Chapter 2: Adding points to cure all diseases

Gu Qing’an’s dizziness became more and more serious.
Her world started to blur.
She used the sword to hold herself up and then found a chair to sit on.


Gu Qing’an could feel…

Not good! Her left shoulder, which had three blood marks, was completely numb, and she could only watch the blackness spreading over it.

She breathed heavily, and a trace of self mockery appeared at the corner of her mouth.
“It was difficult to defeat that demon, yet I still can’t escape death?”

At that moment, a voice came from her brain.

[You killed a high-ranking monkey demon and earned three Hunting Points]

A pale red interface appeared before her eyes.

Very concise.

Name: Gu Qing’an

Cultivation: None

Strength: 1

Agility: 1

Physique: 1

Defence: 1

Skill: Retribution LV.1 (1/1)

Demon Hunting Points: 3

Demon hunting point? What is it? Gu Qing’an was stunned.

Just thinking about it, a piece of information emerged.
As the name suggests, the points obtained after hunting demons could improve skills and attributes.

Improve more?

Gu Qing’an didn’t give it much of a thought and said, “Improve a bit of physique.”

Physique should refer to the body’s resistance and recovery ability; if the body’s self-healing power was stronger, it might be advantageous for this poison.

Her physique increased from 1 to 2 as soon as her thoughts read aloud.

Gu Qing’an felt numb all over her body the moment her physique improved, and her dizziness was relieved a lot.
Then, there was a pain in her left shoulder.
She looked down and saw that the black colour around no longer continued to spread, and stopped.

“It works.
Do it again!” Gu Qing’an was delighted.

She added a few more points, and her physique had risen to 3 points.

Gu Qing’an stood up directly from the chair.
The pain on her body was greatly relieved, and the black toxin was slowly fading.

Suddenly, a strong sense of hunger came.

Gu Qing’an had gained some understanding of how it worked.
“The system is merely to strengthen, the energy to repair the body still comes from itself.”

She took a step towards the kitchen.

Gu Qing’an frowned as soon as the curtain in the back kitchen was pulled back.

A dead person in servant clothes was lying on the ground with his eyes wide open, and the lady boss, whose stomach had been ransacked, was next to him.

The whole kitchen looked like a horror movie where there was always blood everywhere.

It appeared that the noises she heard were made by that dead monkey which was voraciously devouring the stomach of the lady boss.

Gu Qing’an was not afraid at all.
That dead monkey was killed by her own hands.
There was nothing to be afraid of, but the bloody smell was really pungent.
She pinched her nose and walked forward over the two people.

A piece of cloth was spread on the kitchen stove, a few clothes were tossed aside, and many items were scattered on the ground.

Gu Qing’an didn’t seem to mind and cast a casual glance.

But then, she noticed a jade pendant on the ground and was taken aback.

“Eh? Isn’t this jade pendant mine?” When she was six, the original body’s father gave her this jade, which made the original Gu Qing’an very happy.

Gu Qingan’s eyes flashed, and she took a closer look at the impression she had in her memory.

The objects on the ground were, indeed, all in Gu Qing’an’s luggage.

She raised an eyebrow, turned her head again, and saw a stick with some blood on it roll down next to the dead man’s body.

Gu Qing’an couldn’t help but touch the back of her head when she saw this wooden stick.

She understood everything  now.
The black-hearted Inn owner planned to do some shady business and beat the original body to death with a stick.
As a result, he drew the attention of a demon and was killed by it.
Everyone in the Inn was killed one by one by that monkey demon.
The original Gu Qing’an escaped the disaster because she was dead, allowing Gu Qing’an to revive her soul.

What is this? Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind?

“Hump, this is daylight robbery!”

Gu Qing’an looked at the two corpses coldly.
Finally, she decided not to vent her anger on the dead and began to search for possible food in the kitchen.

Fortunately, although there was no hot food, she found a lot of dry bread and bacon.

She glanced at the kitchen and the cluttered lobby which looked like the set of a horror film, shook her head and went upstairs with the food.

Gu Qing’an also looked for survivors.
Unfortunately, only three or four corpses were found.
She sighed in her heart.

However, she did not find any danger again.
She found a clean room and prepared to rest.

In the room.

Gu Qing’an had a basin of clean water in front of her and a clean towel.

The water reflected the girl’s innate beauty, but Gu Qing’an no longer felt sorry for herself.


Gu Qing’an took the sharp sword and gently scratched at the blood mark on her left shoulder.

By squeezing it with her hand, she got the last bit of the black poison out with the blood.


She exhaled and used a damp towel to wash the wound clean of the poisonous blood.
As soon as the towel was removed, the wound began to heal at a perceptible rate.

The effect of the improved physique was better than Gu Qing’an’s imagination.

At that time, only a while after killing the dead monkey, Gu Qing’an’s injury was almost better.

The new skin on the wound was unusually white and tender, with a trace of healthy blush.

Gu Qing’an felt at ease because the increase in physique would cause the skin on her entire body to turn white.

“Improving physique is also improving beauty.” Gu Qing’an smiled, and after the sense of crisis receded, she also had the heart to

At that time, Gu Qing’an didn’t know that the effect of adding points to the system was extremely comprehensive.
It was far more than the resistance and self-healing ability she thought, and it was more than beauty effect.
Every time she added a little bit of physique Point, a small change would occur in her muscles, and even her cultivation qualification could be improved.

It was already dawn at this time, but Gu Qing’an did not plan to leave so soon.
She picked up a piece of dry food bread and nibbled.

She was ready to study the System on which her life depended in this world.

“System,” Gu Qing’an said in her heart.

While eating, she was looking at the system interface.

The interface’s colour remained light red.
Gu Qing’an bypassed the preceding and focused on the skills column.

Skill: Retribution Lv.
1 (1 / 1)

In addition, it was accompanied by a symbol.
The moment Gu Qing’an laid eyes on it, information arose in her heart.

The latter (1 / 1) referred to the retribution upgrade requirement.
Killing a certain number and quality of demons with this skill could increase retribution level.

The requirement for level 1 promotion was very low.
After killing that monkey demon  just now, the upgrade condition was met.
Following the retribution skill, a dazzling golden plus sign was visible.


Gu Qing’an’s mind moved slightly.

[Retribution Level.
2 (0 / 5): Capable of inflicting a Lot of Damage on Demons  CD: 30s]

[Additional effects: This skill can lease life of others]

Gu Qing’an was delighted to see the effect of this upgrade.

According to the recollection of this body’s original owner, even if there were demons in this world, there were still tens of thousands of ordinary people in this original body’s memory who lived a normal life with peace of mind.
Even though the owner of the body came from a wealthy family, she had never seen a demon before

It was enough to show that there weren’t many demons in the world or that some people were fighting those in secret.

In either case, demons shouldn’t be everywhere, and Gu Qing’an’s danger on the way home was probably caused by a villainous character.

Then, with the upgraded retribution skill, Gu Qing’an’s safety factor had greatly increased.

Gu Qing’an packed her bags after she had enough to eat and drink.
Suddenly, her ears moved slightly.

After her physique rose, her five senses sharpened a lot, and she began to hear and see clearly.

Vaguely heard a clattering of footsteps, as well as the sound of carriages.

“Someone’s coming?” Gu Qing’an frowned.

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