C01: A Pretty Girl?!

Author: I hope you read this in a no-thoughts-head-empty state as I can only write when I’m in such a state myself.

“Good morning, everyone! Thanks for coming to my stream today!”

[my body has become so dependent on your streams that it can’t live without them.
please take responsibility ♡]
[I was waiting for this]
[ahh^~ I cant get enough of your voice^~]
[she winked at me! I can die happy now!]
[don’t say that bro.
you’ll miss out on a lot if you can no longer watch her streams all because of a wink.]

On one of the two monitors in front of me, comments from a bunch of people are being displayed.

I’m live streaming as a VTuber right now.

Not to mention, I’m quite famous.

Through my consistent efforts, despite being an indie, my subscriber count skyrocketed and is now nearing one million.

How did this all begin?

It all started with something minor.

It’s a pretty common story, one where the cause was the fact that the club senpai I’ve always liked got a boyfriend.
Out of complete desperation from being heartbroken, I decided to become a VTuber.

Why a VTuber, you ask?
Because I like them.
But please don’t make me say that; it’s embarrassing.

If I hit the jackpot and make it big, who knows, I might be able to collab with my oshis!!!

By the way, becoming a VTuber requires a decent amount of equipment to set up.

If you’re not that invested, you can make do with a few ten thousand yen, but I went all out.
Again, I was desperate.

I’m using the money I saved from several years’ worth of New Year’s money my parents gave me.
This was initially meant to go to high school and independent living fees.
All in all, it’s a whopping ten million yen.

I bet I can get by for now just from this amount, even if I don’t work part-time.

Despite that, I have worked part-time since 7th grade and never touched my savings.

Now, this money will be used to fund heartbroken and superficial me’s VTubing expenses.

Fortunately, I already have a high-spec PC, an audio interface, a capture card, two mics, and motion tracking ready.

And the most important thing to a VTuber is their indispensable body.
That’s right, a 3D model.

I managed to get one at a price cheaper than the average.
By the way, 500,000 yen already went to just the model and its related expenses.

I commissioned the character design from one of the artists I was following on Tweeter.
This alone cost 300,000 yen.
Nevertheless, it was cheap.
The artist may be famous, but she’s still considered an amateur.
Once I become popular, she can advertise that she’s my mama.

She agreed to the price as long as I worked hard at being a VTuber.
Naturally, I complied on the spot.

Next, she offered introducing someone who’ll create and rig the model for 200,000 yen if I provide her with the same character.
This person is also an amateur 3D model rigger yet puts professionals to shame with her top-tier rigs.

However, the artist’s condition was that she would not show me the original drawing or the 3D model that would become my avatar until they were completed.

She said she’d make the 3D model from the information I provided.

And so, I introduced myself and wrote my bio.

First of all, my name is Yuki Himemura, and I’m 17 years old.
Of course, I’m a guy.

Next, my height is 150 cm, and my weight is 43 kg.

Hey! Don’t call me small! It bothers me, okay?!

After giving this information to the artist, I waited.

She also said she was willing to make some changes if I didn’t like the avatar, so I guess it won’t be done right away.

By the way, some people may think this price is too much.
But there’s a huge difference in the benchmarks between a design by a well-known artist and one not so much.

Not to mention, this artist will cooperate with the initial publicity, so I’d say it’s a good deal if you also consider the promotion fees.

While I waited, we occasionally voice called.
Two months passed, and today’s the day I received my model.

I was nervous first thing in the morning.

I couldn’t even sleep the day before.

So I went over and over the basics of moving the 3D model and recording.

And finally, the time came.
At the designated time, I received an email with the link to the artist’s site for the downloadable goods.

I went to the artist’s site and downloaded the data.
Then, I extracted the file and checked the model with a 3D model viewer.

There’s an avatar that could be described as an exquisitely beautiful girl!

Her hair is fluffy from the bottom up and has a white base with a hint of pale pink.
She also has a black ribbon on her hair, giving her a slightly mature look.

She has plump cheeks and soft-looking lips.
Her eyes are light pink, which I find very attractive.

Her physique is that of an 11- or 12-year-old girl in anime.

Her chest, though small, has a fairly prominent presence and shows signs

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