nection with the Gu Clan.
I was lucky enough to be able to go to Gu Hong’s son’s wedding.”

“Gu Hong?”

Gu Qing’an tried to remember her, but she couldn’t help but roll her eyes in her heart.

“Lord, let’s not be funny.
How could you talk about marriage when my Fourth Brother is only nine years old?

Lin Shaoyuan was embarrassed when he heard this, so he gave out a smile and apologised.

This world was not significantly different from ancient China, and the information and transportation were inconvenient.
It was difficult for outsiders to determine that Gu Hong was the family’s fourth son, let alone his age.

Considering Miss Gu’s extraordinary demeanour, she must come from a large family, and he believed her identity was 20% or 30% authentic.

This Lin Shaoyuan really did want to trick me, Gu Qing’an thought to herself.
She had no intention of playing dumb puzzles with this person anymore, so she directly asked.

“This time, your caravan is going to Black River City?”

The two guards hesitated, glanced at Chief Lin, and saw him meditate for a moment and nod.

Gu Qingan’s heart moved, she had an idea in that second.

She immediately sighed and said, “To be honest, I’ve been studying abroad for a long time.
A long time ago, my dad had someone call me and bring me home.
Last night, this demon sneaked into the Inn, which was a surprise.
It took me a while to notice.
Even though I killed this demon in the end, my Uncle Zhao sadly passed away.”

“Sure enough, she killed this demon!” The three caravan guards were greatly shocked.

Then, Gu Qing’an looked at the three caravan guards with a serious look on her face and said, “As the saying goes, fallen leaves return to their roots.
Uncle Zhao was always good to my family, and I couldn’t stand the thought of him going to a different country.

“Could you please take Uncle Zhao’s body back to where it came from? I know this is going to be troublesome.
When I go out, I don’t take many things with me.
I only have 20 silver taels.
When I get to Gu’s Mansion, I’ll be sure to have another gift ready.”

An average worker earned twenty taels after a year of hard work, which was not a small amount.

Gu Qing’an stared straight at Chief Lin’s eyebrows with an honest look in her eyes.

She mastered this skill in the past life.
If she wanted to convey sincerity but didn’t dare to look directly into the other person’s eyes, she could instead stare at his eyebrows, which would have the same effect as staring straight into his eyes.

Gu Qingan believed in her heart that it was a ruse to give Uncle Zhao an opportunity to return to his roots, but her true intention was to have them guard her journey back to Black River City.

Although Gu Qing’an’s confidence increased greatly after killing that demon monkey, it was best to be cautious in this strange world and stick with the convoy.
Even if something did happen, there would be a few cannon fodder to block the attacks, gaining her some cooldown time.

Of course, Gu Qing’an also considered the possibility that these caravan guards might be plotting against her.

It was likely that these folks were aware that Gu Qing’an was born in the famous Gu Clan and that she was also ferocious with demon-killing abilities.
Besides, there were still generous gifts in Black River City.

Do they still have to risk the lives of several people to harm Gu Qing’an despite knowing so much?

Normal people would never do something that was not worth the risk.

His head was filled with millions of thoughts, yet he only reflected for a second.

After hearing this, Chief Lin thought to himself, “This woman possesses exceptional martial arts talents and can cut demons with a knife.
She comes from a famous family and is a person who values comradeship.”please

By this time, Chief Lin had already believed in Gu Qing’an’s identity by 80% or 90%, and Gu Qing’an’s words and car for his loyal servant made him quite fond of her.

“Miss Gu, I, Lin Shaoyuan, will take this matter in my hands,” He said solemnly to Gu Qingan.

Then, the people of Qinghe County Caravan Guard replenished some supplies in the inn and collected the body of Uncle Zhao.please

The group of Qinghe County Caravan Guard set off again at noon, but this time there was an extra cold girl and a cart covered in white cloth.

Gu Qing’an walked slowly at the end of the convoy, looked back at the inn deeply, turned her head, and left facing the rising sun.

It was just that she didn’t pay attention.
Lin Yao, Chief Lin’s daughter, stared at her with displeasure.

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