fault that my lord failed to be the first one to….

But Cain could not finish his sentence.
Altair made a small sphere the size of a fingernail on his hand and shot it to Cain’s forehead.

 “Ouch, how can you use your aura at times like this?”

“It’s up to me whether to use it or not anyway, is it not?”

“Aish, I hope you’re satisfied now!” 

So that’s where it comes from. 

It was her first time seeing it with her own eyes. 

Only those who have reached the level of Sword Master can use Aura, but there were so few of them that it could be counted on fingertips.

She had seen some Sword Masters in the capital, but they never exposed their power easily.

Besides, they were all middle-aged knights, so a young talented swordsman like Altair was rare.

From here on, because he was strong enough to handle Aura, the villain was able to make a big contribution in the war and became a duke afterward. 

Information on Altair’s appearance before becoming a Duke and appearing in the capital was never described, so very little information was available.
The only information was that he had played a major role in the upcoming war with neighboring countries. 

“Don’t make a noise and get out of here.
If you really want to receive special training, you can stay.”

After Altair’s final warning, Cain teasefully raised both hands in surrender and left the seat. 

As he left, the atmosphere around them became heavily awkward again. 

Does he not want to see me eat comfortably?

She shed tears on the inside and quietly continued sipping her beer. 

It was hard to believe that only two nights had passed since the wedding.
To her, it felt like eternity, as every passing moment was some sort of torture to her.


The knights of Aylesford were overjoyed at the fact that they finally had a mistress.

Wasn’t it any knight’s dream to serve a Lady? 

As a matter of fact, they were halfway to giving up on serving their own lord.
It was because they thought Altair, their captain and the lord of Aylesford, would never get married for the rest of his life.

Altair Aylesford was very distant on the outlook.
He was an excellent prosecutor but had a blunt personality.
He spoke rudely and had a rather rough impression….
He was a pretty good guy, but that was not enough to overshadow his scary appearance. 

However, the lord had a flaw, it was the tendency to cancel out everything, when intentionally or accidentally. 

“He’s a bum.” 

“He’s not just a bummer.
He’s also a beggar.” 

“Then doesn’t that make us beggars too? Since he is our lord.” 

There could never be a woman who wanted to marry a poor aristocrat, who lived in a rural village. 

However, one day, news of a marriage between him and a noble lady from the capital came.
It was said that the marriage was decided almost in an instant without much thought. 

The whole Aylesford estate was completely stunned. 

It was said that the other party was the precious daughter of the marquis. 

“… has the lady gone mad?” 

“Maybe there is something wrong with her? You know, maybe she is ugly, or unable to talk.” 

“Or did she not find a place in the capital city to settle down because it was too crowded?” 

After collecting their thoughts, the knights concluded that the bride of the lord was clearly not up to their expectations.
Otherwise, this ridiculous marriage would not have been possible. 

“But what else can we do? It is something to be grateful enough just for her to come to this estate.” 

“That’s right, the lord is in a position where he should be bowing and thanking any lady who dares to come here.” 

The knights’ assessment was relentless, but it was also true. 

They gathered together and attended the wedding, deciding that however their future madame would be like, they would serve her with all due respect as their rightful mistress. 

However, the bride who appeared on the wedding day was a completely different person from their predictions. 

The Madame was neither ugly nor muted whatsoever.
She was a beauty with lovely light pink hair and sparkling blue eyes. 

Throughout the wedding, the knights’ mouths were wide agape and just stared at her with disbelief. 

The lady stood upright and maintained her dignity even in a chaotic situation where the groom did not show up.

“Am I dreaming right now?” 

“Such lines are meant for the groom.” 

“Still, I don’t know if it’s a dream or reality.
Can you hit me once?”

Knights sitting side by side pinched each other’s arms to confirm that the moment was not an illusion. 

The knight, who stood next to her as the groom’s representative, thought that even her writing on the marriage pledge was beautiful.
He looked ecstatic, receiving everyone’s envy. 

“But I didn’t think that the Lord would appear like that.”

“It was even staggering to us too, no wonder the madame passed out.” 

“ I’ve never seen a lady faint before.” 

“The lord caught the lady as she fell gracefully though! Lucky!” 

“If that had been my sister who is a native of Aylesford.
I would have slapped him in the back for getting blood stained on him on the wedding day.” 

The knights reminisced about the first time meeting their elegant madame and chatted with excitement. 

In fact, they had no idea what their ‘elegant madame’ was thinking inside. 

On the night after the tumultuous wedding, there was a battle over who would be the first to swear a knightly oath to the madame. 

Their battles were more practical and wilder than the graceful battles of the capitalists.
It was a habit that came from using a sword practically in a border area where there was always danger. 

The best in this field was by far Altair. 

Without Altair, Cain took the first place.
He was considered the most talented man among the knights, so everyone had to accept it. 

Cain sang excitedly when the dinner, where his first face-to-face meeting with the madame took place, began. 

Some fell to the table holding their stomachs at the bizarre song, while others covered their ears and threw peanuts at him. 

Amidst the chaos, the madame appeared. 

The knights stopped everything they were doing and stared at her in raptures.

That’s the madame we’re going to serve!

The knights looked at Nadia, holding their breath until she sat down. 

When Nadia started eating, they shed tears of joy, admiring her every small action.

I can’t believe we have such a lovely madame.

It’s the first time I feel the need to thank the Lord like this.

The knights shed tears inwardly, but remained solemn on the outside.
It was because they wanted to show the madame that they were excellent knights. 

But Cain wasn’t interested in anything like that.
He had an out-going personality and was far from being serious. 

Among the natives of Aylesford, it could be said that he was a different species. 

“I will have a drink, Cain.” 

Cain seemed to have earned the world when Nadia called him by his name. 

As he patted his chest, intended to become Nadia’s first knight, he made eye contact with Altair, who looked as if he was going to kill him before he could finish his speech.

Altair was gritting his teeth, seemingly said. 

First one? You? Do you have a death wish? Beat it.
If you don’t want special training. 

The special training that Altair was referring to was a one-sided sparring battle under the guise of training.

It would definitely help after it’s over, but while they were doing it, they felt like they would get killed from the hitting. 

Cain protested in silence, but was easily overpowered by Altair.

He was the best among the Knights, but Altair, the Master Swordsman, was invincible.

The knights comforted Cain by patting Cain’s shoulders as he was ruthlessly defeated.

“Just be understanding toward him.
Somehow, he has been humiliated from the first night as they didn’t spend it together.
Therefore, of course he would be angry to see you sit next to her like that.” 

“That’s right.
I noticed he hasn’t even called her name yet.” 

“Maybe he won’t be able to call the madame by her name for the rest of his life.” 

If it’s the captain, that could be the case.” 

In the whispering conversation of the knights, Altair was becoming more and more of a pitiful man.


Character’s close-up portraits



We are back!!! We are so so glad to take over this novel again.
We absolutely loveee this couple, hope you’ll also love them as much as we do ^^

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