As the brothers exited the building, Count Calvin’s carriage pulled up to the entrance.
The Count appeared to be in distress, tears streaming down his face before the coachman could even open the door.

Lionel asked, “What happened, Bag Calvin?” to which the Count shook his head and closed his eyes.

Lionel persisted, “Why did the empress call you?” but the Count struggled to speak.

Lionel approached and asked again, “Count.
Why?” as he grabbed the Count’s shoulder.

The Count revealed a pouch from his bosom and held it out to the two brothers.
Inside were four nuggets of gold, sparkling in the moonlight.

The Count explained, “She gave me this.
With this, she told me to ask to evacuate the residents in the nearby  territories.”

Theseus looked at the count with urgency and handed over a heavy pouch the butler was holding.
The count turned his head questioningly as Theseus explained,

“Wait a moment, Bag Calvin.”

The count bowed respectfully to the brothers before climbing back into his carriage and heading back to his estate.

“Thank you so much,” he said before departing.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be of direct help,” Theseus said sympathetically to Count Calvin.

The Count shook his head and grabbed Theseus’ shoulders with both hands.

“Don’t do this, Duke.
This old man is infinitely ashamed.”

“It will take a lot of money to evacuate residents.
Haven’t you already spent all your money?” Lionel asked.

The Count’s emotions burst out and he buried his face in Theseus’ shoulder, sobbing uncontrollably.
Theseus held the Count tightly as he cried, feeling the weight of the Count’s grief.
When the Count’s tears finally subsided, Lionel suggested leaving the following day, but the count was determined to return to his estate.

I have to go,” he said resolutely, looking at Theseus and Lionel.

Lionel gestured to the waiting family knights and said, “Take the Count safely to the manor.”

The knights responded, “Yes, Your Excellency.”

Lionel continued, “Go carefully.
And if you need my help, please feel free to contact me.”

The Count thanked Lionel and Theseus before the knights led him away, and the sun began to set as the Count’s carriage disappeared from view.


Giggs blinked quickly.
At first, she thought it was an earthquake.
But when she heard the sound of cloth rubbing against each other every minute,

‘Ah, this is the sound of legs shaking.’

She realized that someone was shaking their legs madly.
Scanning her surroundings with her ferociously raised eyes, the exacting lady found that none of her maids were shaking their legs.
She narrowed her eyes and turned her gaze to the Empress.
The empress, her eyes wide open, gracefully crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair.

Hopefully, the empress won’t be shaking her legs.

Crunchy crunch crunch.

At a quick and breezy pace, the sound of cloth rubbing was heard, and the floor vibrated minutely.

Crunchy crunch crunch crunch.

Looking at it, the hem of her empress’s rich skirt was vibrating lightly and quickly.
It was the Empress, and Mrs.
Giggs observed that she was shaking her legs gracefully and quickly.


The former Grand Duke’s nanny cleared her throat involuntarily.
It was a method often used in the past to restrain young Elizabeth’s behavior, but it came out of habit.

“… … .”

Adele, who had been shaking her legs, stopped unconsciously at the sound of clearing her throat.
It was because she had often been restrained in this way in his home country.
Adele tilted her head and looked at Mrs.

“… … .”

She had a clean face.
Adele straightened her tilted head and started shaking her legs again.

Sasasa sasasa sasasaksak.

“Keah hmm hmm.”

“… … .”

Adele reflexively looked at Mrs.
Giggs, and this time she also tightened her eyes and looked at the empress.
The former nanny and the former tomboy exchanged tense glances.

“Can’t you?” Adele muttered, to which Mrs.
Giggs gave a small nod.

“You’re out of luck if your legs tremble here too, what is this sound like?” Adele asked.

Giggs smiled and shrugged.
“Are you having trouble?”

Adele sighed and pressed a hand between her brows.
When her sigh returned instead of her answer, Mrs.
Giggs sent her waiting ladies-in-waiting outside.
She then brewed some herbs for headaches and made tea in silence.
Adele leaned her head on her sofa and tensed her whole body as the refreshing scent of her tea reached her nose.
The clattering sound of tea cups clashing and the sound of flowing tea water was peaceful.
It’s so peaceful here… …

‘Please, save me, Her Majesty.’ A distressed voice suddenly came to mind, and Adele groaned, closing her eyes.
However, when she closed her eyes, the memory of the Witchbeast’s rampage filled her mind.

“Your Majesty the Empress,” a soft voice interrupted her thoughts.

Adele’s eyes widened.
Giggs held out her tea, and Adele drank it without realizing it was hot.
After several cups in succession, Adele put down her empty teacup and muttered,

“I’d rather pour it over a large glass.”

“It’s in a teacup, so it’s tea,” Mrs.
Giggs replied.

“Wherever you put it, tea is the difference,” Adele said, watching as Mrs.
Giggs tidied up the teacups.

“There was nothing I could do except give him gold bars.”

“You did the best you could.
The Calvin bag went back fully grateful.”

“It’s within the scope of what I can do… … .”

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