Illusionary Assassin

Chosen of light

After walking out of the tavern, Maxwell started going through the village streets and saw farmers and hunters leaving their houses and preparing to start their day while kids played with wooden swords in the background.

With nothing happening, Maxwell summoned the chaotic codex and read through it slowly. My main element is an illusion; what type of element is this? Couldn it be something simple for once, like fire or air?

Shaking his head, he closed the chaotic codex and started walking again. Last time, I skimmed through the information, but there is no point getting mad about it since I don even have a mana training exercise. I should get into a bigger city first.

Soon Maxwell found himself in the center of the village, where people had set up wooden stalls and started looking for supplies and any helpful information he could get his hands on.

. . .

In front of a stand where a robust man was selling used tools and weapons, Maxwell was standing looking at the weapons section and checking out iron knives.

Taking one of the used iron knives into his hands, Maxwell did a few slashes to check the weight and saw that it was ok for him to use and a lot better than the rusty one that he had tied to his belt.

”How much for this one? ” he asked, holding the iron knife.

”It will be three silver coins for that one. ”

hearing the answer, Maxwell went deep in thought. I still have five silver and 15 copper coins in my pockets after buying other supplies from the market. So if I buy it, I will have two silver coins left. But I should go for it and not repeat the mistakes when I was on Earth and hoarding the money.

”I will take it. ” taking out three silver coins, he gave them to the man and put the knife under his belt, same as the copper one but on the other side.

”Don cut yourself, hahaha. ” the man started laughing, seeing the young skinny Maxwell standing with two knives on his belt after doing random slashes.

”Don worry about it, right do you know any way to get into a bigger city? ”

”A way to get into a bigger city, you say? ” The robust man started pondering, ”You could walk and hope you don die or try to get a ride with traveling merchants. But unfortunately, they appear on random schedules, and you must guard them, or they won let you come with them. ”

”I see. Thanks for the information. ” Maxwell turned around and left after getting the information he wanted while heading towards the tavern while the sky was turning dark.

. . .

Someone is following me. walking through the empty streets, Maxwell noticed a person trailing behind him while trying to hide. Interesting. changing his path toward a dark alleyway, he decided to kill the person following him.

With moonlight lightning up the surroundings, Maxwell sped up and hid inside a dark alleyway. Then with one jump, he got up the roof of a wooden hut and took a stance to quickly jump off and slit the throat of the person following him.

Seeing his target running away, the man also sped up, thinking he just got noticed, and ran straight into the alleyway, not noticing anything suspicious about the situation playing out.

He came. looking at the man who walked passed him into the deeper part of the alleyway while looking for him, Maxwell smiled.

Gripping both his knives before kicking his feet off the roof and jumping down with a bit of sound. Maxwell Landed behind the man and tried to slice his throat, not expecting to have a problem with killing him.

Unfortunately, with an unnatural reaction speed, the person pulled their head back and dodged the knife aiming for their throat.

Turning around, the man saw a young man with black hair standing a few meters behind while holding a rusty knife.

”Not bad young man, but it won be enough to kill me now die. ” he Jumped towards Maxwell, but the last thing he saw was Maxwell standing with a smirk. ”You are already dead. ” Suddenly the mans vision turned blurry, and he noticed blood piling up in his mouth.

Looking down at his torso, he saw an iron knife stuck in his heart before he fell to the ground as his eyelids closed.

He managed to dodge my first attack. Not good if I didn buy the second knife, I might have gotten injured on my second night here.

Turning the corpse around, Maxwell took out his bloodied iron knife and started looting everything left on the body. What a poor **ing bastard. No wonder he decided to rob someone.

Looking at the things he managed to find, Maxwells expression was solemn because there was only a leather pouch that contained two silver coins and an iron knife similar to the one he had bought earlier.

Guess that brings my balance to four silver coins and one more iron knife. I should hide the body and go back to the tavern; there is no point in staying here anymore.

Taking the body by the legs before blood could pile up on the ground, he laid the man against a wall, closed up the knife hole, and covered it up with clothes before putting an empty bottle of alcohol that he found lying on the ground nearby into the mans hand.

This should do it, and its not like they will suspect a youth like me for killing someone.

Putting the second iron knife under his belt, Maxwell walked out of the alleyway and headed back towards the same tavern he had slept in last night since there wasn another place like that inside the whole village.

Laying in bed after paying the bartender one silver coin for a room and some food, Maxwell was thinking about what he would do the next day so he wouldn be pointlessly wasting time running around.

I got the supplies and better weapons. The only problem now is the merchant caravan since I don know if it will appear here in three days since I only have three silver coins, and Im not planning on sleeping on the streets after what happened today.

