Illusionary Assassin

A soul without a body

*Novels Note*

”words in quotation marks mean someone is talking. ”


words in an apostrophe mean its happening inside someones head or its their thoughts.

*End of Novels Note*

Standing inside a hotel room, Maxwell looked out the window and observed the busy streets.

This isn right; they aren ordinary citizens. he thought, looking at the people who were keeping watch on the hotel.

They are here for me, but how did they locate me? I don remember leaving anything behind for them to track me. I have a bad feeling about this.

Wearing his long black coat, Maxwell pulled down the curtains to cover up the window and walked over to the bed to pull out a jet-black suitcase with buttons on the sides from underneath it.

If they think they can catch me that easily I will have to disappoint them.

As he pressed the two buttons simultaneously with his fingers, A click resounded inside the room, and the suitcase opened like a treasure chest showing its interiors to the world.

Inside was a metallic black sniper rifle with a silver letter M engraved on it, while on the sides were two silenced pistols.

Besides his guns, the suitcase also contained a few gun magazines and two bowie knives.

Taking out the silenced pistols and both knives, Maxwell put them under his belt and closed the suitcase.

Time to get out of here. picking up the suitcase with one hand, he silently walked towards the door.

Standing before the door, just as Maxwell was about to touch the handle, a knocking sound resounded from behind it.

Shit, Im too late. he thought, hearing the knocking.

Waiting for a second and getting no answer, the person standing behind the door started speaking.

”Mister Maxwell is everything alright we just got a call from someone saying that they heard a loud noise from your room; please open the door. ”

Not getting any answers, the hotel staff took out a universal card and swiped it on the scanner, making the door open.

Walking into the room and seeing nobody was inside, an anxious expression appeared on the mans face as he spoke to a small microphone hidden on his collar.

”Agent number 32 reporting Maxwell is not in the room. I repeat, Maxwell is not in the room! ”

Turning around, the agent wanted to leave when a hand suddenly covered his mouth, and something sharp went through the skin on his throat.

In a few seconds, the person who called himself agent 32 was lying on the floor with blood from his throat piling up on the carpet, and a man in a long black coat was standing above the body.

he called himself an agent; this is not good. I should leave before the people he spoke to notice he died inside my room.

Taking the dead body by the legs, Maxwell pulled it deeper into the room and took the universal card from the ground before leaving the hotel room and closing the door behind him.

A bolt of lightning struck the area close to the hotel, sounding like an exploding stick of dynamite, and rain started falling from the dark clouds in the sky.

”Are you sure hes in there? ” A fierce man asked while looking at a skinny youth sitting not far away from him who was watching the screen showing the view of cameras inside the hotel.

”Im sure about it; Maxwells in there. I can feel it. ”

Silence regained inside the room as people were sitting around a table watching the cameras when suddenly a mans shadow ran through the screen of one of them, rising commotion inside the room before the camera got shot with a bullet.

Taking out a walkie-talkie from his uniform, the fierce man started giving orders. ”Hes still in the hotel; send an armed unit inside to catch him. ”

Hearing the orders, a man in a military uniform frowned. ”Why don we send the mana user squad first? After all, there is no way for an unawaked like him to survive their attacks, ” he asked but got instantly shut down by another person.

”I disagree. Im not sending my guild into an uncertain situation like this. You should know what Maxwells capable off even when he hasn awakened. ”

The people in the room nodded their heads, remembering some of the things Maxwell had done, like annihilating entire squads of armed people that were supposed to catch him and getting away safely.

Walking through the corridors with red carpet on the floor and old school lamps lighting up the surroundings, Maxwell was shooting cameras with his silenced pistol while hiding behind corners.

Emergency exit is right behind that corner, but there is no way for them not to guard it, knowing I could leave through there. What should I do now?

Without letting his guard down, Maxwell started calculating the options he had and which would be the one to give him the most chances of success.

Taking him out of his thoughts were the sounds of footsteps coming from behind him. Without thinking, he took out the universal card and swiped it on the closest door before going inside.

It was a clean, unused room. Looking around, Maxwell started thinking about what he could do but not long after going in, footsteps sounded in the corridor he was standing before, and a loud voice resounded.

”This the last place we have seen him on the cameras search the rooms! ”

After looking through the room, he noticed a laundry chute inside the wall used by the hotel staff to throw in duvets and sheets, so it was big enough for one slim person to fit through and go down.

Coming closer to it, Maxwell shot the lock with a gun since he didn have the key to open it and hid under the bed in a clean motion without making much sound.

Soon the door to the room opened, and people dressed in military uniforms went inside and started looking around.

”Guys, I think he went through the laundry chute; we need to report it and go down to the laundry room fast. ” one of them said, noticing that a bullet broke the lock and the laundry chute was wide open.

