Verification Test (2)

Weng! weng weng weng weng~


At first glance, there seem to be dozens of them, almost a hundred.


It’s a wonder how the social workers managed to catch so many mosquitoes.


What’s even more amazing is that the mosquitoes are only swarming towards Kwak Sang-woo.


The mosquitoes that came close to Ahn So-young and other people with mana mosquito nets immediately changed their direction toward Kwak Sang-woo.




By then, the mosquitoes had already begun to bite into Kwak’s exposed skin.


In a matter of seconds, he was bitten by at least three or four of them, but that was just the beginning.


“Ugh, this is torture!”


“Hurry up and get outside, Chief!”


” Run away, Uncle!”


Fearing that it might give him a shock, everyone shouted at Kwak Sang-woo to get out.


Smack smack smack


A thudding sound heard at that very moment.




“No way!”


The test proctor’s eyes were wide open, including Kwak’s.


Jun-young, who had just gone close to Kwak Sang-woo, made a few quick motions with his hands.


Then the mosquitoes that had surrounded Kwak Sang-woo were now falling to the ground in a heap.


“Oh my God, this is unbelievable.”


Everyone is amazed, but Kwak Hye-na seems to be the most surprised.


As a rank A Hunter, she can actually create a mana shield on her body to block the mosquitoes’ approach even without the mosquito net.


She can also use her wind elemental combat ability to generate powerful gusts of wind to blow the mosquitoes away.


But even for her, it’s not easy to hit the mosquitoes with the same precision as Jun-young.


‘It’s like he’s their natural enemy.’


Soon, the buzzing sound in the room stopped.


Jun-young had killed all the mosquitoes.




That’s not all.


Jun-young then pinpointed the mosquito bite marks on Kwak’s forearms, neck, and cheeks and rubbed each one of them with his fingers.


“The treatment is complete”


Then he returned to his original spot as if his work was done there.


“Chief, are you okay?”


Ahn So-young asks worriedly, and Kwak Sang-woo nods.


“I’m fine, really, the itch disappeared as if it were a lie.”

There are no side effects like when using medication.


It’s just amazing that the itching is gone and the skin is completely restored, as if the mosquito bites never happened in the first place.


‘This is definitely not an ordinary ability.’


Kwak Sang-woo’s gaze shifted to Kwak Hye-na next to him.


She was actually his niece.


Even if he was the head of the district’s hunter management department, he wouldn’t be able to get a renowned rank A hunter to verify the qualifications of a non-attribute awakener.


Today, his niece happened to be in the neighbourhood, so he asked for a few minutes of her time.


“What do you think, Hye-Na?”


“That doesn’t sound like the kind of ability a non-attribute awakened person would have.”


“You mean like his skill in catching mosquitoes?”


“That’s also true, but a mana mosquito net is enough to defend against most dangerous species of bloodsuckers, and if I had one right now, I wouldn’t have to create a barrier, which would significantly reduce my mana consumption.”


Contrary to her cold appearance, Kwak Hye-na did not hide her true thoughts and spoke honestly.


She has a straightforward personality, openly expressing disagreement when she doesn’t agree and confidently acknowledging the correctness of what is true.


As a result, she has made a lot of enemies, but she doesn’t let that stop her.


“I think there’s something wrong, and we need to retest.”


“Retest? The scanning equipment at the Guui Dong Community Center is state-of-the-art, so there’s no chance of error.”


“Let do it just in case, what do you think, Mr.
Kang, do you agree?”


Thanks to this, Junyoung was re-examined as an Awakener even though he did not ask for it.


He’s relieved that he doesn’t have to worry about being labelled as the retest villain, but he wonders if it would would make a difference


* * *




【Name】 Kang Junyoung


【Level】 2


【Attribute】 None


【Special ability】 None


【General ability】 2




The scan results came out after a while.


Unfortunately, it was no different from the one from the community centre.


It was the same except that Jun-young’s level had risen by level 1 to level 2.


