Rin sat down in front of Roman’s bedroom and waited for him to come out. 

But the bedroom door never opened. 

Olga, who arrived late and whispered in Rin’s ear, as if she had heard the news, “You’d better find another way, Lady.
The second Lord is the one who won’t let the anyone into the room.
There will be no choice with this.” 

What? Are you seriously ignoring your own niece? 

Rin jumped from her seat. 

“Shouldn’t you have said that before?”

Olga looked at her with strange eyes.
“Yes? You know everything too, don’t you?”

I’m not Yana.

I don’t remember, so it’s not the only inconvenience. 

I glanced down the window and saw familiar attendants busy cleaning the flower beds.
If there is such a thing as an idea, today’s work will try to remain quiet.
It’ll be a day when you’ll be bothered once. 

Rin asked Olga as she left the dirty and despicable Roman’s door, “Olga.
Well, Uncle Roman’s body is weak, right?” 

“Aren’t you the weak one? The Tuslena Lords are not weak.
Are you an Apostle of God to determine that?” 

“Then, how about the right to manage the greenhouse? Did you go over to the third Lord?”

“No, I don’t think I’ve heard that.” 

Roman fell ill in midsummer.
The second wife, who was away for two days, left Roman behind. 

I thought something was strange.
It’s a plot to drag on the greenhouse management dispute while pretending to be ill.

If time passes without a conclusion being reached, there is a high probability that the management rights dispute will end.
There is nothing you can do about it. 

Let’s steal the Celestial Flower one more time and eat it.

If you steal it twice, even Roman won’t be able to crawl out of bed.
But the act of stealing and eating is important because you don’t have to be poisoned after stealing and eating. 

I’ll need a Cheonranghwan. 

Cheonranghwan was a pill made by mixing dried petals and honey.
It had excellent gastric protection and detoxification of some poisons, so if I stole the fruit and ate it before taking the pill, I could only wake up with only a short stomachache. 

However, the only thing that bothers me is that the production of Cheonranghwan is illegal. 

Unlike the fruits of the celestial flower, which are highly toxic, the petals of the celestial flower have a strong hallucinogenic component.
For this reason, only a small number of the Celestial Flower itself was able to grow, which was proven in the imperial family. 

So Tuslena’s second and third sons also fight over the greenhouse.
It was a privilege just to own the poisonous greenhouse. 

But that doesn’t mean I can’t save it.

The time when evil orbs were spreading in the world. 

Smugglers dealing in drugs ran rampant in every back alley of the city.
Since Tuslena was one of the largest cities in the Ra Empire, it had a large population and activities in the back alleys, which were quite active. 

As a mercenary and a member of the expedition, Rin knew a lot about these back alleys.
She knows better than anyone that as long as she has money, there isn’t anything she cannot get. 

After a brief apology to Yana, Rin took the jewelry from the box and left the bedroom.
Oddly enough, she said, Yana’s clothes were mostly plain, so she didn’t have to change them. 

If I go out the front door, it’s obvious that I’ll be escorted.

Rin asked Olga, who had followed her blindly, “Olga, isn’t there a back door that employees use?”

“The back door?”

There was a back door. 

It wasn’t even a formally used door. 

An old wooden castle gate was seen at a distance from Tuslena Castle, and Olga struck hard with her foot at the bottom of the locked gate.
Then, isn’t it that the lower part is gradually pushed out and a small space is created?

“This is the door that the hirelings secretly use when going out to play at night.
.Oh, that’s it! You can crawl out here.” 

There are rat holes in the castle where the apostle of God Resides. 

“By the way, when are you coming back?”

Rin replied as she crawled out of the hole, “At least in three or four hours? If there is no news by that time, let the adults know.” 

“Come back soon – if I’m questioned, it might all blow up.
I mean, I’m not good at lying.” 

“I know that too well.” 

Olga had a bit of a bad personality, was clumsy and didn’t know how to use her head properly.
So she didn’t hate it that much. 

Just a little.
Should I say she’s like a stupid younger sister? 

Rin continued her steps and went down the street along the road where the carriage was coming up.
The scenery unfolding before her eyes all along the way she went down was amazing. 

High buildings densely packed like honeycombs, a train speeding across the river flowing west, and even the factories that were built next to it. 

Thirty years ago, it could only be seen in the capital or port of the Ra Empire – the busiest downtown area. 

The world has changed a lot.

“Hello, lady.
This is the new White Moon Troup.
I have my first performance tonight.
Please come!” 

“Help me – One ring, please.
Help me..

“Sister, don’t you need roses? It’s really pretty.
Three rings per bunch.
Three are eight rings.” 

There were lots of people. 

Rin struggled to get rid of those clinging to them like leeches.
She began looking for a retreat through the residential area. 

Even in a place like this, the back alley.
.will it be there?

Will I be able to get the Cheongranhwan? Will I? 

I’m a very old person, so I’m acting with old-fashioned logic, right? 

The back alleys existed without worrying about them. 

Not too far from the square.
After crossing the short bridge and turning right, I will see an alleyway.
Rin stood for a moment in front of the road where the temperature of the air changed, and then she stepped on her feet without hesitation. 

The alley was narrow and dirty.
There was a constant smell of filth.
It seemed as if I had come to a different world from the bright downtown area. 

Even if the world changes, dark places still exist.

Although the road was a bit complicated.
.she has to remember who she was.
She was Rin, the Pathfinder.
She never forgot a post she read once, a road she traveled once, or a face she saw once. 

Just like that, I passed people who looked like beggars and fell down and went into a deeper alley. 

[ Pub Golden Bell ]

A pub appeared. 

I wonder if he would stay here.

Thirty years ago, the people who illegally manufactured the most illegal medicines, aphrodisiacs, and drugs, including Cheongranhwan, were the people who ran the pubs.
If it was such an old, old pub, it might still be for sale. 

They could both make a profit. 

However, inside the pub, it was quiet without a single person. 

“Is there anyone here?”

The inside of the store was generally cluttered and dusty, so it was a poorly maintained atmosphere. 

Rin passed the empty tables and looked inside the bar.
Even the kitchen utensils lost their original color and now turned white. 

The only clean thing in the pub was a small portrait on the wall. 

When I saw the handwriting that read [ Black Prince Helmut ].
I felt nostalgic for the past.
It was because this man was more famous than the emperor when she lived as Rin the Pathfinder. 

At that time. 


A small chuckle was heard from the second floor.
If it was my old body, I would have gone up and looked at it without much thought. 

Now, Yana.
.You’re not even fifteen years old, are you?

Just in case, I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, because I really don’t know. 

Then she carefully climbed to the second floor.
The sign on the door read: 

[ Pub Owner Sleeping ]

No, what? What time is it now, for a sign to say you’re sleeping? Do you intend to do business or not? 

Rin cautiously opened the door.
In the room, there was a small single bed and a pot-bellied man slept on it. 

“Make it clear.
Where is the box with the fragments?” 

.I am the one with the most secret swords.
I will never open my mouth.
I’d rather die.

A man is being interrogated while tied to a wooden chair.
A man threatens him with a knife pointed at his neck. 

And at that moment, a total of two pairs of eyes turned their heads towards rin. 

“Uh –”


“Excuse me.
Looks like I got the place wrong.
Continue doing whatever you were doing.” 

Rin gently closed the door and left. 


And as soon as the door closed, a cold command came from beyond the soundproofed room. 

“Get her.” 

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