”Shiro!!! ”

Looking up from his seat in the back corner to see who was shouting so obnoxiously loud, Harus gaze fell upon Mina Uzaki.

Standing at 57 with long blonde hair done in a braid that reached to her cute butt, deep blue eyes and cherry blossom pink lips and a body that screams sinful. The always bubbly and smiling Mina ran to the back of Harus home room.

Haru simply watched as the black and gold school skirt swayed as she ran up to his neighbors desk.

Honestly whoever designed the girls uniform in this damn school is a pervert was the only though Haru had before turning his head back down to his doodles.

”So Mina care to tell me why you
e here in my home room and not your own? ” Shiro looked up at the smiling goddess.

”Hmm can I just come see my handsome boyfriend? Did you want me to leave meow? ”

Mina pouted and wrapped her arms around her boyfriend and pulled his head into her bust.

Damn normies get a room, I should ask Shizuki if I can move my desk again. I mean 28th times the charm, Im sure Im wearing him down!

Haru couldn focus on his doodles and he unwillingly began to eavesdrop on the duo. Taking a peek he felt his nose get hot.

Seriously those skirts are too short.

”Hey pervert otaku, stop staring or Ill report you to the student council. ”

Mina hearing someone saying something turned around and looked at Haru, 63 with long black hair that always seemed to be covering his face, mud brown eyes with flecks of gold? And thick glasses. His mouth with a set of braces that were clearly put in wrong and seemed to be uncomfortable, and wearing the schools winter uniform that was a size to big for the tall boy. Said boy who had an unamused look plastered on his face.

”Was not staring and blame the school for making it that short. ” Mina heard her boyfriends desk mate mumbling.

The girl who called him out walked up to Mina and smiled wickedly.

”You should be more careful Mina, what if the pervert trys to take advantage of your naïve self? ”

”Ha don worry, thanks to your lessons Kari Im more then capable of defending myself, also he helps Shiro out with his studies in class so he can peek from time to time, long as its not blatant. Right Shiro? ”

Mina turned and looked at her boyfriend with a provocative smile.

Shiro leaned back and just smiled.

”Sure I don care if anyone looks, but only I can touch. ” Shiro winked and reached out and pinched Mina on her well toned bubble butt.

”My point still stands I don like his creepy lewd eyes darting down to our thighs. ” Kari spoke loud enough for the thirty two other students in the room to hear her.

Damn it leave me alone you damn banshee Haru looked at Kari and thought to himself.

He dare not say it out loud, last time he did he paid a hefty price for the insult. This girl was a vindictive bitch.

Although he had to admit her thighs were nice.

Kari umuri, Standing at 59 with long soft brown hair that fell down her back, deep green eyes that put emeralds to shame and large plump red lips. Her high cheek bones and pale skin made her look like an empress. She could be considered to have golden proportions for her body.

Then she would open her mouth and you realize that looks ain everything.

”Hmph, Im only here to retrieve Mina. So hurry before the others come looking for us and we get scolded by Shizuki senpai again for loitering in his class. ”

Kari folded her arms under her breasts causing them to perk up and narrowed her eyes at her friend and boyfriend.

”Too late Kari for we are here! ” A melodic voice could be heard at the door to the class room.

Haru didn even bother too look up because the whole school could recognize that voice.

Standing at the door was the 55, short pink haired, brown eyed Lila Renako. School body president and the most beautiful girl in school, not because of a large pair of knockers or perky bottom, no her charm laid in the fact she looked like the little sister you would die too protect.

In fact Haru nearly did.

The girl next to Lila however was the embodiment of carnal desire, Hanna Renako . 510, long pink hair that went down to her heart shaped butt, large perky breasts that were barely contained in the lewd school uniform. Deep red eyes that could Pearce ones soul and luscious red lips that any man would kill to kiss, she was Lilas half sister and a few months older then Lila.

Out of all the girls in school she was one of the very few Haru didn dislike. Wasn attracted to her but also didn mind her existence. She was a cold beauty who only spoke when she had something important to say.

Her quite nature made her tolerable in Harus eyes.

Both girls walked over to shiros desk and stood with the other two.

Great now all the flys are buzzing around, heh god if you
e up there can you please strike me down so I don have to put up with their sugary aura. Sighing to himself Haru went unanswered for the third year in a row.

”Shiro my parents won be home tonight, why don you come over so we can study fufufu. ” Lila looked at Shiro with a predatory gaze.

”We never actually study Lila. ” Shiro in turn decided to tease the girl.

Why do you hate me god? Haru having enough of the blatant sexual tension the girls were giving off took out his MP3 player and stuck his earphones in and turned on his music. As Papa Roachs …To be loved began to play Haru got lost in his drawings.

As a published manga author Haru took great pleasure in giving his characters a face. He got so into his drawing he didn even notice the girls leave or the class starting, after finishing the shading on his blood berserkers red armor he reached out to pause his music, only to notice a small white object coming at him at sub sonic speeds.

