When you focus on doing something, time often flies by quickly. 

It seems like with a blink of an eye, several days have passed.
The competition has welcomed its first stage. 

It is also the first meeting between contestants and fans since entering the competition. 

Neither the contestants and the production team worry about a lack of audience at the venue because even a skinny camel is larger than a horse. And even the most obscure idol will always have a few die-hard fans who will be willing to come and show support at this time. 

Not to mention, after the previous two episodes, many new fans have entered the topic.

The most crucial point is that the production team intentionally invited professional ticket scalpers to create a bustling atmosphere and intentionally created a situation where tickets were hard to come by, which even made it to the hot search.

However, these were not related to Luo Xin and his team, as they were still busy practicing.

It's unclear whether it was because hiding a phone was difficult, but in any case, it took Luo Xin several days to receive his online purchase, but at least he managed to smuggle his phone in and finally no longer had to be isolated from the world.

Although some contestants also hid their phones, most of them had prepared for it in advance.

If it weren't for the lack of preparation, Luo Xin could even have secretly brought in his computer!

Incidentally, in the midst of his intense practice sessions, he managed to carve out half an hour each day to use a fake account to vote for Shao Xiangchen and manage the new fan group.
He can be considered a master of management.
The world's richest person would want to hire him to manage their company after seeing his efforts.

In any case, Luo Xin, who was busier than the others, also ushered in his first performance on stage with an audience.

He was still a little nervous inside.
After all, no matter how many means Luo Xin used, they were all to accumulate popularity for himself.
Without popularity, he wouldn't be able to continue with his plans, and the first step of the Great Wall of Ten Thousand Li must be taken well.

However, as the saying goes, besides his own efforts, whether he can attract an audience still depends on luck.

He had done all he could, and the rest is up to chance.

“Qi Tian Da Sheng” was transformed into a cute song by the production team, so for tonight's styling, the entire team was desperately trying to look younger in order to match the song.
They even wished they could wear the kind of clothes that kindergarten children wear.

Cool guys He Xin, Qi Bowen, and Xun Xiao were all despairing as the stylist forced them into cute hoodies in pink, blue, and white.
Even Shang Lin was assigned a naval-style top.
And even Luo Xin, with his cold face, couldn't deter these determined people and was ultimately humiliated by having to wear a pale yellow shirt with a polka dot bow tie.

He felt as if his heart had turned to ashes.

Their hairstyles were not spared either.

For those with short hair, it was not a big deal and they didn't do much to it.
However, for someone like Luo Xin, who had hair that was neither long nor short, colorful hairpins were combed onto the sides.
They weren't too feminine, but they definitely did not match the noble and aloof character he had previously portrayed.

As for their makeup, let's not even mention it.

Stars at the corners of their eyes, pink blush, and rosy noses…

Luo Xin didn't want to remember anything about the styling process, he and his teammates huddled in a corner, not even wanting to look at themselves in the mirror.

However, not everyone on their team was feeling hopeless, like Hua Liang, who was quite happy.

As the C-position, he was dressed the most outrageously.

Overalls, berets, and freckles were just a few of the elements piled on him.
Yet they didn't clash but instead blended together, giving a chaotic harmony that only children could pull off.

Hua Liang was also very satisfied, taking many photos with familiar people after the styling was done, his smile never leaving his face.

Thanks to him, the atmosphere of Luo Xin's team improved significantly.
Comparison leads to progress, and several people were secretly grateful that they weren't in the C-position, otherwise they would have been the one dressed so outrageously.

How to put it…
Sometimes, the world of cool guys is unpredictable, leaving people puzzled.

Perhaps this is the stubbornness of powerful people.

After completing their styling, Luo Xin and his team sat in a corner and waited for their turn in the program's lineup.
They decided to watch the performances of other groups first.

As a result, every contestant who went on stage was scrutinized by their gaze.
Especially those who wore all black with leather jackets and studs, their gaze felt like a deadly stare.

Alas, that's the power of jealousy.

However, as a veteran show fan, Luo Xin rarely had the opportunity to witness such unedited live performances and was momentarily dazzled.

He didn't know whether to focus his attention on the performances in front of him or the backstage reactions of the contestants.
He felt that it would be a pity if he missed either one.

Hua Liang also lives up to his new persona as a variety show expert.
When facing the camera, he has exaggerated reactions for every program, and even his surprised expression has become commonplace, while screaming is also the norm for him.

