“Liu Lan?!” Gu Qing’an was stunned.

“Yes, her parents died early, and her only elder brother is missing.
She is the only five-year-old girl who lives there.”

Gu Qing’an didn’t bother to answer, and took three steps to the door of the inn, but the sky was completely dark, and there was no sign of Liu Lan.

Gu Qingan frowned and sighed.

“Miss Gu, what’s wrong?” Wang Zhi asked nervously.

“There may be demons in this village.
I sensed demonic energy in that room before.”

Hiss, Wang Zhi opened his eyes and took a deep breath.

It was impossible for Gu Qing’an to reveal any word about the System, so she just explained it a little bit with a demonic expression.

“That little girl may be in danger…” Gu Qing’an’s heart sank slightly, and she took a step to go out.

Looking into the distance, Song Village was completely dark and silent, and there was only a little candle light in the inn.

“This broken place, how come there is not even a watch?”

Gu Qing’an had always claimed that she was not afraid of the dark.
In her previous life, it was common to drink and dance at night, and the streets were full of dancing lights.
The shops shone with neon lights, bright at night, so he was naturally not afraid of the dark.

But now that she had arrived at that ancient village, the darkness around her was like thick mist that couldn’t be melted away.

Thinking about the demons in the dark again, Gu Qingan hesitated.

“Miss Gu, let’s not go.” Wang Zhi’s voice trembled.

Gu Qingan looked out of the inn and said nothing for a while.

She took out a copper coin with a round square hole, with “Dacheng Tongbao” engraved on the front and “Vertical” on the reverse.

Chuizheng was the reign name of the current emperor.

Gu Qingan put the copper coin on the back of her thumb and tossed it in the air, “Go to the front, not the reverse.”


The copper coin fell in the middle of her palm, “Hanging upright”.

She closed her palms.

Gu Qingan was silent and said to herself in her heart.

‘After all, she’s just a stranger with no relatives and there’s no reason for me to save her.’

‘I thought about saving her, but she just wasn’t very lucky.’

‘There is no need to risk my life.’

She walked towards the stairs step by step.

“Fuck!” Gu Qing’an scolded, and turned around suddenly, her face was indescribably irritable.

“You, give me the torch.” She pointed at Wang Zhi.

“Ah?!” Wang Zhi subconsciously handed over his torch.

“Miss Gu, wait…”

Gu Qingan took the torch and walked towards the darkness.

Probably because she knew that the little wild cat she had just fed would be run over by a car in five minutes, Gu Qingan felt that she had to do something.

When she walked out of the inn, she threw the copper coin in her hand again, did not pick it up, and let it fall on the ground without looking at it.

Thinking of that little girl, she muttered in my heart, “Don’t die.”

“Don’t die.”

“Miss Gu, wait for me!” Wang Zhi watched Gu Qingan walk out of the inn, gritted his teeth, and ran out with a lantern from the inn.

“What are the two of them doing?” Lin Yao, who came down from the upstairs, happened to see this scene.
With a suspicious look on her face, she took the last lantern of the inn, and followed quietly with courage.

The lobby of the inn was quiet, only a little light flashed on the ground, and upon closer inspection, it was a copper coin.

“Dacheng Tongbao”

In the dark, two lights were flashing bright.

Gu Qingan and Wang Zhi rushed towards the Liu family one after another.

Gu Qingan looked at the attribute column, and decided to use those Demon Hunting Points, if she died and the points were not used up, then it would be worthless.

Name: Gu Qingan

Cultivation: none

Strength: 1

Agility: 1

Physique: 3

Defence: 1

Demon Hunting Points: 1

She pondered in her heart, “With Retribution Skill in hand, my lethality is definitely enough, I don’t need to consider my strength, my physique already has three points, and it doesn’t make much sense to add more.”

Then, what was left were just agility and defence.

“Agile, meaningless.”

Her family knew her own affairs, she was completely a novice who didn’t understand martial arts.
Extraordinary agility may be advantageous in the hands of martial arts practitioners, but it may disrupt her rhythm.

After thinking for a moment, Gu Qing’an turned her attention to the defence.

With a thought, the defensive attribute jumped, and it became two points.

In an instant, Gu Qing’an felt the difference.

There seemed to be an invisible force field all over her body, softly wrapping her.
Her skin was still smooth and delicate, but she could faintly notice that the white light seemed to be stronger.

This layer of force field was covered with clothes, and Gu Qing’an gently pulled her sleeves with her hand.
The clothes that were originally just ordinary fabrics felt like they were made from highly durable material from her previous life.

Gu Qing’an felt that this suit could at least protect against ordinary metal swords.

“It turns out that the constitution revolves around healing ability and resistance, and the defence increases armour and force field?”

She was an experienced gamer in her previous life, so she classified the bonus of attributes.

“Ah… sneeze…” Lin Yao from the back sneezed, “It’s so cold, what are these two going to do?”

The fire in the darkness was too obvious.
In order not to be discovered, she lost the lantern soon after she came out, so she could only follow the two people in front.

At that time, Lin Yao was also afraid.
“It’s scary outside at night!”

But the lantern had been lost, and the way back could not be found, so she could only follow the two lanterns.

“Gu Qing’an! I hate you the most.” Lin Yao bit her lip, as if she was about to cry.

At the same time, the head of the house.

The name of this village was Song, and the head of the village was naturally also surnamed Song.

Song Li’s home was in the village.
It was a single-door courtyard.
It occupied a large area and was very delicately decorated.
The red brick walls were stained with the blood of many innocent people.



Song Lichang was sleeping soundly, and suddenly heard the sound of dripping water in the room.

“Where is it dripping? It’s raining.”

He ignored it, turned over and continued to sleep.

However, tick tock, tick tock, the sound of dripping water was getting closer and closer.

It was as if someone covered in water was walking towards him.

Song Lichang felt a cold look on him, he couldn’t sleep anymore, and opened his eyes suddenly.

He found a black figure standing beside him.

“Ah! You…” Song Lichang’s horrified voice sounded.


Everything was quiet, like a deep, icy river bottom.

The ticking sound still did not stop.

After a while, there was a smooth, cold voice that didn’t seem like coming from a living person at all.


The black figure turned his head and looked at Lichang’s wife, who was still sleeping in the house.#pleasereadthischapteratWONDERNOVELS.COM



He put down the dead body in his hand, walked outside the room, opened the door, and randomly chose a room and walked in.

Not long after, there was another crackling sound.


The sound of ticking water drops continued, and thin water stains accumulated on the floor of the room.


Quiet, and efficient.

This is the demon’s nemesis.

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