After thinking for a while, Maxwell decided on the course of action he would take in the next few days so that no matter what happened, he could get into a bigger city.

I should probably start looking around the forest. If the merchant caravan doesn appear, I can at least take a safer route that I prepare beforehand, but now its time to sleep. After exploring the whole village and one murder attempt, the exhaustion will kill me before anything else.

After taking his clothes off and hiding under a blanket, Maxwell went to sleep.

Waking up feeling refreshed, Maxwell got out of bed and went to wash up before dressing up in his leather clothes. Before leaving his room, he took some coins out of the pouch and put them inside his pocket to avoid being targeted by anyone wanting to rob him.

Walking through the morning streets, he saw a few hunters preparing for their hunt and went straight towards them.

While standing before two muscular hunters preparing traps and weapons, Maxwell tried to act scared to approach them. ”I would like to ask you a question about the nearby forest if you don mind, brave hunters. ”

”We mind now get the ** out of our faces! ” one hunter screamed and instantly got hit by his friend.

”Don care about him. I can tell you, but you must pay me for the information. So what do you say, kid? ”

Taking a hand full of copper coins out of his pocket to create an image of a poor bloke Maxwell smiled at them, ”How much for the information? Im not sure if I can afford it. ”

Looking at Maxwell like an idiot, the hunter nodded, ”I will answer your questions if you give me everything you have. ”

”Everything I have, but how will I afford food then? ” With a confused sheepish expression, Maxwell looked at them.

”Thats your problem. Do you want the information or not? ” The hunter asked while the other nodded, trying to imitate some pressure on Maxwell.

Trying to act all flustered, Maxwell instantly handed them those 15 copper coins he held and asked the questions, ”I wanted to ask if there are any dangers or monsters inside of the forest and if brave hunters like you guys created any safe paths. ”

”Monsters? are you a retard? In this forest, at most, you can hunt some wild animals, and maybe if you are unlucky, there will be a goblin or two that ventured out of their group, but real monsters don hide in the outskirts of such a shitty forest, and we are not venturing deeper than that. ”

The hunter looked slightly annoyed, thinking he had just spoken something obvious. ”As for the cleared paths, you can spot a circle carved out on a tree, meaning the area around there is clear or was clear before. ”

”Thank you, brave hunters. Im delighted with the information. ” smiling after gaining some helpful information; Maxwell left as fast as he appeared, disappearing from the hunters view in mere seconds.

After confirming he was out of sight, Maxwell spat on the ground, disgusted at having to act like an inexperienced youngster for those hunters to exploit, even when he was the one to cheat them.

I got what I wanted, so it doesn hurt to clown myself for a while, but there still might be danger deeper in the forest, so I should focus on making the safe route, but this was truly disgusting, having to lower myself like this.

Walking out of the village, Maxwell headed towards the forest and looked for hunter marks that were supposed to be left on trees while creating a safe path if the caravan hadn appeared in those three days.

The entire day had passed, with Maxwell creating a safe route through the forest where he could avoid most of the dangers even when he planned to sleep the nights inside.

. . .

Coming back to the village and walking into the tavern, Maxwell ordered a room with a meal losing another silver coin, and decided to eat in the bar to listen to rumors since he had nothing to do anyway.

”Have you heard that the trouble maker was found dead in an alleyway today with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. ” one of the people said while taking a mouthful of beer.

”You mean that nuisance who robbed people in the street after midnight? ” his friend asked with a confused tone.

”yeah, exactly him. The problem is that he was found dead with a wound on his chest, and people say he got killed. ”

”So whats the problem? He was a robber anyway, so why would we care if he died? ” His friend asked without getting the point.

Starting to get slightly annoyed at his friends lack of care, the person got straight to the point, ”Idiot, Im not saying its bad, just that someone killed him, and people are afraid they might be next in line. ”

”So thats what you mean, but I don think we should worry about it. I think that idiot just tried to rob the wrong person and got what he deserved. ”

After listening to the whole conversation, Maxwell finished his meal with a satisfied expression and returned to his room so he could get some sleep.

There are two silver coins left in my pouch. This amount will last me for two nights with meals, so the merchant caravan must pass by in the next two days, or Im going to take the less safe forest route. Lying on his bed, Maxwell was calculating everything carefully.

I currently have the first part of the safe route figured out, but there were some animal tracks near one of the marks, so it would be dangerous to continue at night. I should check them out tomorrow to avoid uncertainties.

After thinking about everything, Maxwell undressed, put his clothes near the bed, and covered himself with a blanket before going to sleep while keeping one of the knives hidden under the pillow for safety.

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