I have Awakened (1)

“These days, mosquitoes and other bloodsuckers are rampant.
Even at the gate, new bloodsuckers are said to be troubling the hunters…”

“It is reported that D-class Hunter Kim Chang-hwan, who was party hunting at the northern Uijeongbu Gate last night, was bitten by a new type of bloodsucker and died.

“Unlike other monsters that can’t get out of the gate, some of the mosquito-like bloodsuckers are said to be able to get out.
These bloodsuckers are deadly even to the hunters, so the general public should be extra cautious.
The authorities are drastically increasing quarantine around the gate——.”

Jun-young woke up to the sound of the news on the TV.

I saw something about a blood-sucking parasite and it looks like a mosquito.

‘Are they talking about mosquitoes again?’

I’m so sick of them!

I think mosquitoes should be wiped out on a nationwide scale.

Why can’t the hunters, who can shoot fire and make ice, get rid of all the mosquitoes?

Jun-young is unhappy about that.

“Jun-young, are you awake? Why are you sleeping for so long? Wash your face and eat breakfast.
I made kimchi stew.
Eun-ah is eating right now, so you should eat while it’s hot.”

It’s my mom, Lee Kyung-sun’s voice.


Jun-young washed up and walked over to the dining table.

At the dining table, Eun-ah, his younger sister, had already finished about half of her rice bowl.

Jun-young glanced at her mom and asked.

“‘I don’t see Dad and Joon-seok.”

“It’s 10 o’clock, why would Dad be at home? He’s already at work.
Jun-seok is also at work.”


I already know, but I still asked.

It’s my way of showing interest.

Compared to Jun-young, who is unemployed, his younger brother Jun-seok Kang has a good job and works diligently.

“Eun-ah, it’s 10 o’clock, aren’t you going to college?”

“It’s vacation.”

“Oh, right.”

Eun-ah Kang, the youngest sister, is a sophomore in college.

Of course, I know that it’s summer vacation.

But I still asked.

It’s better than just eating in silence.

“thank you for the food!”

“Hoo-hoo, the kimchi stew today must be really delicious.”

It’s one of my favourite dishes, so I never get tired of it.


Just then, Jun-young, who had just picked up his spoon to scoop up the kimchi stew, puts the spoon down.


Then Lee Kyung-sun, who was watching TV, looked at him in surprise.

The same goes for Eun-ah, who was eating in front of him.

“Jun-young, do you have no appetite?”

“Big brother loves kimchi stew.
How come you aren’t eating it?”

“That’s not it.

Jun-young put a finger to his mouth as if to tell her to be quiet.

Then he sneaked up on Eun-ah, snatched the mosquito from the back of her neck, and squashed it with his hand.

[You earned 100 won].

At that moment, a strange sound came from somewhere.

Joon-young tilted his head, but thought that he might have heard it wrong.

“Eun-ah, look at this.
I’ve caught a mosquito that was on the back of your neck here.”

“Oh, really? It’s really itchy when a mosquito bites you on the back of your neck.”

Eun-ah looks both surprised and grateful.

Her dislike toward mosquitoes is no less than Joon-young’s.

“But it’s interesting.
How did you find a mosquito on the back of my neck?”

“I just saw it fly off and land on you.
Be quiet for a second!”


Joon-young was about to return to his seat at the dining table when he suddenly moved toward the living room and caught another mosquito in the corner of the wall with his palm.


Then another one.

They were all hiding in hard-to-find places, but Joon-young found them all too easily.

In no time at all, he had killed seven mosquitoes in the living room and kitchen.

[You earned 100 won].

[You earned 100 won].




“But what is this sound exactly?”

Then, Joon-young found that Eun-ah had a smartphone game app turned on on the table.

“Yeah, that must be from that game.”

No wonder.

It wouldn’t make sense to hear a sound indicating that 100 won has been earned, unless it’s from a game.

Meanwhile, Eun-ah’s eyes were wide open.

“Wow! How can you catch mosquitoes so well? Were you awakened or something?”

“What? Awakened?”

” Awakened as a mosquito hunter!”

“Where in the world is such an awakening?”

Eun-ah giggled as Joon-young gave her a dumbfounded look.

“Hee hee, just kidding.
There is no such thing as a mosquito catching hunter in the world, right?”

“Of course not.
At best, if you’re awakened and all you can do is catch mosquitoes, is that a hunter? You’ll be so embarrassed you won’t be talking about it anywhere.”

“I wouldn’t go as far as being embarrassed about it.
Honestly, if being a mosquito-catching hunter makes you a hunter, where’s the problem? I wouldn’t mind being an F-grade hunter at least.”

At Eun-ah’s words, Jun-young waved his hand.

“What? An F? If you are going to be a Hunter, you need to be at least a C, then you can proudly say you are a Hunter.”

Lee Kyung-sun glared at Jun-young.

“What’s wrong with being F-grade? I heard that even if you’re just F-grade, you can receive a monthly government subsidy of 1 million won.
If anyone in our family becomes an F-grade hunter, it would be a dream come true, especially for mom.”

Jun-young clenched her fists.

“Don’t worry, mom.
Even if I don’t become a hunter, I’ll still make tons of money and become a millionaire.”

Despite being unemployed, his dreams are wild.

Nevertheless, Junyeong always speaks big about his dreams, as he doesn’t want to be discouraged when he goes out.

His family members also understand and accept

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