Quickly tilting his head almost like it was natural to quickly dodge for him, he looked up to see his unamused senpai. Hearing the chalk he dodged hit the back wall and roll under his desk he raised his eyebrow in amusement.

”Ahh it seems youve finally returned to earth to grace us with your presence mister Tanako. I hope I haven interrupted something important for you? ”

Standing at the front of the class was an older man with a well kept white beard and neatly trimmed brushed back greying hair. The man was Shizuki Maknamera, a man who screamed friendly neighborhood grandfather.

”Ah sorry sir won happen again. ” Haru blushed a bit out of embarrassment and scratched his cheek a little without looking Shizuki in his eyes.

”Don let it happen again Mr.Takano, now back to what I was saying, does anyone remember your history lesson on how the United federation was formed? ”

A girl in the front row raised her hand and Haru just figured hed tune it out yet keep his eyes forward as to not aggravate his teacher anymore.

”Sir the United federation was established in the year 1962, ten years after the start of world war three in 1952, that saw over ninety percent of the male population killed off and half the human population in general. The former United States, Russia and the island nation of Japan signed a treaty that saw Russia and Japan move their surviving populations into North America. ”

Shizuki nodded his head at the young girl.

”Thats right that war left over forty percent of the world uninhabitable for humans. Russia was hit with the most nuclear bombs wiping out sixty percent of their population, radioactive dust clouds from the impacts then covered Japan leading to the island being evacuated. Nations like India, China and Mongolia were completely wiped off the map. Even to this day their land is uninhabited and rusting away. Very little life managed to get out in time, making their way to the federation. ”

Shizuki sighed as he placed the text book on his desk.

”Now with most of Asia, Europe and the Middle East in ruins the United federation stands as the sole dominant power on earth. However it wasn all sunshine and rainbows after the war, I want you too look around this class room. ”

All the students looked too and fro in the class room after Shizuki made the request.

”Notice the issue currently plaguing humanity? ” Shizuki asked in a low cold tone too his students.

”Five males, six if you count me. Twenty seven females, thats a very large discrepancy. It only gets worse when you look at this school as a whole. Five thousand students with only 213 of them males, The capital of Horizon has a population of forty five million and only one million two hundred thousand males. Worse still when you look at humanity as a whole, this lead to the Federation passing the polygamy law. A law that allows for a man to have up to ten wives.

This however was not enough which lead to the aptly named puberty law, lowering the age a man can legally have sexual relationships to just 13, for women however it was lowered to 16. ”

Haru simply looked at his teacher as he leaned against his large oak desk with a tired expression on his old face.

”The vast majority of government work is handled by women, while men often become home makers. Even now in twenty forty seven we still have at least another one maybe even two hundred years before the male population fully recovers. Thankfully there hasn been another war since and our cultures fully integrated together to make something new and unique. ”

Well this homeroom lesson just got dark, honestly giving me the blues

Haru looked at his teacher and couldn help but agree that indeed men were to heavily out numbered in todays society. One of the main reasons he hides himself in his otaku disguise to be honest.

Not like he was always like that but sometimes one must change forcefully to meet new goals or…. twists in fate.


Suddenly two loud knocks were heard on the classroom doors.

”One moment class while I see who has decided to interrupt our lesson. ”

Shizuki walked up to the door and slid it open.

”Oh miss Otoro, how may I be of help to you today? ”

Haru could hear Shizuki address the person at the door and his face instantly went pale at the individuals name.

Suddenly a sweet yet authoritarian female voice was heard speaking to Shizuki.

”Hello sir, sorry to intrude during your lesson. ”

Pulling out a piece of paper and handing it to Mr.Shizuki the voice resumed.

”I have permission from Mrs.Konako to interview one of your students. I was hoping to pull them from your homeroom lesson and get the interview done immediately, so I can spend the day getting ready to publish for the school paper tomorrow. ”

Looking at the paper that was signed by the schools principal Shizuki simply smiled.

”Of course far be it from me to say no to miss Konako, give me one second. ”

Turning his gaze and scanning the classroom, Shizuki locked eyes with his target sitting in the back corner of the class.

”Mr.Tanako, would you kindly come up here? ”

Haru stood up with shaky legs and shuffled his way to the door, under the gaze of all the seated students.

Finally reaching the opened door Haru is greeted by the last face he wanted to see in his last high school year.

Rei Otoro, 53, long white hair that was done up in beautiful twin tails with jet black ribbons. Deep azure eyes filled with wisdom and ferocity. A very lewd body that did not belong on her short stature, seriously those puppies got to be double dees.

Wearing the schools trademarked black blazer and short pleated skirt, both with gold accents. Her most definite feature though was the thigh high black ripped socks that hugged her Snow White thighs, she seemed to always love wearing them despite their ripped nature. A fact Haru praised deep in his heart considering he bought them for her.

