Chapter 24: Thank you so much.

“I can’t believe you were talking to Shu-kun when I wondered what was going on.
…… Did he really not do anything to you?”

“He didn’t.
Or rather, that time was something I needed.
Because I was able to declare to Shu once again that I would be happy with Ayana.”

 After school that day, Ayana came to my house because she had nothing special to do.
Mom had not come home from work yet, so it was just me and Ayana at home.

Soon after we got home, Ayana asked me what had happened during the day, and since I had nothing to hide, I just told her.
Ayana’s eyes sharpen for a moment when I told her that I had been talking to Shu, but when the conversation turns to my declaration that we will be happy together, Ayana suddenly starts grinning.

“I-I see.
…… ehehe, that means marriage–“

“I intend to do that.
I may be a bit quick-witted, though.”

Talking about marriage as a high school student might seem premature, but my feelings towards Ayana are genuine enough to consider it.

“Marriage… marrying… with Towa-kun… me as a bride… hehehe.”

“Ayana-san? You’re making a face that you shouldn’t show in public, you know?”

Her perfectly beautiful face distorted as she indulged in her delusions.

I couldn’t help but smile wryly at how ridiculous she looked, and wondered what the rest of the class would think if they saw her like this.

(But really, just having her by my side is enough for me…)

No, that’s not right.
I need to put my feelings into words.
Feelings only truly get conveyed when they are expressed through words.
I’m sure she’ll understand.
She’s the one, and only she will understand.
However, sometimes believing too strongly in this can lead to the worst possible outcomes.


“Fuehe… yes, what is it?”

I hugged her as she returned to my side and we both lay down on the bed.
Ayana let out an adorable scream, but her eyes were filled with shyness and anticipation as she looked back at me.

“Ayana, I really like you.
I will always support you no matter what happens and protect you.
Will you stay by my side from now on?”

She nodded firmly at my words.

“Yes, I’ll always be by your side.
And I’ll support you too… so let’s get married.”


“I got you to agree~! I won’t accept you saying ‘no’ anymore, you know♪”

… As expected, Ayana is still a step ahead of me.

I embrace the person I love who is truly happy and smiling in front of me, and I hold her tighter, wanting to feel her warmth more.
Our connection that has been strong since childhood, I will protect it from now on.

That’s my determination—–which I vow to Ayana in my arms.

“…So many things have happened…”

It’s only been a few days since I woke up as Towa, but the events that have taken place in those few days have been incredibly intense.
It’s almost as if I’ve been experiencing my own story as the main character… that’s what these days have felt like.



Without realizing it, it seems I’ve been petting Ayana like a cat.

Ayana, the most beautiful girl in class, is making an expression that she wouldn’t want anyone else to see.
When I stop petting her, she looks at me with wanting eyes, silently pleading for me to continue.

“Towa-kun… I love you… I really, really love you…”

Ayana gets up and hugs me, pressing me down onto the bed.

Her face turns red like a cat who’s just smelled catnip… um, excuse me, but my mom is going to be coming home soon, Ayana-san?

“Fufu… fufufufufu!”

Oh no, it seems like I won’t be able to escape…

Before I can even think about running away, it’s too late —- Ayana has already kissed me on the lips.
Feeling the softness of her lips and the sweet fragrance, I wrap my arms around her body.

So many things have really… really happened.

But even so, I think Ayana and I have a future together.
From now on, I’ll be spending an immense amount of time with her.
There will be enjoyable things, of course, but there will also be difficult and trying things.

But with her by my side, I feel like I can overcome any obstacle.

“Ayana, we will always be together.”

“Yes! Of course♪”

We continue walking.

Towards a future overflowing with hope.


“What is it?”

Ayana looks at me, takes a deep breath, and says:

“Thank you so much for finding me, for meeting me, for helping me… really, thank you!”

Her smile when she says “thank you” is so beautiful.

It was a smile that she smiled so sincerely that I will never forget it, so much so that it will be burned into my brain.

 Thank you Ayana.

 Thank you so much for meeting me and helping me.

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