tiny that I couldn’t see them normally.


But now, surprisingly, I can see them quite clearly.




The mosquito’s stinger breaks off the moment it touches my skin.


The mosquito flinches in embarrassment.


It’s supposed to be stinging.


You can feel his confusion as he is thinking, ‘This can’t be happening.’


“‘Could it be that the mosquito’s broken stinger is due to vampire immunity?’


I can’t believe what I’m witnessing.


” One more time.’


The mosquito with the broken stinger is no longer a threat.


I ignored him and started looking for another mosquito.


“There it is.’


Luckily, there are plenty of mosquitoes nearby.


I put my forearm out and a mosquito flies at me.


But when he tries to bite it, its stinger crumbles to pieces.


“This is real.”


He didn’t have any strong muscles, he just put his forearm out as if to say, “I want you to suck my blood.”


There is no reason for the mosquito’s stingers to shatter one after another unless it is a result of the mysterious ability of vampire immunity (?).


‘That’s it.




Joon-young lightly squashed the two mosquitoes stuck to his forearms, insisting on sucking blood even with their broken stingers.


‘I just flicked them with my finger, but they die so easily.’


This must have been the effect of one of his special abilities, Agile Hands(?).


His hands are said to deal exceptionally strong damage to bloodsuckers.


[You’ve earned 100 points].


[You’ve earned 100 points].


And, of course, the notifications that came every time I killed a mosquito.


This is an unexpected bonus.


[Daily Missions]


-Rewarded 100 won per vampire species slaughtered.

-Reward limit: 100 Vampire species

-Today’s vampire species slaughter: 12/100

[Account Balance: 1,200 KRW]


“There’s even a daily mission.”


The reward is 100 won per vampire species up to 100 per day.


‘That’s ten thousand won a day.’


That’s a lot of money.


It’s just 100 mosquitoes, so I can kill them in no time.


For Jun-young, a penniless man, it’s like having 10,000 free money a day.


‘But how can I receive the money?’


Just in case, I tap the [Account Balance] section of the status window.


[Please tell us how much you want to withdraw].


[You can withdraw up to 1,200 won].




It really works.


” I withdraw 1,200 won!”


Junyoung immediately said.


[Please choose cash or bank transfer].


Can I even pick that?


” I’ll go with cash.”


[1,200 won has been withdrawn from your daily mission account in cash].


Along with that, a 1,000 won bill and two 100 won coins were placed in Jun-young’s hand.


“Is this the real cash?


If they weren’t officially issued, they must be counterfeit.


You can’t tell by just looking at them.


And you can’t go to the bank and ask.


‘Should I put it in my bank account next time?’


And then what about the tax issues?


I don’t know.


Let’s not think about this too much.


It’s only 300,000 won a month anyway.


“If they ask me to pay taxes, then I’ll pay them.


This isn’t the real deal.


Once you’re registered as an Awakened Hunter, you’ll receive a steady stream of government money.


And you will be able to earn a high income as a hunter.




Tears start to well up in my eyes.


I’m overjoyed, of course.


‘I still can’t believe it.’ 


How happy will my family be?


I can’t wait to tell them about this.


‘I have to get certified first.’


I’m sure they’ll be happier to see me officially registered as an Awakened than just telling them I’ve awakened.


‘First, let’s go to the community center to get the Awakening Certificate and then go to the ward office.’


While you go to the ward office to be certified as a hunter, you can simply check your awakening at any community center.


So Jun-young went to the nearest community center in Gwangjin-gu, Guui-dong.


* * *


“How can I help you sir?”


“I think I awakened today, so I came to confirm if it’s true.”




I thought you could check it here.”


“That’s correct.”


Lee Dong-hyun, a resident center employee, sighed slightly as he looked at Jun-young dragging his saggy sweatpants and slippers.


“He must have dreamed of becoming an awakened person while sleeping.’


There are dozens of people who come to the community center every day to check if they’ve awakened.


Of course, almost all of them are simply delusional.


Only one person every few months is confirmed as a true awakening.


Still, it’s his job to do everything he can to find that one person.


He must be open to anyone who wants to be identified as an Awakened, even if he knows they’re not.


“Did you bring your ID?”


” Yes, of course.”


I have little money in my wallet, but I do have my driver’s license.


“Can you come this way?”




After a quick identification check, Jun-young followed Dong-hyun to the room with the equipment for identifying awakeners.


“Please squeeze the handles of the machine there with both of your hands.
Don’t be surprised if you feel a vibration, but you shouldn’t let go of the handles, because it’s only by holding them that we can scan your mana, the proof of your Awakening.”


“Has the method changed? I thought you just had to put one hand on the scanner.”


“That was the case until last year, but a new device was recently installed, so instead of having to go to the District Office, you can check your attribute rating, special and common abilities here.
Of course, you still have to go to the Hunter Management Division at the ward office for Awakening certification and Hunter registration.”


“I see.”


I can’t wait to see what grade the natural enemy of the vampire marked with a question mark will be.


“Then I’ll start the scan.
Keep your hands steady.”


Dong-hyun said with a businesslike expression and activated the machine.


Whoosh! Whoosh!


A fairly strong vibration could be felt from the handle, but Jun-young clenched his hands strongly and held on.

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