Nodding their heads, they reported the situation to their superiors and ran through the door towards the laundry room in the hotels basement.

After a minute, the footsteps stopped, and Maxwell slid out from under the bed. If I stay inside the hotel, I will get caught sooner or later. So I must take the risk and choose either the rooftop or emergency exit. ”

Noticing that the hide and seek game didn make sense in the long run, Maxwell made his decision and decided to risk going through the emergency exit.

Walking out of the room, he looked around. Seeing nobody left in the corridor, he went straight towards the emergency exit and hoped for the best.

Maxwell exhaled a breath of air while standing before the emergency exit and took one gun into his hand before kicking the door wide open, after which he ran through it and appeared at the back of the hotel, where a rainstorm was brewing.

Right after Maxwells silhouette appeared, a gunshot resounded from the direction of an opposite building.

With his fast reflexes, he tried to bend his body to the side but got hit with a bullet right in his left arm.

Feeling the intense pain of a bullet going right through the bone, his hand opened, and the suitcase slipped through his fingers, landing inside a puddle where rainwater and blood from his arm were mixing.

Gritting his teeth, Maxwell started firing his gun towards where the gunshot sound came from while trying to find cover so he could hide behind it and reload when he would fire all the ammunition from the magazine.

Understanding that standing in one place would be a waste of time, he started running through the alleyway while firing behind him to buy time.

Running with his vision covered by the rain, Maxwell soon found himself before a barbed fence. Seeing no other way out, he put down his gun and started cutting through it with his knife.

After making an opening, he went through and found himself in a square of an abandoned airport that was left behind a long time ago and became a ruin.

Looking around, he stopped a plane hangar and started running towards it.

Standing before the closed giant garage door, he soon stopped the smaller metal door on the side and, after going through it, saw a wooden chair for him to sit on so he could recover his stamina a little.

When the adrenaline completely ran out, Maxwell noticed blood coming out of his stomach and slowly landing on the floor.

”Ah shit, no wonder I started feeling so weak when running, so it was because of this wound, but I don think the bullet hit anything important since I would already be dead, so its just the blood loss, yeah; just the blood loss. ”

Soon, footsteps started piling out outside the hangar, and not long before, many people walked inside only to see Maxwell lying on a chair while a puddle of blood was forming under him.

”The era of awakening didn do you any favors; Blank Shot, or should I call you by your real name Maxwell Haze. ”

”To think that the most fearsome assassin in the world wasn even able to awaken, what a waste you are. ”

”Stop looking around; there is no way to get out of here. We made sure about it when making it inside this hangar; you will finally pay for everything you have done. ”

”Who would expect that the kid who survived your slaughter six years ago will be the one to expose your location because you sure didn . ”

Maxwell was leaning on the wooden chair in bloodied clothes with his long greyish black hair flowing down his back as he started scanning the people around him with his hazy gray eyes.

While looking around the room, his lips curled up slightly as he chuckled, seeing guild leaders and people from the government all around him laughing or cracking jokes about his situation.

”So many familiar faces. I still remember the assassination requests some of you guys gave me, ” he spoke slowly for everyone in the room to hear.

His lips turned into an even more terrifying grin after seeing the reaction some of the people gave as their expressions turned ashen hearing his words.

”Stop lying, you old bastard. Nobody here is going to believe any of your lies! ” Some of them started shouting, trying to silence his voice by screaming, and the others directly refuted his words with a completely different tone from the one they used a second ago to mock him.

”Oh, calling it lies, you guys sure are ballsy, or maybe you think Im trying to sow a seed of discord between you, but why would you think so when Im at deaths door? ”

Blood started coming out of his mouth, but Maxwell was calm, already prepared that this would be the day he died.

As the small puddle under him turned into a pool of blood, Maxwell could only hear the sound of rain pouring outside and hitting the metal roof of the abandoned plane hangar as time slowly started passing second by second.

The silence broke when a skinny young man started crying while murmuring things to himself, ”Mom, dad, I will finally get revenge on the person that killed you. ”

Soon he landed on his knees and started screaming at the dying Maxwell while having an emotional breakdown, ”Its all your fault! All your fault! Everything that happened is your fault, you heartless bastard! ”

He was the same kid Maxwell spared while completing a black market request six years ago.

Maxwell spoke with a weak voice while focusing his eyes on the young man before him, ”You are correct. Its all my fault. After all, I was the one that killed your parents, and we can change the past, can we? So you got your revenge, and I got what I deserved. ”

After saying those words with little to no regrets and strength left in his body, Maxwell closed his eyes slowly as he accepted that this would be the day when the most fearsome killer in the world perished.

As he slipped off the chair, landing in the pool of blood. A spear coated in blazing fire hit him in the back, piercing his stomach and burning his organs, making him feel unimaginable pain before his body burned to ashes.

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