Junyeong’s attitude, so they let him be

Lee Kyung-sun smiles.

“Alright, let’s eat first.
Staying at home all the time isn’t good for your health, so after we eat, go for a walk outside.
While you’re out, please buy some garbage bags for recycling.
Here’s the card.”

” It’s okay, I’ll just use my own money.”

“What kind of money do you have? You don’t even have enough pocket money.”

“Haha, but I do have enough money to buy trash bags.”

Jun-young exclaimed cheerfully, then ate some kimchi stew and left the house.

‘I only have 20,000 won, but how much will I have left if I buy a pay-as-you-go bag with this?’

Maybe I should have taken Mom’s card.

I’m not sure.
I should have gotten my mom’s card for a pay-as-you-go garbage bag, even though I claim to be going to be a billionaire in the future.

“I’m glad that I quit smoking.

That’s one of the best things I’ve done this year.

I’ve been smoke-free for almost six months now.

And it’s good for my health.

It’s nice to not have to pay for cigarettes every day.


Jun-young suddenly stopped walking.

It was the same alleyway he walked every day.

But today, he felt very strange.

“What is it? Why do I feel like this?

Why am I so sensitive?

And why are the mosquitoes so noticeable?

“Eeng, eeng, eeng!”

If they’re flying close to me, I’ll notice them because of the sound, but even mosquitoes that are quite far away can be seen.

No, I don’t see them, I just know where they are.

There’s a mosquito there, there’s a mosquito up there, and there are mosquitoes everywhere.

Why are there so many mosquitoes?

On the windshield of a car parked on the side of the road, in the hair of an old man walking by, on the pole of a telephone pole, and——.

A mosquito just landed on the slender leg of a 20-something woman in a miniskirt talking on her phone.

It’s amazing that I can see the mosquito even though I’m more than 20 meters away.

Tsk, she’s about to get bitten.

A woman on the phone, unaware of the mosquito.

She’s about to be surprised by an itch.

Should I tell her?

Maybe not.

Still, you can’t just let it go without a word, as it’s not something to be taken lightly.

“‘Excuse me, ma’am, there’s a mosquito on your leg!”


The woman looked at Junyoung in disbelief.

Then she realized that Junyoung had pointed his finger at her leg and looked horrified.


She quickly moved her leg to swat the mosquito away.

Luckily, she wasn’t bitten.

She looked relieved and bowed her head toward Junyoung.

“Thank you.”

She looked genuinely grateful, but also a little embarrassed.

“No, just watch out for the mosquitoes.”

Jun-young also felt a little embarrassed, so he bowed lightly and passed by.

At that moment.

A mosquito flew toward Junyoung.

It was stealthy, sneaking up on him in the blind spot of his vision, but he sensed its presence so naturally.

That’s him from earlier.

The same one that had just clung to the leg of a woman walking by while talking on her smartphone.

But how can I be so sure?

There are more than a few mosquitoes out here.

“It’s him, it’s him, is he here to get back at me?”

It’s funny, but the mosquito seems to have some sort of vengeance.


It continued to hover around Junyoung.

As soon as there was an opening, it would land and suck his blood.

Junyoung could see through the creature’s intentions.



I thought I heard the mosquito scream and die.

I must have misheard.

[You’ve earned 100 won].


Did I mishear that too?

It can’t be.

It sounded way too real.

“Why is the sound of Eun-ah’s smartphone game coming from here?

Who is playing that game nearby?

But there’s no one playing a smartphone game anywhere around.

There are only people walking by.

” Eeng~!”

Just then, a mosquito lunges at him.

Jun-young snapped his fingers and sent it flying.

The mosquito, hit squarely by the nail on his middle finger, scatters to pieces.

[You’ve earned 100 won].

“What the hell?”

Junyoung was dumbfounded.

It took him a while to realize, but this time he knew for sure.

It’s a sound I hear every time I kill a mosquito.

“That’s right, I heard this sound when I killed a mosquito at home earlier.

I can’t believe it.

So let’s check it out again.

Let’s see if it’s really the sound you hear when you kill a mosquito.

‘There it is.’


I’ve successfully killed a mosquito hiding on a telephone pole!

[You’ve earned 100 won].


Oh my God.

I can’t believe it.

What the hell is going on?

“This looks like a system notification to me.”

System voice that you can only hear when you’re awakened.

“Have I awakened?

A superhuman ability reserved for the selected few!

That’s Awakening.

Has such an amazing stroke of luck really happened?


Junyoung finally remembered the bizarre dream he had last night.

“‘Something about being the natural enemy of the vampires.

I can’t believe it wasn’t a dream.

He couldn’t believe it.

” Ability status window!”

Awakened people are said to be able to see their abilities by saying this.

It’s so common knowledge that even non-Awakened people know it.

[Ability status window is summoned].

【Name】Junyoung Kang

【Level】 1

【Mana】 80/80

[Attribute] Natural enemy of all vampires (?)

【Special Ability】 Vampire Immunity (?), Vampire Detection (?), Agile Hands (?)

[General Ability] Mana Mosquito Net (C), Rub If Bitten (A)

【Daily Mission】

– 100 won reward per vampire when slaughtered

– Reward limit: 100 Vampires

-Today’s Vampire Kill: 10/100

【Account Balance:  1,000 won】

Oh my God, it’s real.

The Awakened status window that he had only heard about!

It was shining in front of Junyoung.

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