Chapter 19



The two of them said the same thing at the same time.

They were very close to each other at the moment.
Yang Xi could even feel the heat from the breath of the other person, coming from under the mask.
Due to the bumpy ride, their bodies would occasionally collide.
The soft feedback told Yang Xi that this person was a woman.

The female infiltrator quietly moved to the side.

Yang Xi thought nothing of it.
His guess was that he had encountered a legendary Mystic Beast parts merchant.

These kinds of people specialized in selling the corpses of Mystic Beasts for profit.
The shells of Mystic Beasts could be made into armor or works of art by people who appreciate such things.
The organs of Mystic Beasts could be used as medicine in the eyes of some people and were rumored to have mysterious effects.
This market was always quite good.

However, the federal government prohibited the sale of Mystic Beast parts, so the source of the Mystic Beasts merchants became a problem.

In order to obtain the organs and leather of Mystic Beasts, they would often take the risk and choose to steal corpses from the Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center.

“Hello, what a coincidence.” Yang Xi looked at the Mystic Beast merchant with interest.

“Coincidence my a*s! What bad luck.
Since we’ve met, according to the rules, we’ll just rely on our own abilities.”

“Rely on our own abilities?”

“What? You still want to keep everything for yourself? Let me tell you, I’m not someone to be trifled with!”

Yang Xi came back to his senses.
This should be the custom between Mystic Beast merchants.

Although he really wanted to say that he had no interest in Mystic Beast organs, it was hard to explain Yang Xi’s current behavior.
Therefore, he simply agreed.

I, Yang Xi, am now a greedy Mystic Beast merchant!

“What’s your name?” Unexpectedly, this girl quite liked chatting.

“Um, just call me… West Chicken.”

“West Chicken? Which merchant guild are you from? How come I’ve never heard of you? Forget it, it’s probably a small merchant guild without any reputation.” The female merchant’s voice was filled with arrogance.
“Listen carefully, I’m a member of the Brahman Sea Merchant Association.
Just call me ‘Lots of Cash’.”

The Brahman Sea Merchant Association’s Lots of Cash?

Did Mystic Beast merchants even have a merchant association now?

“Which one did you bribe? What a loss.
If I had known that I would bump into you today, I wouldn’t have wasted my money!” Lots of Cash’s words were filled with pain.

So she was a money-grubber!

Yang Xi quickly understood in his heart.
Who did she bribe? The security guards at the front of the truck?

He was planning to directly use Puppet Control.
A security guard couldn’t possibly be a Grade-C Esper too, right?

Yang Xi smiled and said, “You will know when the time comes.”

While Lots of Cash was mumbling about losing money, the truck slowly stopped and the security check came.

“Unit B433 has arrived.
Security personnels, please take your positions.”

“Confirming the integrity of the Mystic Beast corpse.”

“Confirming the identity of the driver.”

“Checking the condition of the vehicle.”

The moment the last electronic voice sounded out, Yang Xi felt Lots of Cash’s body tense up.

“Let me check the bottom of the truck.”

A young male voice sounded beside the truck.
Then, he bent down and looked under the truck.

His flashlight illuminated Yang Xi and Lots of Cash very clearly.

The young security guard was obviously taken aback as he whispered, “Didn’t you say it’s just one person? Why is there another one?!”

Lots of Cash looked at Yang Xi, her peach blossom eyes filled with doubt.
“You didn’t pay?”

Yang Xi nodded innocently.

Lots of Cash:”…”

The atmosphere became awkward.
Just as Yang Xi was about to control the young security guard, he suddenly said, “Remember to pay more when you get back! Double!”

The security guard straightened his body and gestured for the driver to pass while shouting, “Safety confirmed! Pass!”

As Lots of Cash’s tears flowed, the truck fired up and slowly rolled into the corpse disposal center.

When they were about to reach the unloading area, Lots of Cash let go of her hands and rolled into a corner.
She was extremely skilled and with one look, it was obvious that she was from a large merchant association.

