Surrounded by nothing but darkness I tried closing my eyes and opening but nothing happened and it felt as if I was floating so I tried so I thought it was wise not to talk so I just closed by eyes and fell asleep after opening my eyes them I noted that I was in an unknown location.

Ok am getting hungry now am only left with screaming for help as an option HELP ME I NEED HELP AM OR Ive been kidnapped.


Great nothing.

I closed my eyes deep in thought trying to think of a way out before going crazy then a saw a bright light even with my eyes closed as I opened them I saw what looked like a silver sun before closing my eyes and releasing I might either be one of the following

1.I was dead which was unlikely as when I pinched my cheek I felt pain.

2.I was high on drugs but as I felt I had been here for a long time I thought it was unlikely as I didn have any money and I given the fact that I was 15 years old and couldn afford them.

3.I had just gotten been isekaied by the silver sun which was a the Sun God or The lightless void which was actually the God of Darkness or some random other God.

4. Count to ten then beg the for help.


I opened my eyes as I saw in an unknown location so looked around realising I didn know where I was I decided to walking around at the side of the road hoping to find a police officer so I went to the road where I saw a traffic police officer hard at work.

Hey brat you lost, need help or just waiting to cross the street?

I stared at the man without responding ”well you gonna respond or are you mute? ”

Sorry yes I need your help getting to the police station sir since its my first time here.

He gave me a weird look before agreeing to take me there as we were walking I noticed that the buildings were really unfamiliar and I was lost in thought most of the way there.

Hey brat were here now am going back

He said while giving me a hard stare.

Thanks sir.

I said as I went into the police station where I saw a kid who looked around my age though what caught my attention he was skinny, pale, short ,wearing cheap clothes and had black hair I saw that he looked familiar but I was not sure where I had seen him.

The boy on the other hand just went to the nearest cop and said as he scratched his head.

”As demanded by the Third Special Directive. I am here to surrender myself as a carrier of the Nightmare Spell. ”

Which was when I realized that I was in shadow slave or this person was crazy but judging by the way the police and everyone else was reacting it was very unlikely. The officer then shouted.

”Attention! Code Black in the lobby! I repeat! CODE BLACK!

They then rushed him to what looked like a police basement, the remaining officer on the other hand said.

Hey boy what do you want.

”umm I was here to check if I was also a carrier of the nightmare spell as I have been having the symptoms.

” It was actually a lie but I was feeling incredibly sleepy and they decided to run a few tests before realising I was a carrier of the nightmare spell as well. ”

Hey how are you feeling incredibly?

Sleepy mostly cause the tests took so long. ”

I said while trying my best to stay awake.

”Kid listen carefully its only been 5 minutes at most so am sure you have Spell and will be going into your first nightmare, now how much do you know about the spell I said that there are different Aspects all the way from Dormant all the way up to Divine and remember there is no useless Aspect.

The officer said as my eyes started to become heavy

Hey one more thing those people aren real and remember your given a mission to complete its not an execution so no matter what don give up also your an orphan with no friends right ”

I nodded as I was already half asleep.

”Ok also try your best to survive for as long as possible if not for yourself for the people who will die when you turn into a Nightmare Creature he said before I fell into the nightmare spells grasp. ”

A voice so familiar ran into my ears.

[Aspirant! Welcome to the Nightmare Spell. Prepare for your first trail…]

I dreamt of of a city never before seen.

Time started to rewind for what looked like thousands of years as night, day, seasons went by and buildings started to repair themselves by the second before it all stopped.

[Aspirant! Welcome to the Nightmare Spell. Prepare for your first trail…]

I was in what looked like an ancient city filled people of colours from their skin, hair and even clothes which looked stunning I was left in a daze from their looks to clothes before seeing what looked like a school with weird writings on it that I could some how read the school was called Prisoners Zone likely a school meant to train police officers or something.

First decided to try to see if I got a cool system as I said.

”System, status, origin, root, ” then I lowered by voice and said ”Weaver ” nothing happened then I started to think why I thought something would happen. I started to imagine runes coming to life before the spell appeared in front of my eyes. I lamented while the runes where beautiful I thought.

Why that of all the places I had to be why Shadow Slave why not The authors POV I cried or Dragon Ball or just a world with a levelling system with no limit cap or even Bleach for all its worth cause I would rather deal with Aizen then this or even The extras novel as it was my first novel.

Ok thats enough back to the spell.

Name: Multiply

True Name: —

Rank: Aspirant

Soul Core: Dormant


Echoes: —

Attributes: [Flame of Divinity],[Adaptation],[Instinct],[Sovereign Of Lightning]


Aspect description: [An incredible ability with strange but wonderful powers and skills. Those who bear this power are destined to walk a path of destruction.]

My Aspect sounds pretty OP though I don like the last part it was probably going be one of the best if not the best Aspect there is now to hope my flaw ain shit.

”Hey brat come in its time for class ”

A man wearing gold plated amour said as he pulled me to what looked like his class before throwing me to the nearest chair.

”As you all know today is the annual hunting competition and you will all be assigned a mission on a monster to defeat starting from Dormant beast to a Fallen Terror or in some rare occasions killing a human now come up and draw your papers and see what you get. ”

I hope I get something easy so I can get back safe and sound.

As I went to draw my paper from a black box I saw it read and my face went pale

”kill an Ascended human of the forgotten

Aspect: Fire related. ”

I went back to my chair to think about everything.

Ok so first am a normal 16 year old with no note worthy abilities who somehow found himself in a novel. Ok it might not be a novel from what I remember from The authors POV but for now I will treat it as a novel for my sake and try to figure out everything else later and a way to get back cause I got transported into one of the most dangerous worlds ever. Oh right and am in my First Nightmare sigh well at least I got an OP ability I will check my attributes later.

As I started to listen to the teacher.

”Now students each one of you will be given given a number it will represent which room you go to. ”

A badge then appeared out of nowhere which made left me confused before realizing it was someones As

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