“See? Didn’t I say that there have been no cases where a retest has shown a different result?”


“That’s right.”


At Kwak Sang-woo’s words, Kwak Hye-na frowned, as if she still found it hard to accept.


“That’s ridiculous.
Even though it’s limited to mosquitoes, those agile movements aren’t something even I would be able to imitate, and you’re calling it a non-attribute awakening?”


And that too at only level two.


Therefore, in Kwak Hye-na’s opinion, Jun-young’s attributes are at least grade C or higher.


This is her intuition as a rank A Hunter.


However, since the scan results were not in her favour, there was nothing she could do.


“That’s too bad, Mr.
Sometimes, even non-attribute awakeners can develop attributes as they level up, so don’t be disappointed and continue to level up.”


Jun-young nodded at Kwak Hye-na’s words.


“Thank you for the advice.”


Level up?


How would that work?


It’s not like it’s not there.


It’s just that it’s not being scanned.


I don’t want to tell them about the question mark rating.


‘If I tell you about my ability not to be scanned, it will only make me look ridiculous.’


Looking at Jun-young, Kwak Sang-woo said with a troubled expression.


“Could you please wait in the waiting room for a while, I will inform you about the results of Mr.
Kang Junyoung’s general ability verification after a quick meeting.”


“Yes, please.”


As Jun-young walked out, Kwak Sang-woo said.


“Let’s all feel free to tell each other about what we think about Mr.
Kang’s abilities.”


Yoo Jong-soo, the head of the gate management team, was the first to speak.


“I think he’s qualified enough to be an assistant hunter.”


Kwak Hye-na shook her head.


“Are you saying that he should only be considered as an Assistant Hunter? Even if he has no attributes, he has potential so we should at least recognize him as an F rank or higher.”


Yoo Jong-soo gave her a troubled look.


“The National Security Agency has already created a guideline for this.
In order to be recognized as an F-ranked Awakening, a non-attribute awakener must possess a combat or healing-related ability that is quite exceptional, even if it is a general ability.”


As expected from a government official, Yoo Jong-soo emphasised regulations, while Kwak Hye-na focused on possibilities rather than principles.


“Let’s have other people’s opinions.”


Kwak asked for the opinions of Lee Jun, Park Yura, and Ahn So-young.


Then, first, Lee Jun, a rank C Hunter, said bluntly.


“Making him an assistant hunter would be perfect.
If we give an F-rank to someone just because he is good at catching mosquitoes, people will start ridiculing hunters, saying that anyone and everyone can become a hunter.”


Rank C Hunter Park Yura shook her head.


“I disagree, Mr.
Kang, even though he’s limited to mosquitoes, he has both combat and healing abilities, so giving him  F rank is definitely not too much.”


Finally, Ahn So-young spoke with a calm expression.


“If his talents blossom in the future, it won’t be unreasonable to retest him then.
For now, making him an assistant Hunter is for the best.”


This left only the judgement of Kwak Sang-woo, the head of Hunter Management.


There are many disagreements on making him a F rank, but at the very least, him getting the position of  assistant hunter is confirmed.


Kwak Sang-woo pondered.


The opinions of the observers are only for reference, but in the end, his opinion is the most important.


He is the one who makes the decisions and the one who bears the responsibility for it.


When he thinks about tomorrow’s lunch bet, his temper flares.


‘Still, his healing ability is truly remarkable.’


He marvelled, touching the back of his hand, where the mosquito bites had completely disappeared.


* * *


“What, F rank, is that true?”


Jun-young had been waiting eagerly, thinking that it would be great if he was recognized as an assistant hunter.


Unexpectedly, Kwak Sang-woo himself informed him that he was now a F Rank  Hunter.


“This is just a temporary licence, and the official licence from the National Security Agency will be issued in about a month.”


At the same time, he held out the [F Rank  Hunter Certificate (Temporary)] to Junyoung.


