Angus stood silently until a customer entered, they had slightly pointy ears with a rather average complexion, the clothes were average too. This immediately put Angus on full alarm. The best way to blend into somewhere is to wear clothing that would be in the middle of all perceptions of fashion, or work. There would simply be no interest in getting that person into any group. This means that the person in front of him was likely a criminal or a mercenary. The mercenary came to the front and said, ”Four beers, a loaf of buttered bread sliced, and a glass of spring water ” The mercenary put several coppers on the counter then seemed to not care. Angus took the money, wrote down the order then went to the back to pass on the message. The old innkeeper immediately handed him a tray with everything prepared, the sliced bread didn have butter on it though so he got to that.

Angus took the water and beers to the mercenary, ”Wheres the **ing bread ” He spoke clearly annoyed. ”We
e buttering it. ” He spoke honestly and soon the bread was delivered to the man. Looking closely there was a small protrusion on the mans left pants side. Likely a knife. The man then asked, ”Has prince Helward come to this town yet? Hes been taxing every tavern to the ground ever since his stalwart ceremony ” A stalwart ceremony is a ceremony held by princes of the kingdom he was in for their entry to adulthood. He simply didn know many of the politics or figures since most maps he saw or charts were of local regions. ”Not that Im aware of, but Im new here. ” He spoke honestly and shrugged his shoulders. The mercenary gave an annoyed puff, finished his food and left. The rest of the night there were various travelers coming to talk with him, the worst was when there was a clique of young women making fun of his hair. That left him feeling down for the rest of the night, although it wasn cut, it was quite neat and styled with a ponytail, he looked like a rugged adventurer. The culture of the capital seemed quite different. This is how he spent the following week, he would eat in the morning, take a bath in a nearby stream then head to work, he learned valuable skills in cooking, handling people and learning new customs.

On a faithful day he nodded to the innkeeper, he never learned the mans name then stepped outside. He had decided it was time to visit Midcrossing, afterwards he chartered his way to Rhinewood and Southtown, although it was rather north from where he was so he chuckled for a moment at the irony, then at his own nearsightedness. He hadn really decided what hed do there, at the moment he was somewhat happy, and somewhat depressed, he was happy since he found value in a new environment, he was depressed since he couldn find someone to communicate with. He had spent a week in this inn and it left him feeling hollow. Sure the innkeeper was nice conversation, but he was a bit weird. He liked to randomly start dancing and would often leave raw meat dangling for days before throwing it away, or have it be eaten by wolves. At this stage leaving was probably for the best. He took stock of his equipment, mainly his clothing, and with the seven coppers he earned he solemnly vowed to get new underwear. With a swing his backpack was on his back where all backpacks should be, he walked to a nearby trail. His walking was rather uneventful he even began whistling a strange tune he heard from the innkeeper. Then he heard voices. One dark and gravely, the other soft and whiny another stoic and indifferent finally, one deep, and rather evil.

”We **ed em good hadn we? ” The gravely voice laughed with a cackle, a cointoss can be heard. Angus made himself quite comfy in the bushes. ”But we didn get the cake! ” Whined the other, ”It doesn matter, we got the artifact, our next stop is at the seer. ” He spoke calmly, he seemed evil but reliable. ”I don like where this is going ” Said the evil voice. ”People are dying- ” he continued until he got interrupted by a bush rustle. A small dog rolled from the bush. They ignored it. ”Fine, well be more careful. ” Said the whiny voice in an annoyed tone. Looking towards the dog with suspicion. ”I think its a spy ”, said the whiny voice. ”Shut up, you
e just trying to make yourself look good because of your earlier failings ”, said the calm voice. The whiny voice started to yell again before Angus saw steel drawn. The owner of the voice was now pinned to a tree, a sword thrust through his chest cavity. This made Angus draw a breath. He didn know the little guy, but seeing him an Impish man, likely influenced by the demons impaled like that, blood running down the blade stopping at the guard before dripping down onto the ground, die so easily. The calm man was vigilant and ruthless to the extreme. ”Im the leader you obey. ” Yanking out the blade from the poor guys chest echoed the unsaid message ”obey or die ”. He then kicked the guy over to the dog then went back to sitting on his stone, taking some dry meat from his pack and chewing on it.

Angus was quite curious, if he could get that artifact, he could make a lot of money, or he might even be able to find out more about the curse on the village, or why he felt like he was going crazy go. It might also be a pretty stone, so if it came to that he would just have to wear it as a necklace. Prestige can be quite a bonus. But finding out secrets, gaining prestige all that is worthless if his life was gone. He shook his head, stood up and walked away, some battles weren worth fighting, but being honest he almost pissed himself when the guy was killed. He had done some delinquent like acts which he didn regret much, but seeing the event he did, reminded him of his family and how he had almost suffered a similar fate. He went back to walking the path, some hillsides were in sight, but it was starting to get late chilly wind blew through the trees creating a hollow resonance. He was alone. With a sigh he picked some dry twigs and leaves, making sure to get ones with lots of little branches that spread out, he then laid them out so that those offshoots pointed towards the sky, the inside of his contraption was quite smooth, he then picked up some leaves, more branches and some sand and like this he build himself a hovel. It wasn durable, but the wind wasn that powerful either. Creeping into his hovel he placed a branch at the entrance to keep out even more of the wind, his action seemed drastic, but he honestly felt like he was dying. Goosebumps littered his skin, shivers cause his body to ache from the strain of shivering, and shivering because its cold. His nipples were also in pain, he tried to deal with that, but anything he tried just made it worse, his only solution was to try to sleep, which he eventually did.

Morning came, an orange glowing ball slowly ascended into the sky like an angel, an angel of heat, an angel of suffering. But for him, it was an angel nonetheless. His former pains were eased, but his body was still quite sore. He crawled out of his little home and kicked it like a maniac. He stopped for a moment and almost slapped himself, he was trying to reduce the signs that someone had been living here, especially to avoid getting caught by those criminals, but he just made it look like someone knew about the meeting, and tried, but failed to make a coverup. It matched his situation oh so perfectly that he felt an anger, a special kind of self hatred, but he buried those for now, like he buried his lovely home. He dug his nails into his palm. He hadn just kicked his home to the ground, but he had also crushed a little bird, without further ado he went to a nearby bush and puked out his last dinner.

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