Chapter 33: I’m afraid of scary things.

As the evening passed and night was about to fall, the long awaited reply finally arrived on Kanzaki-san’s phone.

“……, that Tachibana guy was forced to quit as a coach at his previous school for having impure heterosexual intercourse.”

“That’s …….”

“You mean he had an inappropriate relationship with a student?”

“Yes yes, and he even got her pregnant.
I don’t know if he paid her a lot of money to cover it up or if he just made her do what he said.”

Well, I don’t know if he paid a lot of money to get rid of it, or if it was just a matter of getting her to do what he said. Does this also mean that because this world is originally an erotic one, there’s some kind of compensation that doesn’t make sense? That’s not a joke.

“I thought so.
Towa-kun seemed to be aware of it.”

“Is that so?”

When Kanzaki-san asked me that, I nodded my head.

There was a subtle sense of discomfort, but the way he looked at Ayana was suspicious.
It wasn’t just the gaze looking at a student, but rather the gaze of a man looking at a woman… If it were purely as an opposite sex, it would be fine, but it was without a doubt a gaze that could be described as a release for his sexual desires.

“I see.

 For a moment, I think Kanzaki-san’s expression turned scary, but it quickly returned to normal and he smiled.

“For now, why don’t we tell the teacher tomorrow? I’ll do what I can to help.”

“What can you do?”

“Well, I won’t let money be the escape route.
I’ll thoroughly block any escape route.”

She had a ferocious look, like a predator hunting for prey.

To be honest, I didn’t know what Kanzaki-san could do, but considering that my family seemed to be in trouble and that this information had come to light so quickly, I felt like she might actually do something.

“But why are you going that far, Kanzaki-san?”

“Oh, earlier when Towa went to the bathroom, I asked Ayana-chan.
He was trying to hit on her, the boyfriend of my admired sis’ son.
I can’t forgive that, you know?”

My back shook a little at her piercing gaze.
There are scary people with such frightening backgrounds in every world, maybe it’s a world that ordinary people like me can’t imagine… but if my mother cares about Kanzaki-san, I’ll stop being afraid of her.

“…Ah, did I scare Towa-kun a little?”

“Ah, no… that’s not it.”

I had decided not to be afraid of her, but I really was scared.
I looked at Kanzaki-san’s apologetic eyes and thought she was kind, but at the same time, I swore in my heart not to make her my enemy in any way.

“If anyone does something to Towa-kun, I’ll do it for you, Eto-san.”

“What will you do!?”

Kanzaki-san’s expression changed from the previous atmosphere, and I couldn’t help but smile.
That’s right… she may have some scary aspects, but she’s definitely a dependable ally now.

“Thank you, Kanzaki-san.”

I express my gratitude for lending her strength even though it has been only a short time since we met.
Kanzaki-san’s face turned red and for some reason she embraced Ayana.
She fell down as if she was pushing Ayana down, but Ayana, perhaps understanding something, just giggled and accepted Kanzaki-san’s embrace.

“…It’s dangerous, Ayana-chan.
I can’t help but think it’s okay even if you’re younger than me.”

“It is Towa-kun, you know? I understand your feelings, but he is my boyfriend, so please don’t get that wrong, okay~?”

“I mean, it’s kind of hot to steal someone else’s partner, right?”


“Oh, sorry.”

For a moment, Ayana’s face looked really shocked, but I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear it.
Then we decided to spend time together with Kanzaki-san until my mom came home.
Kanzaki-san is quite a bit older than us, but she looks and gives off a big sister vibe, which is fresh.

On the days Kanzaki-san comes over, we always have dinner together.
Today, there was a reversal of roles where Kanzaki-san drank quite a bit and my mom became the listener.
However, alcohol is no good, is it? I realized from the scene in front of me that you can say something careless when you get drunk.

“Sis! Towa’s smile was dangerous! I forgot my age and was totally swooning over it!!”

“Ara ara… why, did he have such a good smile?”

What’s a good smile… I don’t really understand it myself.
In response to my mom’s question, for some reason, Ayana strongly nodded her head up and down.

“It was a smile that could captivate the opposite sex! …Ah, Towa-kun, you can’t show that smile to anyone else but me!”

Upon seeing Ayana hugging me tightly, Kanzaki-san blurted out something.
It was probably because she was feeling uplifted from the alcohol, but her words seemed to have offended my mom.

“Sis, I want Towa-kun too! Please, sis–“



Her face should have been red from drunkenness, but in an instant it turned completely blue and she performed a beautiful kneeling down on the ground.
From the angle of me and Ayana, I couldn’t see Mom’s face subtly, but from the look on Kanzaki-san’s face, I think she must have looked quite scared.