“Actually, temporary licenses are only issued in special cases.
There’s no need to issue a temporary license in advance when the full license will come out in a month’s time, but this is one of those special circumstances.
There are so many places that need your mana mosquito nets, rub if bitten, and stunning mosquito-catching skills, so I’d like to ask you to come to Yangpyeong—–  right now.”


It was then.


Yoo Jong-soo, the head of the gate management team, rushed in with an urgent look on his face.


“Chief, we have a major problem.
It’s reported that the entrance gate of the children’s amusement park is experiencing a stampede right now.”


Kwak Sang-woo’s expression immediately changed.


“We’ve been managing the gate steadily, what kind of nonsense are you talking about?”


“Isn’t the gate always the place where unexpected situations occur? There is a concern that monsters might appear outside during the stampede, so we need the support of high-level hunters.”


Yoo Jong-soo’s gaze moved towards Kwak Hye-na, who was standing next to Kwak Sang-woo.


Because even with just one A-rank hunter, we don’t have to worry too much about the monsters that have emerged during the stampede at the 7th-grade gate.


Kwak Sang-woo nodded.


“Now is not the time to be worrying about why it happened in Yangpyeong Dumulmeori Gate, since it’s going to kill many people if we don’t do anything.
Hye-na, can you help?”


Kwak Hye-na opened the window and jumped out.


It looked like a very reckless action, like she was trying to commit suicide.


Surprisingly, she didn’t crash to the ground, but stayed in the air and flew toward the Children’s Grand Park.


“I see her hasty nature still hasn’t changed.”


“You’re in luck, Mr.


Yoo Jong-soo was all smiles, as if Kwak Hye-na had saved him a lot of trouble.


“Are you going to leave Hye-na in charge and let Team Leader Yu goof off?”


“Of course not, I’ll be on my way right now.”


Yoo Jong-soo turned his head to look at Jun-young.


Kang, why don’t you come with us?”


“What? Me? Can I be of any help since the gate is overrun?”


“It’s just that there’s a chance that the dangerous mosquitoes will come out.
The other Hunters can stop the monsters, but they can’t stop the insects.
If they get out, the citizens will be in danger.”


Kwak Sang-woo nodded.


“Please, Mr.
Although it’s only a temporary license, I’ve vouched for you, so you can work as an official F rank hunter starting today.
I’ll make sure you are generously compensated.”


“All right.”


At the mention of generous compensation, Jun-young smiled and agreed.


Of course, I’m not going just because they promise to give me compensation.


Still, if he had just asked for help, I might have refused, saying I was tired.


Yes it’s true that  I am tired.


‘It’s my low stamina that’s the problem.’


In situations like this, it’s important to take a moment to rest, even if it’s just for a short while.


In the meantime, Junyeong boarded the second row of Yu Jong-su’s SUV.
As soon as he took his seat, he slumped down completely.


Listening to Junyoung’s snoring, Yoo Jong-soo and others made a puzzled expression.


“It’s strange, how can you fall asleep as soon as you get in the car?”


“That’s right.”


Yoo Jong-soo’s car was currently occupied by Lee Jun and Park Yura, both rank C Hunters.


Especially, Park Yura, who was riding in the second row, looked at Joon-young’s side in disbelief as he fell asleep in an instant.




“We’re arrived!”


Normally It takes about 10 minutes to get from the district office to the inner gate of Children’s Grand Park.


However, because of the urgency of the situation, they  turned on the emergency lights and ignored the traffic signals, arriving in less than five minutes.


“Wake up Mr.


“I’m already awake.”


Jun-young said calmly as he stretched himself.


Seeing him, Park Yura was the one who was most surprised.


According to what she witnessed while sitting right beside him, Junyeong remained completely slumped down until just before they arrived.


However, just about 1 second before the car reached its destination, he suddenly opened his eyes wide and quickly sat up, as if he knew instinctively.


When Yoo Jong-soo told him that they had arrived, Jun-young had already opened his eyes.


“Is that also an ability you got after awakening?”


Park Yura asked curiously.

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