”Now you can do as you please after filling out this form and for those who can write come down and I shall do it for you. ”

I went down to have him fill in my details.

1.Weapon: Katana

2.Amour: Clock Amour

3.Utility: Storage

Once I was done I went to my room and took a look at my attributes.

[Flame of Divinity] Attribute Description: ”Your soul is aflame with the light of Divinity.

Similar to the monster I see.

[Eyes of Truth] Attribute Description: Your eyes allow you to see the truth of the world in all its glory and horrors.

Probably means I can see peoples emotions or something if not then… nah thats a later problem.

[Eidetic memory] Attribute Description: You are able to remember everything and every detail and event in your life.

Hmmm, its good and cant find any draw backs but it feels a bit empty but who cares.

[Adaptation] Attribute Description: ”You are able to adapt to the harshest of environments and improve in battle. ”

Amazing expect for the fact that I hate fighting.

[Instinct] Attribute Description: ”You are able to sense danger ahead of time. ”

Yes another OP ability I can tell I am about to be the mc. Hopefully it works like Spidermans Spider-sense.

[Sovereign Of Lightning] Attribute Description: ”You have inherited the Lineage of the Lighting God. ”

What the hell there should only be 6 six Gods as far as I know and its likely the Unknown are not Gods or Daemons so they shouldn count and I thought the seventh God would be Death if anything. Weird but it looks like even the Gods are bound to the seven thing of the spell but thats a next year problem.

”Thats it am going to sleep and finishing my mission tomorrow. ”


”Hmmm looks like it wasn a dream pain now to take a bath. ”

”Done now for my mission I should look for him in class. Oh sir hi ”

”Multiply have you come for your weapons? ”

”Yes sir and am doing my mission right now so can you tell me the location of that criminal? And how do I know he won be waiting to ambush me? ”

I asked as that had been bothering me for a while.

”Sure his name is Blaze and here is your gear. Don worry hes trying the old hide in plain site tactic so he won be trying anything that could compromise his location now get going. ”

”Yes sir. ”

I said running full speed to the mountain then I tried enhancing my body with lightning and miraculously it worked and I arrived at the mountain in a couple of minutes.

Ok now my best chance is to strike first so the moment he comes out I throw my Katana enhanced with Lightning while putting everything I have into it cause otherwise an not surviving.

3 hours later Blaze came out of the warehouse and went to the pool to get bath.

Ok now!

I started to put as much lighting into my katana and enhanced my arm with what remained as a royal blue colour illuminated the surroundings and I threw it as hard as I could but when it was about to reach his heart he suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind me knocking me out.

It hurts.

”You woke up faster than expected so how does it feel to have both your arms and legs ripped out? ”

I looked around to see my arms and legs were on the ground.

Ok am dealing with a crazy person.

”So anyway we could talk this out Sir Blaze? ”

I tried thinking of a way out of this mess.

”Sorry young one but your faith was already sealed the moment you attacked me. Though I must say you have an amazing healing factor. Now wait here while I look for any pests ok? ”

Ok to gamble everything into this one attack concentrated in my mouth though not like I have any other options.

”BOOM. ”

All that was left was a hole in his chest after taking the full brunt of my attack. His body fell the floor likely paralyzed

[You have slain an Ascended human of the forgotten nine.]

[Wake up, Multiply! Your nightmare is over.]

[Prepare for appraisal…]

It truly is like the novel described breath taking but am not a poet so moving on to my appraisal.

[You have received a memory: Blazing Katana]

Not bad considering its an ascended memory I could use it for a long time though it is beautiful with a colour similar to passion a crimson red.

To think I managed it all on my own though I am pretty lucky considering everything and since I get a new body after my 2 weeks.

It truly is breath taking like something only seen in Isekai wait never mind. Also I need to remember that this world is just as real as mine was before I die for underestimating anyone or anything.

I said griping my hand.

[Aspirant! your trail is over.]

[A young boy who came not knowing how to wield a blade took the hardest path did the impossible by killing an Ascended Beast truly worthy of being called monster. Truly worthy of bearing the lineage of a God.]

[You have slain an Ascended human of the forgotten nine.]

[You have achieved an incredible feat.]

[Final appraisal: glorious. Your luck knows no bounds.]

It just had to put it that way though I guess I am lucky but who cares now for my rewards.

[Dreamer Multiply, receive your boon]

Still far from a Master I see.

[Aspect rank revealed: Divine]

Not surprising that its Divine it would have been sacred if it was not Divine though.

[The First Seal is broken.]

[Awakening dormant powers…]

”This feels weird but besides that the power its like nothing Ive ever felt. Am getting stronger by the second it truly is an incredible experience. ”

While at least it looks like a soul core should lively ,warm, shining and blinding with bright violet light.

That sphere must be my memory.

[Awakening Aspect Ability…]

[Aspect Ability Acquired.]

Aspect Ability Name:[Lightning]

Aspect Ability Description: [Allows the user to create lightning. Which brings nothing but death and destruction to the user.]

”Simple but deadly I guess as the saying goes. And it looks like Ill be fighting in the front lines as its similar to a combat aspect. Now for the worst part I hope I get something good. ”

[All power has a price.]

[You have received a flaw.]

[Your flaw is….]

Flaw: [Electric Overload]

Flaw Description: [You aren able to control your body due to fast speeds of electricity traveling trough your nerves. You also feel impacts of the amount of electricity you use every time you use your Aspect.]

”Just when things were going up Multiply. But to get this my luck is even worse than Sunnys and thats saying something.

I said while a little frustrated.

Ok lets calm down and think this through logically the best thing is to beg Nephis to train me. So my best option would be to stick to one of the following Nephis nah not the best choice considering her enemies, Sunny sigh nah, Caster nope, Effie shes not gonna agree, Kai while am not gonna get stronger lazing around and finally Cassie hmmm nah she on the same level as Sunny in terms of importance and I might mess up their character development from what Ive seen.

Sigh I need a healer or a healing memory.

Lets see this one last time.

Name: Multiply

True name:—

Rank: Dreamer

Soul Core: Dormant

Soul Fragments:38/1000

Was expecting a lightning Core or Divine ranked Core but at least its normal enough and it looks like I got his fragments though couldn that lazy guy have filled his core?

Though I would have died if he did.

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