After that, Kanzaki-san continued to drink until she fell asleep.
It made me smile as if I was watching another mother, but I don’t want a woman to scratch her buttocks out …… though sometimes mothers do it too.

Since Kanzaki-san was in such a bad condition, it was decided that she could not go home and would stay the night.
Ayana had originally planned to stay the night, so there are now four of us in this house.
Some people may think that four people is not so many, but I feel that four people is a lot in this house where it has always been just my mother and I.
However, I don’t dislike it, and perhaps it is because somewhere in my heart, I was looking for a more lively atmosphere in the house.

“I see, such a thing happened with Coach Tachibana.”

“Yes,…… I just heard about it through people, so you may not believe me, but I want you to keep it in mind for the students of this school.”

 The next day, we still had to prepare for the sports festival, so it was just as well.
Ayana and I immediately decided to tell our homeroom teacher, Endo-sensei, what we had heard from Kanzaki-san.
Although we believe that the information given by Kanzaki-san is solid, the teacher who doesn’t know about it can’t be sure whether it is true or not.
However, it seems that our homeroom teacher was not the kind of teacher who would deny it out of hand.

“I understand.
I don’t have any proof yet, but if Yukishiro and Otonashi say so much, I can’t help but listen to it.”

“…… Really?”

“What’s with that face? As a teacher, it’s natural to want to believe what your students say, right?”

…..Haha, I guess our homeroom teacher is dependable after all.
No wonder everyone in the class likes him so much…

“Above all, I don’t like handsome men like that.
They are enemies.”

……That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about, Sensei.

When Ayana and I let out a sigh from the teacher who told us that good-looking men are evil, a girl from the track and field team came into the staff room.

She looked around and was about to leave when the teacher called out to her.

“What is it? What’s wrong?””

“Oh, uhm….
Uchida…Have you seen her?”

“Uchida? No, I haven’t her, what about you two?”

 Ayana and I shook our heads when she asked that.

 I didn’t show up at the schoolyard today because I stopped by here before I went in to help out.
So it’s no surprise that I haven’t even met Mari.
…… What I heard from Kanzaki yesterday and the sight of her looking for Mari made me feel an indescribable stirring.

“That’s strange… He took Mari with him because Coach Tachibana said he had something he wanted help with, but they still haven’t come back.”


“…… no way.”

 It seems my bad premonition was right on target.

 When I looked at Ayana, she nodded her head as if she thought the same thing, and Endo-sensei immediately changed color and stood up, probably because he had just heard what we had to say.

“Coach …… what are you……”

“Haha, don’t you understand unless I tell you? You are still a child, Uchida-san.”

 The moment he said that and put his hand on her chin and stroked her, Mari felt a shiver of fear down her spine.
During the break, Tachibana said he needed some help, so they headed to the gymnasium.
She went into the storage room in the gym because she had something to practice with …… and this is the situation that ensued.

“…… please don’t joke about this.
We need to get back to practice as soon as possible–“

She tried to force her way out of the restraints, but she was unable to shake free of their muscular bodies.
On the contrary, she was knocked out of her position and knocked down on the mat.
Being covered as she was, Mari finally understood clearly what was about to happen to her.

Originally, Mari was not the type of girl to be too suspicious of others, and when she received a message from Ayana telling her to be careful regarding Tachibana, she thought there was no way he would do such a thing at school.

“Don’t worry.
You’ll be fine.”

…… no! Let go of me!”

Tachibana, who had looked so kind, now looked like something terrible, and Mari called for help with tears in her eyes, but the doors were closed and the gymnasium was not in use, so it seemed that no one was …… present to help her.
Just when she thought it was all over, the door to the warehouse opened with a loud bang.


 A bright light shone into the dark warehouse.

 Tachibana, as well as Mari, was surprised by the suddenness of it.
The warehouse was impossible, but the door leading to the gymnasium should have been locked,……, and Tachibana wondered why.


 Apart from Tachibana’s surprise, Mari felt relieved at the sight of him.

 Although her eyes were blurred by tears, she could still recognize the silhouette well.
That’s exactly what she meant by a fellow student who also plays club activities in the schoolyard, and she had seen him often because he was a senior in school.
He must have been running in a great hurry, because he was breathing heavily on his shoulder and not wearing a hat, which he usually wears during practice.
The boy who appeared here – Aisaka – stared at Tachibana and opened his mouth.


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