His excitement made the honest team captain Shang Lin want to stop him several times.
After all, they still have to go on stage later.
They can't afford to lose their voices due to other people's performances in the C-position!

To be honest, the program is indeed very exciting.

“Twice-cooked pork” is always more flavorful than fresh meat.
The long-accumulated experience makes them appear to be in control on stage, handling it with ease and perfection.

They can even find time to cover up their teammates' unintentional mistakes and even add some finishing touches.

When a player's dance intensity was so strong that they threw the microphone, it was caught by another player who seemed to have rehearsed it, and he played around with it, spinning it around and then starting to sing the rest of the song, causing a burst of cheers from the audience.

If Luo Xin hadn't seen the rehearsal beforehand, he would have thought this was by design.

After the show airs, the contestant named Pu Wen Cheng will likely become popular.
Luo Xin doesn't even need to think to make this conclusion.
After all, with such a wonderful scene, if the production team doesn't hype it up a bit, they really don't deserve their reputation.

Among many programs, the one that Luo Xin is most looking forward to is the performance of Shao Xiangchen's group.

In fact, the entire program team, including the audience watching outside, is also looking forward to this group.

Their popularity and strength are at the top, and unless there is an accident, it is almost certain that they will win first place in this competition.

Under this pressure, Shao Xiangchen's group's performance is finally about to begin.

Linkin Park's “In The End”.

It's strange that many foreign songs, especially those used in talent shows, often have Chinese lyrics added when performed on Chinese stages.
However, once Chinese lyrics are added, it seems like the song is no longer the same.

When Luo Xin saw that Linkin Park's song was included in the program's selection, he was worried.
But when he saw that Shao Xiangchen and his team had chosen this song, he became even more worried, since there are only a few Chinese-translated songs that are well done.

Fortunately, it seems that the program team also understood this pattern, or perhaps Shao Xiangchen and his team fought for it, and in the end, not a single line of the lyrics was changed, only minor adjustments were made to the arrangement.

If a few words were used to describe this song, they would undoubtedly be “shocking” and “passionate.”

“It starts with one thing.” In the darkness, Shao Xiangchen held the microphone and sang the first line.

As this line began, several people dressed in dark clothing quickly lined up and slowly walked to the front of the stage.

After the storm-like neat dance, Wen Tongbai stood in the middle of the team and picked up the microphone.
With a domineering look, he stared at the camera and rapped the first verse.
His pronunciation was standard, his diction was clear, and he had a fierce momentum, instantly bringing all the audience into that atmosphere.

The low-pitched screams continued one after another.

Other contestants in the backstage were also stunned.

After a moment of silence, screams erupted in the backstage one after another, as if they had entered a monkey's nest.

Looking at Shao Xiangchen on the stage C position, who was playing tough in front of the camera but appeared even more handsome, Luo Xin, who should have been excited, didn't know why he was stunned.

Among all the people celebrating in the backstage, he suddenly looked out of place.
At first glance, it seemed like he had some opinion about the stage.

Does Luo Xin have any opinion?

Of course not.

Luo Xin has been following his idol for many years and has seen countless stages.
He knows very well what kind of stage is good-looking.

He just couldn't react in time.

Because Luo Xin hasn't seen Shao Xiangchen like this for a long time, shining on the stage, even the dripping sweat seems like diamonds, shining with a special light.

So, what kind of Shao Xiangchen was he before?

Luo Xin first saw Shao Xiangchen on a talent show competition where he debuted.

At that time, this kind of competition was just starting in China, with almost every show becoming popular and profitable.
Everyone was crazy about organizing these competitions and trying to promote new people to make money.

Shao Xiangchen had just signed with a company and the other “experienced trainees” had all been sent to various competitions.
But there was no one left, so they had to send him, who had not practiced much but had some talent.

Unexpectedly, among the countless shows that came out that year, only the one Shao Xiangchen participated in became popular.

Although Shao Xiangchen had no experience, his talent was really good.
He relied on an original song and vocal ability in the initial evaluation to reach the top 20.

Luo Xin fell in love with him just by hearing the first line he sang during the initial evaluation.

At that time, Shao Xiangchen was only carrying a guitar, smiling with his tiger teeth showing, his eyes shining.
His gentle voice just hit Luo Xin's heart.

He made sincere efforts for him for two whole years, giving up on other walls that were as vast as the Great Wall.

