Chapter 8: Upgrade skill

Liu Xingxiu looked at Gu Qing’an, who was standing with a sword, and his eyes shone with fear.

Just as Gu Qing’an was not sure about his once-a-day innate supernatural power [Water Drowning], Liu Xingxiu also feared the demonic sword light just now.

“That sword light…” Liu Xingxiu’s eyes were deep, and he remembered the words of the gray-robed Taoist nun.

The Taoist nun in gray robe sat on a flat rock and talked eloquently, “You have a special fate, and you died in the land of the evil spirits.
By chance, you synthesized this body of water-type demon corpse, which is infinitely powerful, invulnerable to swords and guns, and poisonous to the evil spirits.
In the water, even a True Qi Realm martial artist can’t help you.”

“True Qi realm?” Liu Xingxiu asked.

“Three realms of warriors, body forging, infuriating, innate.”

“One of the real qi realm is after the body forging is completed, the real essence is cultivated, and transformed into the real qi.”

The gray-robed Taoist girl said with a serious face, “Remember! If you meet a true qi warrior, run.”

After his thoughts turned around, Liu Xingxiu turned his blue and white eyes, and stared at Gu Qing’an.

“Is she a true qi warrior?”

He thought, “No, that’s not right, although the sword just now was sharp, the power from the sword was not large.”

“Her sword may not be her own strength, this woman is not that strong!”

“In this case…” Liu Xingxiu’s eyes were full of bloodlust.
He sensed the surroundings, and he was overjoyed.

Around, there were two people with life aura.

Let’s suck up their blood, and kill this infuriating peasent when my injury recovers!

Boom! Liu Xingxiu thought, and immediately rushed towards Gu Qing’an’s left.

When Gu Qing’an saw Liu Xingxiu’s changes, her heart tightened, and she became careful with her knife.

“I haven’t punished yet!” Gu Qing’an panicked, gnashing her teeth and waiting for Liu Xingxiu’s attack.

However, the expected blow did not arrive as expected, and an evil wind flashed past her left side.

Not good, Wang Zhi.

“Ah!!!!” Wang Zhi let out a shrill scream.

His lantern fell to the ground, illuminating his mummified face.
He obviously just died, but he looked like an ancient corpse.

At that moment just now, Liu Xingxiu fully used the water control ability of demon, and while digging out his chest, he sucked all the blood from his body.

Gu Qing’an felt a chill in her heart, and when she looked again, the flesh and blood of Liu Xingxiu’s right arm that she had cut off just now kept squirming, and the cyan yin blood seeped out, hinting that the severed limb was reborn.


There was a sound of weapons falling from the darkness.

“Uuuuuuuuuu, who, who will save me.”

Gu Qing’an was stunned for a moment, and it turned out to be Lin Yao.

How could she follow me?

Seeing Wang Zhi’s death in an instant, Lin Yao trembled and stumbled towards Gu Qingan.

No wonder she was afraid, it was the first time she saw the existence of demons, and it was impossible not to be afraid.

“Sister Gu, save me, woohoo.” Lin Yao cried, her eyes reddened.

Save or not?

Gu Qingan’s decision was made quickly, save.

If she didn’t save her, she would became the blood-sucking bag of this demon, and the Retribution Skill would turn vain.

When the monster’s injury recovers, Gu Qing’an would be killed today.

However, how to save? I’m not good at Punishing.

Gu Qing’an looked at the attribute panel with an embarrassed expression.

[Skill: Retribution (5s)]

Lin Yao felt the darkness behind him, and the cold gaze of the demon stared at her.

“Save me, woohoo!”

The wind howls.

Lin Yao’s feet were unstable for a moment and fell to the ground.
She turned over and saw Liu Xingxiu’s ferocious and terrifying face.


“Big brother!!!!!”

Lin Yao and Liu Lan’s voices sounded at the same time.

Liu Xingxiu’s movements were stagnant, he turned his head and saw Liu Lan leaning on the door.

Gu Qing’an was also stunned.
“The demon still has a family? No way?”

This demon was actually Liu Lan’s brother.

Lin Yao gasped, and took the opportunity to move back a short distance with panic in her eyes.

“I shouldn’t have killed in front of my sister.”

This thought came to Liu Xingxiu’s mind.

The bright color flashed in Liu Xingxiu’s eyes, but then he was occupied by bloodthirsty.

He continued to wave his claws towards Lin Yao.

“I’m going to eat you!”

The injured demon was even more brutal and bloodthirsty, and even the call of his close relatives could only wake him up for a moment.

But, a moment was enough.

Clang! It was Gu Qing’an who attacked with the sword.

The strange purple light of the sword came along an arc-shaped trajectory.

The sword slashed across Liu Xingxiu’s body, and he screamed strangely and retreated.

“Are you all right?” Gu Qingan said to Lin Yao who was behind her without turning her head.

“No…it’s fine.”

Lin Yao looked at Gu Qing’an who was standing in front of her, and there was an inexplicable meaning in her eyes.

Gu Qing’an turned to her slightly and said, “Stand behind me, I will protect you.”


Lin Yao stood up timidly.
She was arrogant and now looked like a frightened deer, making people want to hug and love her.

However, Gu Qing’an didn’t have time to take care of Lin Yao, she stared at Liu Xingxiu.

Liu Xingxiu’s condition was very poor.
The sword just now almost ripped open his belly.

The blue yin blood took up more and more of the water droplets that were dripping from his body.

Once again, he took a sturdy retribuion, which made his injury more serious and made his will more blurred.

He was severely injured by Gu Qing’an twice.
Liu Xingxiu’s instinct kept him away from Gu Qing’an and Lin Yao behind her.

“I can’t eat this living person…”

“Then only…” Liu Xingxiu looked at Liu Lan with emotionless eyes.

There were not many people in the east of the village, except for Liu Lan, the nearest living people were hundreds of meters away.

Gu Qingan saw that it was not good, and shouted at Liu Lan, who was stunned, “Run!”

But, it didn’t work.

The power and speed of demons were much stronger than mortals, and even injured demons were faster than Gu Qing’an.

Before she could stop her, Liu Xingxiu rushed in front of Liu Lan.

Sharp claws approached, and Liu Lan seemed to be frightened, motionless.

Seeing that the tragedy was about to happen, Gu Qing’an couldn’t bear it.
“In the end, can’t I save her?”

However, the blood that was expected did not appear.

“Brother…” Liu Lan whimpered.

Brother, this word deeply hurt Liu Xingxiu, and he struggled.


“Absolutely not…” Liu Xingxiu stopped his movements, let out a low roar, slammed his head against the wall of the adobe house next to him, and the whole house collapsed in an instant.

He turned around and faced Gu Qing’an, this simple action seemed to use up all his strength.

“Kill me!”

“Warrior! Kill me.”

The clear and bright color in Liu Xingxiu’s eyes rarely overwhelmed the bloodthirsty desire.

It was impossible for people who become demons to recover.

However, he could choose to end.

Gu Qing’an was silent for a while, [Retribution (ready)].

“As you wish.”

The sword light flashed, and the head flew up.

[Inflicting a Lot of Damage on different-level demons and corpses, you will get 4 Hunting Demons Points]

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