I was found

A night to forget.

Gwen was still in her gown. It was quite heavy and long so it was weighing her down. Alec saw her fidget to tie the gown up to her thighs. Alec was watching her.

” If the gowns bothering you…why don you take it off ? ” Alec was taking his shoes off and putting on the skates . He spoke without lifting his eyes. ” Wouldn you like to skate in your underwear?… Wouldn that be exciting? ” he finished his sentence as he stood.

” You really can wait to see me naked , can you ? ” Gwen took his hand as he helped her get on to the ice. Her legs were wobbly and her heart raced.

” Slowly…slowly…You can do it. ” Alec guided her . She looked so scared. Her hazel eyes were so huge with fear.

” Ahhh!!! ” She tripped but Alec caught her in time. She held on to him like her life depended on it .

” If you hold me any tighter…I might lose my morals. ” Alec whispered. Gwen immediately let go but then she lost her balance and fell on her back.

” Owwww! ” She shrieked in pain . She looked at Alec who was standing above her. He was laughing. ” Once you
e done having fun , let me know. ” she was angry. She didnt take failure well.

” You know what ? I don get it. ” He held out his hand and lifted her. ” You seemed fearless at first but now I realize you
e just a coward. ”

” Im not. ” She stretched her aching back . ” Ill prove it . ” she tried to move on her own by she fell again. She fell flat on her face. Alec was quick to help her but she refused. ” Ill manage. ” Alec just smiled . She looked cute when she tried so hard.

After several embarrassing falls and defeats , Gwen finally was beginning to get the hang of it. She was still shaking but she managed to stay in her feet. She felt adrenaline rush through her body. She closed her eyes and spread her arms . She lost her balance once more but Alec held her.

” Looks like you finally managed to not land on your butt . ” he held her hand and they glided over the ice.

” Im hungry. ” Gwen admitted. ” Do you think theres a vending machine somewhere around here? ”

” Lets go have a look. ” They got off the ice.

Luckily ,they found a vending machine. Gwen was really craving chocolate chips right now . The smile on her face disappeared. ” Shit! I left my purse in your car . ” she looked at Alec . ” Do you have any money on you ? ”

” Nope. ” he never carried any money in him . He only kept his credit card available and that too was in his car. He didn like to see Gwen worried. ” Lets break it. ” he picked a bat that was lying in a corner.

” What do you mean break it ? ” she glared at him. ” This isn our property! ”

” Dont worry . Ill buy them ten more . ” He swung the bat and it cracked the glass. He handed her the bat. ” Now you try. ”

Gwen held the bat . She looked at it then back at him. He gave her a thumbs up.

” Go ahead. Do something stupid. Youll love the feeling. ” Alec laughed.

She gripped the bat tight and swung it. The rest of the glass came shattering down with a loud noise. Gwen felt like a teenager. Doing all the crazy stuff and acting like nobody could stop them.

They sat there and chatted as they munched on the treats. Alec didn know if this was the appropriate time to ask her about her job. He cleared his throat.

”So…What is your job exactly? ” he waited for an answer. Gwen stared in to space.

” All you need to know is that I work. I work hard to keep my family happy. ” she sighed. ” All work is work after all. Alec , Id appreciate it if you didn ask me about it …okay? ”

” Okay. ” he left the matter. She would open up if she wanted to.There was silence after that. Then Gwen remembered something hed said at the ball. Hed called her his property and hed said that he didnt like to share. She was curious.

” Why did you call me your property and say that you didn like to share back there at the ball? ” she looked him in the eye. They were seated in the floor , shoulder to shoulder. She seemed to realize their closeness so she put some distance. ” Well…tell me . ” she maintained eye contact.

Alec didn know what to say. Should he tell her that she had his attention since their first meeting? Should he tell her that she stirred things in him that he couldn understand? Or should he tell her how bad he wanted to kiss her right then? ” You were my date and hence my property. And its true I don like to share. ”

” Fair enough. ” his answer was logical. Why was she even asking? From the looks of it , he seemed like a heart throb. Ladies must drool whenever they see him . She didn stand a chance with him. ” It wouldn work. itd just be a mistake. ” she accidentally let her thoughts spill !

” What would be a mistake ? ” Alec leaned closer. Gwen looked away shyly. God why was she acting like this ?

” Nothing , I was just thinking about all the mistakes Ive made in my life so far. ” she wasn lying. If shed gotten a proper job and lived in an upright way maybe shed be happier with herself .

” Gwen ? ” Alecs voice was different . It was filled with so much emotion.

” Whats the matter? ” Gwen was quick to respond. His hand went around her waist and pulled her to him. Before she could react , his lips touched hers. His lips were soft and his kiss was gentle yet demanding. Her eyes slowly closed and she allowed herself to get lost . He parted her lips and his tongue gained access to her mouth . He slowly explored her and soon his kiss became more passionate. His lips pressed harder and Gwen was running out of breath but she didn want it to end. Her hand went around his neck and his hands wrapped tighter on to her waist. Her body was getting hot …too hot. She felt the heat build up with in her core. Just the Alec pulled away. They were both panting. When she looked in his eyes , they were filled with something else…desire. She didn expect what he said next.

” Are you willing to make one more mistake with me tonight ? ”

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