Yang Xi’s reaction was not slow either as he quickly followed after Lots of Cash.

Casting his gaze outwards, he saw that there was actually a huge space under the disposal center.
It was almost as big as two or three football fields, and the entire space was seven to eight meters high.

There were not many vehicles coming and going in the distance.
Every Mystic Beast had its own processing space.

Yang Xi only saw the corpses of two Mystic Beasts.
One of them was a Werewolf’s corpse.
The Werewolf’s head was separated from its body.
The other one couldn’t be called a specific shape.
Compared to an animal, it was more like an object made of various geometric shapes.
It had cracks all over it.

“There aren’t as many Mystic Beast corpses as I thought.”

Yang Xi felt that such a large Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center should at least have seven or eight Mystic Beast corpses.

“Don’t tell me you’re still a rookie? Don’t you know the efficiency of the Mystic Beasts Corpse Disposal Center?” Lots of Cash rolled her eyes at Yang Xi.
“That’s right, you didn’t even bribe the guards.
What a hothead.
Remember my account later and transfer your share of the toll fee to me.
You don’t know the rules at all! This guard is also greedy.
He only has one more person and he’s actually charging double! He’ll get reported sooner or later!”

Yang Xi asked curiously, “The toll fee? How much is it?”

Lots of Cash rolled her eyes.
“Not much, just 40,000.”

Yang Xi nodded.
“Got it.
I’ll transfer 20,000 to you when we get out.”

Of course, it would be strange if he would transfer the money for real.
He was only temporarily stabilizing this girl.

“Good lad.
You were just making fun of me right? You clearly know how much it costs!”

Although her face was covered, Yang Xi could tell that Lots of Cash’s cheeks were bulging with anger.

“Forget it, just don’t get caught.
Elder sister is still waiting for your money!”

Lots of Cash waved her hand at Yang Xi.
While the staff members were busy unloading the Mystic Beast’s corpse, Lots of Cash slipped away from her hiding spot.

“She’s quite fast!” Yang Xi decided to follow Lots of Cash.
After all, she was a professional.

“Why are you following me? Let me tell you, if you want to snatch my stuff away, my fists will not recognize anyone!”

Lots of Cash nimbly avoided the eyes of the staff members while waving her fists to threaten Yang Xi.

“I’ll just follow behind you and take a look to observe Senior’s skills.”

Yang Xi’s choice of flattery was very good.
Although Lots of Cash had been on a few missions, the people in the merchant’s guild still treated her like a little kid.
She was extremely happy to be called a senior.

“Cough, cough.
Since you’re so sincere, I’ll begrudgingly allow you to watch from the back.
Don’t blame me if you can’t learn anything.”

“Of course, of course.” Yang Xi flattered perfunctorily.

Half of the Werewolf’s fur had already been peeled off, revealing its bloody muscles.

This Werewolf was at least three-meters tall.
Even lying down, it looked very majestic.

Mystic Beasts do not always look like beasts.
For instance, there were also many Mystic Beasts with humanoid or other forms, like Werewolves, Behemoths, Dragonmen, and even Winged-people.
However, regardless of their form, all Mystic Beasts had no intention of communicating with humans.
Without exception, after tearing open the Black Cavity and descending onto the planet, they were only determined to wreak havoc.
Human Heroes could only fight to the death with them.

“The order says that we need the white fur on the Werewolf’s chest…” Lots of Cash took out a dagger and skillfully cut out the items she needed.

Then, a green light flashed on her right hand and a cloth bag appeared in her grip.
Yang Xi watched with wide eyes as she put the Werewolf fur away.

“Impressive, right? This is my Esper Ability, Storage Bag! Haha, I am indeed a genius thief, no, a genius merchant!”

The corner of Yang Xi’s mouth lifted.
This spirit artifact type Esper Ability looked pretty good!

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