Chapter 11: 讓她主動上鉤

Let her take the bait

The scene he saw on the roof that day came back to his mind and he felt sick in his stomach.

“This medicine will be given three times in the morning and three times in the evening, and the swelling should be gone by tomorrow morning.” Lu Yunluo took out a bottle of medicine from her room and carefully applied it to Yin Shuang.
This medicine is made from herbs from her space.
It is very effective in reducing swelling and removing bruises.

“If anyone dares to come to our door in the future, just beat them back for me!” She had never been the one who was at a disadvantage.

“Hn.” Yin Shuang nodded

The current Niang Niang is really different from before.
She must not disgrace her anymore in the future.

Inside the imperial study room. 

Ji Wu Jue is dressed in a dark red dragon robe with gold silk trim, and on his head is a magnificent purple and gold crown with jade inlays.
His handsome face, flawless figure is slightly pale.

This year, since the beginning of summer, most areas have not had a single rainfall for three months in a row.
If this continues, I am afraid that this year’s harvest will be reduced and there will be a famine after winter.

If this matter is not dealt with properly, it could lead to unrest and shake the foundation of the country.

He put down a folded paper in his hand with a slight headache, Cao Zhong Quan then asked a court lady to bring in a bottle of wine.

“Your Majesty, Yao Guìrén has heard that you are fond of lotus wine lately, so she brewed a jug of it herself and had it sent here.”

The palace maid filled the wine cup and then withdrew.

A faint fragrance of lotus flowers lingered on the tip of his nose, but it did not have the aroma of wine.
Sure enough, it’s not even close to the lotus wine she made.

Ji Wu Jue suddenly felt a little irritated.

He thought he would be able to find her yesterday by using that picture book as a clue, however nothing was known about it except that it was sold by a eunuch called Xiao Lu Zi.

The little eunuch was most likely her disguised identity.

As a matter of fact, after checking the entire name list of the harem, there wasn’t any eunuch called Xiao Lu Zi.

This woman is as slippery as a loach, and there is no clue whatsoever.

He felt that he had missed some important information.

Looking at the jug of lotus wine on the table,Ji Wu Jue’s eyes flickered.
Perhaps he should use the silver as bait and let her take the bait voluntarily. 

“Cao Zhong Quan, pass on my decree, Yao Guiren has a pure and beautiful heart, a capable and deft hand.
This lotus wine is very pleasing to my heart, give the reward.”

“Remember, give a big reward!”

“Aye!” Cao Zhong Quan obeyed the order, but in his heart he was full of doubts. Your Majesty, what is the medicine in this gourd? He could see clearly that His Majesty had not even taken a sip of the lotus wine that Yao Guìrén had sent to him. How could he have suddenly become drunk?

Sure enough, the heart of a ruler is hard to predict.

On the same day, a long line of palace maids arrived at Li Xia palace with the imperial gifts, all of which were treasures.
It looked as if Yao Guiren was the first to be favored. 

In the evening, Liu Yun Palace was not to be outdone and word spread that the emperor was purchasing the lotus wine for a large sum of money.

If the wine had been brewed for a week, it would cost 50 taels of silver a bottle, and if it had been brewed for half a month, it would cost 300 taels a bottle.

A month’s brew of lotus wine is worth a thousand taels for a bottle!

If the Emperor likes it, he will reward you with another 1,000 taels.

As soon as this news came out, the eunuchs and palace maids in the entire harem were all flare up with excitement.

This Lan Guìrén, in order to compete with Yao Guìrén, was so generous and liberal with money, selling a week’s supply of lotus wine to Liu Yun Palace for 50 taels of silver. 

Their official’s salary (in feudal times) was only 2 taels of silver a month, so they could earn so much money just by making lotus wine, moreover it was without risk!

After one night, the lotus flowers in the pond had been plucked out of it.

Almost everyone in the palace started to make the wine lotus. 

When Lu Yunluo found out about this, it was Yin Shuang who inadvertently revealed the news to her during the time she was eating her lunch.

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