But just like all the little idols that come out of talent shows, Shao Xiangchen disappeared after the competition.
He was arranged by the company to lead other less talented teammates and run some strange advertisements that couldn't be named, and one year passed after another.

The boy who made Luo Xin's heart beat back then slowly disappeared.

Until now.

Watching Shao Xiangchen freely exude charm amidst the cheers of everyone, Luo Xin finally admits that the shy boy who sang with a guitar back then can never come back, but he doesn't dislike the current Shao Xiangchen, and even finds him very attractive.

Red light always energizes people.

At least one-fifth of the audience below came with Shao Xiangchen's light board, which is the fundamental reason for his explosive charm today.

He thought back to last year's county-level evening party in a third-tier city, where Shao Xiangchen performed with fake smiles like a walking corpse.
Compared to that, Luo Xin clenched his fists and his eyes gradually became fierce.


Finally, it's the showdown between the two groups of “Qi Tian Da Sheng”.
Hua Liang and his teammates left their seats and started to standby.

After confirming that their microphones and other equipment were in good condition several times, they just waited for their turn to go on stage.

The standby location is very close to the stage, just five steps away.

Looking at the bright stage lights not far away, Hua Liang suddenly felt a sour feeling in his heart.”

He walked for a long time to the position five steps away from the stage.

He walked so long that he couldn't even be sure if he should go up or not, or if going up would even make a difference.

He hasn't been on a proper stage for a long time.

This time he was able to participate in the competition because other people from the company dropped out.
In order to make up for the loss of the program group and not wanting to let other “promising” people come, they could only choose him.

A few years ago, he was also a “promising” person in the company.

When he participated in the program at the beginning, he gained some popularity, and the company sent someone to promise him many conditions before he signed the contract.

Maybe it was because of the stage, he first knew that he could shine; maybe it was because of the fans, he first experienced the feeling of being sincerely liked by others…

When he saw someone holding his banner during the competition, he was overwhelmed with emotion.
Even though the result of the competition was not good, he still joined the entertainment industry without hesitation, even taking a leave of absence from school.

But he seems to be unsuitable for the entertainment industry.

Before participating in this competition, he had not worked for half a year.

He is naturally shy and doesn't like to speak.
Even if he participates in programs, he doesn't have many shots and the words he says are boring to the point that even if they are cut, it doesn't make a difference.
Besides singing, he can't do anything else.
But being a single singer won't suffice if he wants to survive in the entertainment industry.

The most crucial thing is that people like him are a dime a dozen in the industry.

This competition is his only chance.

If his personality is a stumbling block for him, he will change it.
Just like many others, he will hide his true self and become someone who can survive.

He wants to survive here, even if he has to lose his original self in the end.

Finally, it's their turn to go on stage.

Following behind his teammates, Hua Liang bounces forward five steps, smiling with his eyes squinted.

“Hello everyone, we are the Huaguoshan team, awoo~~~”

Honestly, the team captain, Shang Lin, regrets it a lot, very much so.

However, as the captain, his sense of responsibility made him lead the team to shout that shamefully embarrassing slogan.

Because they were performing “Qi Tian Da Sheng”, they had to come up with a name related to monkeys and even add onomatopoeic words? When they were voting for the team name, why didn't he veto it?”

However, since the words had already been spoken, he couldn't show any reaction just because of the laughter from the audience.
Instead, he took the lead, picked up the microphone and introduced himself casually: “Hello everyone, I am Shang Lin from Huaguoshan, also the captain of the monkeys.”

Surprisingly, under his calm demeanor, other team members pretended not to feel embarrassed and introduced themselves one after another: “Hello everyone, this is He Xin from Huaguoshan, the left protector of dance.”

“Qi Bowen, the right protector of dance from Huaguoshan.”

“Skr~~, here is Xun Xiao, the only monkey from Huaguoshan who can flick the tongue.”

Looking at his teammates who seemed to have forgotten the word “shame” and their previous image, Luo Xin felt contemptuous.
He picked up the microphone and casually glanced at the dark audience below, saying: “Hello everyone, I am Luo Xin from Huaguoshan.”

Originally, he was going to end it here, but since other teammates were staring at him, he could only reluctantly add the second half of the sentence: “The monkey who sings while patrolling the mountain.”

After finishing the introduction, the burning gaze around him finally disappeared.
Luo Xin cursed under his breath, “What cool guy bking? They're all just animals.” 

Is it really that important to embarrass ourselves together like this?!


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