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Chapter 10: The ultimate hidden mall

Chapter 9: Chaptery let go, OK?

In an alley of Tianshui Holy City, Ye Tianyi ran to here before stopping, panting for breath.


Earth-level one-star martial arts, the ultimate mission of the Tianxiu system was successfully completed, and the mission reward was doubled, but what can be doubled? The realm was originally promoted to the fifth level, and doubled to the tenth level. A great realm improvement, very cool! This is considered a genius, and a great realm from the Qi-Building Realm to the Ming Aperture Realm would have to cultivate for several years, right?

The second quest reward, the Heaven-defying level cultivation talent…If you double it again…

What does it mean to double again against the sky?

Is it…


Ye Tianyis eyes lit up suddenly.

The first mall opens, how can this be doubled? Can you still open the two malls?

But that is something that will only be known in an hour, and now…

Bai Hanxues figure appeared beside Ye Tianyi.

The deep eyes are disgust, anger!

Ye Tianyi knew that sooner or later he had to face it, but there was no way for the task.

”Im sorry, but I apologize to you. ”

Ye Tianyi looked at her and said.

Ye Tianyi is a scum, but he really didn come from the earth. Today this incident must have an impact on Bai Hanxue, and Ye Tianyi also knows that maybe she wants to kill him now, so she has to save her life.

”Temporarily cancel the duplicity effect. ”

Ye Tianyi said to the system in his mind.

Why is it temporary?

What if she really wants to kill herself? Then turn it on again, at least guarantee that it won die, anyway, it has a duration of one hour.

”Its really worthless for Xianer! ”

Bai Hanxue said something, she was surprised when she finished speaking, she actually said what she was saying! Not the other way around, she is normal!

Ye Tianyi touched the tip of his nose, then nodded.

”Well, I agree. ”

Bai Hanxue came to Ye Tianyis face instantly, then pinched Ye Tianyis neck and pressed him to the wall. His beautiful face was full of anger, and his eyes were even more disgusting and spitting.

”I will not kill you today, but I will break your arm to relieve my anger! ”

If it wasn for Ye Xianers face, she would really have killed Ye Tianyi, and breaking an arm was not actually cutting it off, it just caused him to fracture, and it would be hard.

”Hey, give you three seconds to let me go, otherwise, believe it or not you will be what you just did? ” Ye Tianyi said calmly.

Bai Hanxue Dais eyebrows suddenly frowned, but did not let go.

She doesn believe it.

”Three, two, one! ”

Ye Tianyi then ticked the corner of his mouth, once again turning on the effect of duplicity.

”Baby, will you let go? ”

Then Ye Tianyi said with a smile.

Not loose…

Then she released her hand.

Bai Hanxue: ”… ”

What happened to her!

Ye Tianyi smiled, then lowered his head and nodded a cigarette, taking a long breath.

”Are you curious about what I did to you? Am I not a scumbag in your eyes? I am indeed a scumbag, otherwise I won use this trick for you. ” Ye Tianyi took another breath and looked at her Said: ”I told you to take off your clothes, you have to take it off now, do you believe it or not? ”

Bai Hanxue panicked, really panicked.

Ye Tianyi laughed and continued: ”Forget it, it doesn take advantage of you, but you remember that you will not be easily let go of you next time. ”

Ye Tianyi left after speaking.

”Closing the mouth is not a card. ”

What surprised Ye Tianyi was that this duplicity lasted for an hour. Once closed, the remaining time stopped and forty-three minutes remained, which means that in the future, Ye Tianyi can continue to open it to her anytime, anywhere… …This is a bit abnormal!

Bai Hanxue stood there watching Ye Tianyi go away, clenching her silver teeth.


She must figure out what happened to herself. What Ye Tianyi did to her made her become like this, but it seems that she has figured out her way. What she said and did everything was contrary to her own heart. The other way around?

She was just guessing, she was not sure, because she was really not sure what Ye Tianyi would do to her, he could really do everything, he even had Ye Xianer…

At this time, Lin Changtian ran over, behind him was a group of idiots who rushed out from Tianshui College to kill Ye Tianyi.

”Han Xue, are you okay? ”

Lin Changtian ran to Bai Hanxue and asked worriedly.

Bai Hanxues mentality is a little bad at the moment, and she didn answer.

Two seconds later, she recovered her senses, and her cold beautiful eyes glanced at everyone.

Lin Changtian is unwilling, really unwilling, why? ? He wants to know.

”Han Xue, do you really like Ye Tianyis trash? ”

Lin Changtian looked at Bai Hanxue and asked.

Bai Hanxue and Dai frowned.

She didn bother to answer, but it was not a big deal to clarify things in one sentence.

If the answer is that she doesn like it, then she should say she likes it, so she should say she likes it before she says she doesn like it…

Bai Hanxue pondered for a moment, and then said lightly: ”I like it. ”

Bai Hanxue;? ? ?

Is this effect gone again?

She really needs to go back and calm down.

everyone; ”… ”

”Woo woo woo… The goddess admitted that my youth is over! ”

”Suxiao Jiuxin Wan, give me Suxiao Jiuxin Wan… ”

”… ”

”Why! Why is he worthy of your liking? He is a famous scum and trash, let alone me, is he comparable to anyone on the scene? ”

Lin Changtians tone became a bit louder, and he couldn control his emotions.

really puzzled.

Bai Hanxue took a deep breath. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

I am too lazy to explain.

Then she turned around and walked away without saying a word.

Lin Changtian clenched his fists tightly.

He didn understand, but he didn need to understand, he knew everything!

”Ye Tianyi! If you grab a woman with Laozi, don look at how many catties you are! Your Ye family is no longer the four big families. Without your sister, you shit, even if you have Ye Xianer, you even rent a house now , Ben Shao wants you to regret it! ”

Lin snarled viciously for a long time.

”Master Ye, come and play… ”

Ye Tianyi was walking on the streets of Tianshui Holy City, passing by the entrance of a beautifully decorated foot bath shop. Sitting at the entrance was a woman wearing a white coat with exposed thighs and greeted Ye Tianyi.

This is where Ye Tianyi often comes. Of course, its the old Ye Tianyi. It doesn need to say whether it is regular or not.

It makes sense to say that he is a scumbag. The Ye family collapsed and the funds collapsed. Although they were all dead, hundreds of millions of foreign debts were incurred. In a small and medium empire like the Tianshui Empire, a few hundred million is probably for the top family. It accounts for about one-tenth of the assets, which is considered a lot of money, and this money also needs to be repaid by Ye Xianer. She has really worked hard to repay the debts. In addition to staying with Ye Tianyi, the rest of the time is more in the monsters. The domain kills the monster to get the monster crystal, or collects some precious spar, the elixir sells the money to pay off the debt, and at the same time lives…

Even so, she would give Ye Tianyi some pocket money, but Ye Tianyi still looks lavish…

Thinking of this in his memory, Ye Tianyi couldn help but sighed.

”Sister Hong, ask you something. ”

Ye Tianyi then walked over.

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