person who gave me food.
She was a very beautiful sister.”

“Brother, you eat too, you haven’t eaten for a day.”

Liu Lan was very afraid of this “brother” who suddenly came back, but after finding out that her brother would not hurt her, the fear in her heart dissipated a lot.

Because of the loneliness in the past few years, she quickly became close to Liu Xingxiu.

Looking at Liu Lan’s shining eyes, Liu Xingxiu’s feelings were extremely complicated.

After a long time, Liu Xingxiu smiled reluctantly.
“I’ve eaten it, you can eat it.”

The corpse ate flesh and blood, and didn’t need these.

Liu Xingxiu originally wanted to say something comforting to Liu Lan, but suddenly his will was blurred.

He reached out his hand uncontrollably and put it on Liu Lan’s shoulder.
With a click, the little guy’s eyes were still shining, but he quickly lost his life.

Tear and pull, the bones and flesh of mortals wete not much tougher than paper balls in front of the corpse.
When he squeezed Liu Lan’s neck hard, a spine was pulled out, spilling blood all over.

“No! No! No!” Liu Xingxiu roared in pain.

“Brother?” Liu Xingxiu was awakened by a word that seemed to come from outside.

His eyes blurred for a while, and he woke up suddenly, finding Liu Lan looking at him suspiciously.

And Liu Xingxiu’s hand had been placed on Liu Lan’s shoulder unconsciously.

‘My brother’s hands are so icy.’ Thought the young girl.

Liu Xingxiu suddenly withdrew his hand, and at that moment, he heard footsteps.

Turning his head, in the darkness not far away, two firelights approached.

“A living person…” He growled, pushing Liu

Lan into the room and closing the door.

Liu Xingxiu pressed his feet hard, and there was a muffled sound.
The ground cracked like a spider’s web, and he disappeared in an instant.

He had to kill something to ease his slaughter intent, otherwise he would really kill Liu Lan.

In the darkness, the light of the torch illuminated Gu Qing’an’s face, and suddenly, her complexion changed.

“Be careful!”


She pulled the sword out of the sheath!

Gu Qing’an, who saw a little red dot coming straight towards her on the system interface, and directly used punishment!

The silver light of the sword was like the moonlight, cold and piercing, and the purple light of punishment flowed on the sword, adding a bit of strangeness.

“Roar!” Liu Xingxiu threw a fist at the sword with a fierce look on his face.


The tip of the sword collided with the iron fist, and Liu Xingxiu’s corpse was cut open at once.

“Not good!!!” Liu Xingxiu was incredulous.
In the past few years, he has killed at least ten people.
The strength of this woman was not the most prosperous among those people, but she could do such a terrifying sword attack.

Gu Qing’an was also secretly frightened.
The power of this monster was even more terrifying than the corpse monkey.
The huge reaction force came, and she should have stepped back five or six steps to negate the force, but the defensive force field on her body moved, and she stood firm.

“Does the defensive attribute still have this effect?” Gu Qing’an was overjoyed, and her sword’s momentum did not decrease.

Seeing the blade rushing like a soul-chasing death, a blue light lit up in Liu Xingxiu’s

“Cough cough…” Gu Qingan, who was about to die under the sword, felt a tightness in his chest, as if his mouth, nose and lungs were suddenly filled with water at the same time.

Gu Qing’an gasped for breath, pulled back the sword, and her face was solemn.

Glancing at the panel, [Skill: Punishment (28s)]

“Is that feeling of suffocation just now the ability of this demon?”

“It disappears after a moment, and it is only used in emergencies.
Either the CD is long or the cost is high.”

“No, maybe it’s because I didn’t use it before?”

Gu Qing’an frowned, thinking quickly in her heart.

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