Luo Xin, a supposedly talented and excellent player.


During his precious first draft experience, he encountered an extremely unreliable program, and his luck was really bad.


Despite the odds, he still had a grand plan, so how ambitious he was before, now he is equally sad.


After all, even the naked eye can see how unreliable this production team is.


Luo Xin has this feeling, and other players have it even more.


Especially those “veterans” who have experienced many drafts, maybe they can't see which program can become popular, but which program will fail, they can definitely feel it.


Now, the “Super Good Idol 001” has an atmosphere of failure that cannot be stopped.


It's only been a few days, and the atmosphere in the “dormitory” building has become restless.


Many players carry their private mobile phones with them at all times, and occasionally type frantically as if they're communicating with someone.
Others have completely given up and treat this place as a place to relax and rest, sleep, and play games.


Soon, the first person disappeared with his luggage.


He was a somewhat famous player who had just played the third male lead in a small popular online drama this year.
His popularity was rising, and with a little effort, he could climb higher – if you look at precedents in the industry.


So instead of struggling in a bad program, he chose to seize the time to take other resources while his popularity hasn't faded yet.


The first person left quietly, and the other players didn't see him for three or four days in a row, and then realized something was wrong.


And then, one after another…


The dance genius who had won professional championships left, as did the rich second-generation, and the members of the “Flying Elephant” band…


By the time the TV station executives finally realized that there was a problem with the program, the precious players that the first director, Zhuang Jian, had worked so hard to recruit through his connections had already left, more than ten of them.


And it was the most popular ones that left.


The executives panicked.
If these people withdrew from the competition, how could they attract viewers?


Is it the format? There are so many entertainment shows with the same format, and the copyright is no longer attractive!


Nowadays, a program can only have topics and discussions online if it attracts enough people to watch it.
Otherwise, even if the players are incredibly talented, they can only enjoy it themselves.
After all, what's the difference between a program that nobody discusses and a professional competition?


At this point, regret had filled the hearts of all the executives.


And this regret naturally needed an outlet.


So the current director, who used underhanded means to replace the previous director and pick up the fruits of his labor, naturally couldn't escape this blame.
He not only lost his job but was also scolded so badly that he almost left this world.


He deserved it.


It is said that the program received a large sponsorship and was not small in scale, so they forcibly found connections and paid a price to become the director of the program.


Using such disgraceful means, they promoted people who had no ability, and the program's planning was a mess, let alone the arbitrary management of the staff.


When the executives invited back the previous director, Zhuang Jian, who was good at getting things done, two dormitory managers even hooked up with the contestants, almost causing an incident.


Zhuang Jian was indeed a professional director who could negotiate with more than ten brokerage companies and successfully invite their artists to debut.
The first thing he did after returning was to swiftly fire a large number of unqualified staff, including the two dormitory managers.


Then he invited the professional staff he had originally selected to the competition venue – along with some experienced dormitory aunties.


These dormitory aunties had rich experience and had seen many young men, far more than the contestants on site.
They were also not soft-hearted because of these young men's pleas and were very impartial.


Soon, the order in the dormitory improved a lot, and even more people started attending classes on time, and no one left here anymore.


After solving the small problems of the existing contestants, Zhuang Jian quickly found the brokerage companies of the contestants who had withdrawn from the competition.


Although they had all left and would definitely not come back, their follow-up work arrangements were full, and they could not spare the time to participate in the competition again.
Moreover, it was indeed the program team's fault at the beginning.


Zhuang Jian was also a ruthless person.
The original contestants couldn't come back? No problem, just replace them with someone from the same company.


In any case, the contract had already been signed, and while people could be changed, there had to be enough contestants to make up for the missing numbers.


Actually, those companies that breached their contracts didn't want to make things too ugly, especially since Zhuang Jian himself came to persuade them.
So they all agreed readily and sent a few good seedlings to the show.


Although they weren't as popular or powerful as the first group of contestants, they still had some fame.
Even if they didn't have any fame, they all had a few “champion” titles.


At this point, the problem with the show was only the key part: what to broadcast.


Up to now, the program has been been going on for a week, but there's very little material that can be used.


When the show started, Zhuang Jian promoted it with Lin Jiawen's name, so she had to be included in the program.


But the previous director messed up the competition format, whether it was the outdated segment settings or the mode of having contestants participate in groups according to their companies.
It was all stupid and the editing was a mess.


