The vast northern part.
A rough and barren land.

The tense atmosphere of the battlefield ahead of the end of the territorial war was a burden for the young girl, who was usually insensitive.

The time when the red sunset pushed the gray clouds away and devoured the sky.
The golden shadow of the blazing sun embraced the enemies and the allies without distinction.

A place filled by blood, dust, and screams.

As the girl raised her head, she saw a boy holding a long sword in the middle of the battlefield.
A boy standing precariously, stained red with someone’s blood from head to toe.

‘Ah. He’s the older brother from before.’

‘Don’t lose.
Be sure to win.’

She looked at his back from far away, then suddenly the boy on the battlefield, whose face could not have been seen, turned his head unexpectedly and made eye contact with the red-haired girl.

‘Huh? Why today?’

As the girl’s almond-colored eyes widened, the boy began to slowly approach her with a faint smile.



Klisha fell off the bed in an unexpected dream.

She saw the boy who has never turned his head before.
As if on a whim, in today’s dream, she was able to make eye contact even from a distance.

‘That’s strange.’

She has never seen that boy’s face in real life or in the dream. Why does it feel like she can see his face today?

The red-haired girl climbed up to the bed as if she had just woken up, and before she could even reflect on her dream last night in a dazed state, she fell out of bed once again at the sudden news.



“Did I hear it right?”

She, Klisha Mezzerine, muttered with her big eyes wide open, even though she had heard the news from the morning.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Nanny.
You heard that too, right, Nanny? What is he talking about?”

Unlike the appearance of a well-groomed noble young lady, the young woman opened her mouth with a frown on her dazed face.

“Oh, my.
It’s crazy, I’m speechless.”

The maiden laid his body on the floor and shook her head while continue talking.

Are you really telling me that? Is everyone crazy? What the hell are you talking about?”

The young woman, who had been suffering for a moment with her head banged on the floor, raised her hands and ripped off her luscious red hair, and thought.

‘I should go out first.
It’s not something that’s just gonna happen.’

Although not flashy, the morning sunlight scatters through the neatly decorated white curtains.
An old-fashioned reception set.
A peaceful landscape painting hung on the wall.
The mansion was decorated with occasional lace and pastel-toned flowers, subtly revealing the owner’s taste.

In her crumpled pajamas, which did not match the neat house at all, she shoved a blond knight who was delivering the news, and stormed out of the bedroom door like a bison.

“Aaaaah! Father! Is what I just heard true?”

In the ensuing cry, the young woman’s deep anger was clearly felt.

“Divorce? Divorce, hey hey??? What do you mean!!!!!”

All the birds sitting on the branches outside the window fluttered up, except for a red bird that took a long time to pick up its feathers.

“I am!”

The grass flowers that had neatly bloomed along the wall were also shaken in the wind.

“I am not even married yet!”

As the screams of the furious young girl approached, like a storm, both those who delivered the news and those who received the news hurriedly finished their conversations.

“Viscount Mezzerine, we will return now.
I ask for your understanding.”

“…I see.
You must be busy, but thank you for visiting me.
In any case … thank you.”

“Explain it well to the Lady … please do us this favor.”


The three or four uninvited guests who visited Viscount Mezzerine, left behind a single large gilded parchment paper, and drifted away as fast as the wind, like skilled knights.



When the door of the reception room opened, Viscount Mezzerine, who looked like additional 10 years was added to his age, sighed and spoke.

Let’s go inside.
Come in and I’ll explain it to you.”

“Where do I go in?! Is the location the problem now?”

“My dear….”

“Divorce? What divorce? What’s with the divorce papers? No.
I’m not even married! What divorce aaargh!”

A pair of eyes burning like flames and tangled red hair above the red flushed cheeksthe appearance of his daughter looked like the incarnation of Kamika, the fire spirit.

Even the retired old knight, Isaac Mezzerine, flinched for a moment.

Klisha, who was not concerned about her outfit at all, swung her arms out of control as she circled around the reception room.

“No, father.
Who did I marry in the first place, no, who did I divorce?”




“What? I can’t hear you!”

Unable to bear it anymore, the Viscount shouted, rubbing his face with both hands roughly.

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