As a thigh man Haru always appreciated those socks and the godly work they do.

”Hello Haru good to see you again, Im with the United highs school newsletter. In fact Im the chief editor and journalist! Im doing an exposé on talented students and wanted to talk about your published manga. It has come to my attention not many students or faculty are aware of you or your deeds and I hope to change that verrrry soon~~ ”

Most would shrug her words off and agree happily but Haru? He noticed that look in her eyes, the look of a cat that found a little mouse all alone. The look of a predator.

”I guess thats ok miss Otoro, are we conducting the interview here in the hallway? ”

Looking at the tall boy in front of her Rei could only rub her thighs together in hopes of quelling her growing lust.

”No it would be too unprofessional for me too conduct it here so would you mine cumming with me~~ ”

Looking behind Haru at Shizuki she smiled.

”May I borrow him for awhile and conduct my interview in my office at the news room? ”

Shizuki not noticing anything out of the ordinary simply nodded and waved Haru and Rei off before closing the class room door.

Haru however noticed everything including the fidgeting of her legs and her rapid breaths as she would peek at him. Thanks too his constant training in martial arts and swordsmanship since he was five, nothing ever escaped his gaze, he mostly just elected to ignore it if it wasn a threat to him.

However he was shocked suddenly when she grabbed his hand and began to drag him down the hallway with a deep crimson blush on her face, neck and ears.

Still as Cute as ever

Was the only thought Haru could muster as he was dragged along.

However he soon drew the attention of a few students who were going about to the restroom or club activities and errands.

”What the hell is Rei doing holding that creeps hand!?!? Isn she one of Shiro senpais girlfriends?? ” That was usually the most common reaction Haru heard as Rei tugged him down the hallways towards the news room and her office.

”Don let them bother you and in case you
e wondering Im not that sleazy bastards woman. ”

Rei turned her head a bit and peeked at Haru out of the corner of her eye to see his reaction to her words.

To say she was disappointed at his calm face devoid of a single ** given would be an understatement.

Why does she look so peeved? Did I do something wrong? I should assuage her insecurities with a well thought out reply.

”Ain any of my business who you date now. ”

Nailed it

Haru however never showed his satisfaction of his answer on his face and kept a calm aloof expression the whole time.

Rei simply turned so Haru wouldn see her dissatisfaction plastered on her face. All she could think for the rest of the walk to her office was stupid dumb baffoon idiot! I swear Im going to make you love me unconditionally again! Just you wait!.

Finally reaching the news room Rei stopped dead in her tracks, causing the tall and heavy Haru who was being dragged to stumble and preform the infamous wall slam scene.

Rei completely shocked wanted to apologize so she looked up at Haru…however her words got caught in her throat and she felt an electric shudder race up her spine to her brain causing it to shut down.

Haru looked at the hand on the wall by the news rooms door before looking down at his second hands placement and his face went completely red.

Realizing his mistake as Rei looked up at him with a completely dazed look on her face, he could feel her heart racing through his palm.

Immediately Haru backed off over five feet and preformed the only saving grace he could… he went dogza and began to machine gun apologize.

He started off with apologizing for grabbing her breast and slamming the wall, but quickly in a panic he began apologizing for things he had done wrong through out his whole life.

Starting with but not limited too stealing a candy bar when he was five, hiding all the batteries in his home when he was eight for a month straight leading to his parents grounding him for three months, and finally but she was sure not the last thing, sneaking into his big sisters room when he was ten and writing ”fart factory ” on the butt of all her panties in black permanent marker.

Watching the comedic scene happening in front of her, she had a memory of days passed with the same stupid Haru that was now in front of her. Reis face turned bright red as she held her dainty hands up to her mouth to stop from bursting out in laughter at Harus antics.

It didn work.

”Bahahahahahaha what the hell is wrong with you its just a tit you goofball! ” Rei began to laugh hysterically at Haru as he raised his head and stared at her with wide eyes.

”Just a tit? ”

After mumbling her words out loud himself Haru gazed down at his hand that was still warm from her breast, balling his hand up and releasing it a few times he calmed down and recollected his thoughts.

He was much better at it then Rei whose mind was in complete disarray, she was sure when recess started she would have too go change her panties after feeling Harus large rough hand gripping her breast and rubbing against her nipple.

”The ** is going on! What did you do to her you pervert otaku!!! ”

Haru flinched once he heard that loud obnoxious voice that always haunts his dreams.

Turning he came eye to eye with Lila and Kari, Lila had a disgusted look on her face while Kari was giving him a death glare.

”Well I believe Kari asked you a question bastard? ” Lila kept looking at him like he was the worst humanity had to offer. He immediately regretted saving her when he heard her cold tone.

However something shocking and completely out of his expectati

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