e, he must seize every opportunity, even if it means doing something that will be disliked.

Whether it's good or bad, he's most afraid of not having the attention.

So he called everyone together and said directly, “But so what if you don't like it? If you turn down this performance, there will be more of the same type of performance in the future, even more extreme.
Do you really want to be so negative and lazy every time?”

“We are not here to show off.
At least we should have professional ethics.
I don't believe you will really take a half-finished product to the stage.
You probably won't even pass your own test.”

Finally, he even pulled Hua Liang into the conversation: “When we initially voted for the C position, we all voted for Hua Liang.
Why did we vote for him? I hope you all haven't forgotten.”

And so, this is how today's stage came to be.

Although everyone's style didn't match, everyone was trying their best to be cute.

Their smiles, even though forced, showed their effort and respect.

And honestly, sometimes, contrast can be more attractive than matching personalities.

So during the live voting segment, Luo Xin's team completely dominated the score against the other team.

And Hua Liang got the highest votes from both teams.

It's worth mentioning that Luo Xin got the second-highest number of votes.

Of course, many people may wonder.

He wasn't in the center position, nor did he have a particularly eye-catching part, so why did Luo Xin get such high votes?

It's very simple.

Because Luo Xin looks good.

Not just his face, but also his figure.

The scale of the live performance was similar to that of a small concert, with many fans below, most of whom were far away and unable to see the faces clearly.
Occasionally, there were close-ups on a few big screens, but for most people, the performers on stage were just blurry figures.

So to judge whether a person performs well or not, besides looking at the number of fans present, the only thing to look at is their figure.

That's why taller people often have an advantage in previous talent shows.

Luo Xin understands this trick well.
Before he took the stage this time, he would stand with his back against the wall whenever he had free time, even resting while standing, just to straighten his back and create a naturally lifted upper body in order to win more votes from the live audience.

Looking at the number of votes that were second only to the C position, Luo Xin showed a faint smile.

The lively first performance finally ended, and Luo Xin felt his waist and back ache.
After washing his face, he just wanted to sleep deeply and heavily.
Other people were the same.
They had been tense for days, but as soon as they relaxed, exhaustion surged up and some of them couldn't hold on anymore.
Several people had bloodshot eyes, showing how tired they were. 

However, when everyone was falling asleep, Luo Xin secretly took a bag and went to a remote toilet while applying a mask.
He opened a cubicle and went in.
Then he took out his phone from the bag, leaned against the wall of the cubicle, and typed furiously on the phone screen with his hands flying without moving his shoulders.
He had no expression on his face as he wrote a rainbow fart Weibo strictly according to the format of the super topic.
The Weibo was posted on the account of a Weibo user named “One Heart to Morning | Shao Xiangchen Data Stations.”, and the words he wrote were, “If there were gods in the world, then it must be Shao Xiangchen.”

After posting the Weibo, he mentioned several data stations and new fans, the meaning was clear, it's time to work on the data. 

Then he opened QQ, WeChat, and other social software, assigned data tasks to each separate group, and called on every fan to work together to make the data look good.
To prevent anyone from slacking off, he wrote a classic sentence, “The useless company is not doing anything, brother only has us!” 

Then he changed to a small account and posted a different rainbow fart super topic Weibo.
He then took the time to go to a marketing account with a large flow of traffic, where he liked a comment praising Shao Xiangchen in the popular comments. 

He repeated the same behavior dozens of times until the time was almost up, then slowly put down his phone and left, pretending that nothing had happened. 

This is the daily routine of a data worker, busy and compact. 

On this night, not only was Luo Xin busy, but there were also people working hard outside of the competition.

In a certain group on Douban, which is dedicated to a talent show, “Super Idol 001” dominated the discussion for the whole night.

When scrolling down the homepage, almost no other topics could be seen except for this program.

Famous rabbit holes and other groups were the first to post spoilers and share their opinions.

The content of the posts included meaningless exclamations, personal recommendations for players, and even malicious rumors.
The most popular and widely shared post was “I watched the 001 performance, spoiler alert ahead.
If you mind, don't read.”

The person who wrote this post must be a professional writer.
They maintained a humorous and witty language while also maintaining a very neutral attitude, making even those who don't care about this program find it enjoyable to read.
Some even laughed out loud at some parts.

However, to summarize a bit, what left a deep impression were the performances of “In the End”, which was explosive, Shao Xiangchen and Wen Tongbai were cool beyond words, and “Qi Tian Da Sheng”, which was very interesting.
Shang Lin and Luo Xin were embarrassing yet funny, hahaha.

So, it's obvious that someone paid to have this post written.

After completing a day's worth of data tasks, Luo Xin went to sleep feeling satisfied and laughed out loud in his dreams.


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