[mcs POV]

When I gained consciousness, I had my eyes closed as I thought about the things that happened which can be either dream or reality. The reason why he closed his eyes was because he thought that maybe he is been kidnapped and is being watched right now . But this thought also went away as things were too strange for it to be a kidnapping, therefore he tried to open his eyes little by little.

When I opened my eyes slowly things started too become a little clear, I remember that i was just gonna watch an anime but with my shitty luck, I don even know what happened now that i look around me.

It was a small wooden room that looked like it needed some serious repairs or it could fall at any moment. In the room was not anything in particular.A single bed, small closet, a window and a mirror.

Wait window, why does it feel high for me as I remember my hight should be around 6ft Or even more thats when I remembered that before fainting I did see someones small hands.

I slowly look down and see the same little hands which were soaked in blood.

”!! ” I was so shocked that i thought my soul left my body.As I had blood on my hands but there are no other people in the room and it feels like the blood actually came out of me that is it belongs to me, after which I ran to the mirror and things weren getting any better.

In front of the mirror from where I was standing I could see a reflection of a small boy with round deep red eyes that made him look a little devilish, cheeks that were a little chubby as there was baby fat there , height a little more than 100cm, cherry lips, fair skin and a cute dimple on the cheek. In short it was me when I was 5year old just my eyes were black and this is red not that i mind it also look good.

Wait thats not the main point, why the heck am I a five year old boy in some shady old wooden room with blood all over my clothes and hands.

It was then I heard someones voice outside.

”Hey are there any survivors here ”voice 1 spoke and it sounded like a middle aged man.

”No I think they killed all and took away the loot ” Another one spoke.

But the content of their conversation made my mind a mess again as I didn know what to do now. As according to them the place I am in now was met with some tragedy which killed everyone.

And the body of the boy which I took must have been dead too. That would explain the blood all over him.

”Well lets search every house to be sure, you know that captain has said so ”

”Yes. ”

Now should I just present myself and say hey i survived or should I hide from them. I don even know if they are good people and now Im in a five year olds body how the heck am I supposed to fight if they do something to me.

Yes I should just hid–


The door opened and a middle aged man peeked inside. He was about to close the door when his eyes landed on me his eyes widened and he shouted.

”I found a survivor ”

And chatter began to escalate outside. I was on the other hand stuck in my place as all people or better word to describe them as all the soldiers began to arrive here.

”Hey boy what happened here? ”The middle aged soldier asked while moving toward me.

What, thats the first thing you ask when you find a 5 year old boy in slaughtered village with blood on his clothes, is his EQ 0 or something.

”Oye are you mute ”this time the man asked a little rudely with a slight frown on his face and a little louder.

What the heck,this man is an rude idiot. Well its good that i have nothing to do in this village so i don fell much anger towards this insensitive bastard but still.

Another point actually I know nothing. How can I know nothing when my village is slaughtered and my clothes are soaked in blood, when I was about to say something.

”Bring him to the captain ”

It was a female voice. So there are female soldiers to and important point I am going to meet the captain now I am a little nervous.

”Yes vice-captain ”

The gaurd said with respect and then picked me up without even asking me like a sack of potatoes. This disrespect I really wanted to give him a slap on the head but oh well my time will come MUHAHAHAHA. (Evil laugh internally )

OK. I got a little lost in there, now lets see what the captain wants from me.

It was then that i saw a beautiful girl standing in front of me and my mind froze not just because the number of soldiers which were beside her were numerous but because of her looks.


she was beautiful and i mean in a way she seems like a goddess.

The girl looked like 15-16 years old but was still grown in the places which were important if you know what I mean cough.

She was a tall, beautiful and slender woman with long, light blue hair which reached her waist and blue eyes that shined and you just want to get lost in them. She also has modest breast which for her age was big and would mean that it would grow good in the future,thin waist,round bubbly buttocks and plump thighs and slender legs. She wore a white uniform which is tightly clung to her body and this highlight her curves to the fullest its an apparel with long sleeves with buttons on the upper arms, a dark blue choker on her neck and high-heeled boots. The top button of her uniform was open which allowed one to see her cleavage which gave her an even sexy look.

But my mind was working overtime as I remember seeing this woman or at picture of her in which she was a mature and I don want my thoughts to be right as that would mean something very very unrealistic thing happened to me. When I was lost in my thoughts the woman looked at me from head to toe and then asked the man who now placed me on the ground.

”Is this the only boy you found in the whole village ”

The soldier bowed. Hmph not so rude now you bastard., I mentally snorted but his next words froze me.

”Yes all the other people in the village are dead except this boy captain Esdeath ”

Only then did the girl looked at me at the same time i was looking at her,our eyes met and reality began to settle in me. Yes she is the one who I thought she was.

Esdeath the character from the anime akame ga kill.

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