pick up a Profound-rank cultivation technique here!”

Chi Huo looked at the ancient book in his hand with excitement in his eyes!

He had only taken a look at this ancient book, but he had fallen into a state of enlightenment!

When he woke up, he discovered that his cultivation realm had already unknowingly broken through to the Illusory Core Realm!

The Illusory Core Realm was Chi Huo’s final goal here!

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