And even if they edited it, what's the point? The contestants were different before and after, do they need to bring back the previous professional judges and do it all over again?


This idea was vetoed by Zhuang Jian in less than a second.


He was experienced in making shows, knowing what the audience likes to see and what they want to see.
Innovation and nostalgia are not played like this.


Sitting in his office, Zhuang Jian watched the messy material all night.


On the other side, after knowing that Zhuang Jian had come back, the contestants all pretended that nothing had happened.
Although some relaxed people still lived according to the previous rhythm, more people were willing to attend classes.


Luo Xin, who has been diligently following the program's schedule and never missing a class, was surprised to find that the small classroom has become crowded. 


He used to be able to have one-on-one private lessons, but now he can only attend regular public classes, and the treatment has plummeted.
Fortunately, he has one week more of familiarity than the others, and many professional teachers still favor him. 


The director may not have a clear mind, but he has a background in a regular TV station, so the teachers he invited are very professional, and two of them are even difficult to invite in the industry. 


This week, Luo Xin has absorbed a lot of knowledge and has narrowed the gap with others. 


After all, for the sake of “screen time,” he doesn't feel stage fright during class, singing and dancing without hesitation.
Even his social anxiety has improved a lot.
Now, in front of the camera, he is not inferior to the professionals. 


He firmly believes that as long as he has enough screen time, the audience will definitely see him.
The more he is seen, the more popular he will become.
As long as he works hard enough, he can stay in the program, and then the “Constellation” CP can become popular, making Shao Xiangchen popular! 


Even though he is still attending classes, Luoxin can't help but feel excited when he thinks of the scene where Shao Xiangchen becomes famous in the future.
He wishes he could time travel to witness Shao Xiangchen's ascension to the top. 


With this in mind, he practices even harder, and the dance teacher praises him repeatedly, “Very good, everyone look at Luo Xin, this is the intensity we need, it will look good on stage!”


The other contestants were very puzzled: do you really need to exert so much effort to dance children's songs?


Luo Xin is indeed a veteran in talent shows, and he knows the rules of these programs very well.


His hard work paid off, and the substantial material left a deep impression on Zhuang Jian.
After watching all the footage, Zhuang Jian couldn't forget Luo Xin.


In the early stages, Luo Xin was just an amateur contestant with some talent.
If he was lucky, he could persist until around the twentieth place in the competition.
If he was unlucky, he would be eliminated in the first round as an ordinary contestant.


But after entering the dormitory stage, he suddenly rose to prominence, taking up 80% of the footage.


This is not an exaggeration.
As mentioned earlier, there are cameras everywhere in the dormitory.
Although there are no cameramen, the devices are still running.


Without supervision, the contestants inevitably became more reckless.


Even those who were self-disciplined would only practice their own works or the latest popular dances for a few hours in the practice room every day.
Without the post-production stage, it would still be boring.


But Luo Xin was different.
He was the only contestant who got up at five or six in the morning to run every day, had regular meals, didn't play with his phone, and attended all the courses previously set by the program group.


Just think about it, how eye-catching is the contestant who is the first to get up in the morning and can still fall asleep firmly in the chaos at night? Moreover, the courses are not boring because of the professional teachers, and there are many embarrassing moments for the clumsy newcomers to practice.
It's quite entertaining to edit!


In short, Luo Xin's rich material moved Zhuang Jian deeply.


During the audition, he calmly spoke to a group of paid “extras” and said that it was difficult for them to receive such evaluations.
This created a brilliant comedic effect and gave Zhuang Jian inspiration.


He thought that he knew how to proceed with the program.


After the program group changed the director and some of the contestants, and waited for three days, all the contestants finally received the program group's next plan, which was the competition system of the entire program.


Facing all the contestants, Zhuang Jian stood behind the camera and announced warmly, “Super Good Idol 001 – Extra Edition – Prank 001 has been successfully completed.
Thank you to all the contestants for their cooperation!”


As the contestants looked at him with puzzled expressions and whispered to each other, he waved his hand as if everything had been arranged by him and continued to announce, “Now, the brutal competition will officially begin!”


“Please be prepared, contestants.
The first round, the preliminary evaluation, will begin in three days.”


“No teaming up is allowed.
All contestants will only be able to participate as individuals.”


“Remember, the preliminary evaluation will directly determine the audience's first impression of everyone.
So please take it seriously, contestants.”


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