It seemed that once the heroine lost her halo, without the supporting characters who had been helping her, she couldn’t do the same as she did in the novel, nor could she be kind and understanding.


This screen could actually see the heroine, which was strange.


This screen was like some live streaming software, judging from the previous viewer who stumbled into the live room.
Only the viewer didn’t seem to be from the same world as him.


It was just that Gu Jingyu was a little curious about what he and this screen that had somehow appeared was actually a product of.


At this time, a gift bag suddenly appeared in the middle of the screen.


“Newbie gift bag!”


“Do you want to open it? Yes OR No!”


Gu Jingyu hesitated for a moment and clicked yes.


“Congratulations to you for becoming the 99,999th of our Counter Attack Team.
I’m your system assistant, so I’ll ask for more guidance from the user.”


A furball suddenly sprang out of the gift bag, and it was round and spoke in a baby voice.


It was good that Gu Jingyu was not the kind of person who was startled at the drop of a hat and did not shout.


“What are you? And how in the world did you get here?”


“Hello anchor, I am Assistant System 001.
I will answer all your questions.
The body of the anchor is already dead.
If the anchor wants to continue living, he must exchange a life value.
Otherwise, the time when the life value empties is when the anchor dies completely.”


“Life value?” Gu Jingyu caught the critical point of this suddenly appearing system’s speech.


“Yes, life value is the number of days the anchor lives.
As a benefit for new anchors, the first world will not consume the anchor’s life value.
The anchor’s life value will be charged daily from the second world onwards.
The way to get the life value is fan rewards.
Every 100 rewards coins are exchanged for one life value.
Please give it your best shot, anchor!!!”


Gu Jingyu’s confusion finally made sense.
He understood why he suddenly appeared here and this screen that had always confused him.


Except, why should he follow their instructions?


After making sure that this screen and his sudden appearance here were not dangerous, Gu Jingyu suddenly relaxed.


The System got a little stuck.
Didn’t the anchor know now that he should ask what to do first and then frantically attract fans to earn life value?


Now, what the hell? No question whatsoever, just a look of indifference.


“Does the anchor not want to know how to attract fans?”


Gu Jingyu smiled, looking puzzled.


“I think you can check how I died, right? Little System, do you not know it? To slack off on work passively is not a decent work habit.”


Suicide, this person actually committed suicide.


The little assistant never dreamed that the Counter Attack Team would actually bind a person who committed suicide.


People who were captured and bound by the system were those who had an enormous will to live or an intense obsession.


After all, to want a donkey to pull the mill, the apple always has to be baited in front of it.


“Aaaaahhhhhhh, why, why! I’m about to be switched off! Isn’t this playing with me?” The System changed its demureness from earlier and suddenly spun around Gu Jingyu.


The fur on his body went up like a kitten with shaggy hair.


If someone who liked fluffy things saw it, they would not be able to resist holding it over and rubbing it.


Except, the one before it was not destined to be like that.


“Dingdong, dingdong!” The doorbell of the office rang.


The person who came in was Gu Jingyu’s secretary.
“Boss, the President wants you for something and wants you to go to the office.”


“Okay, I’ll go there right away.”


What did Ou Xiuyuan have to say?

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